Taigewang Technology Takes You to Understand Several Functions of the Parking Lot System_ Taigewang

The development of the parking lot system, from the traditional manual card swiping to find parking spaces to the current unattended one-stop parking, really makes people feel the power of science and technology. Next, taigewang will lead you to understand the powerful functions of the parking lot system: 1. The gradual maturity of license plate recognition technology and its use in the parking lot, Let the vehicles in and out of the parking lot orderly without parking. This way of non parking makes people really feel the unimpeded parking mode, which greatly shortens the parking time of vehicles in and out of the parking lot. 2. The intelligent parking space guidance system detects the use status of the parking space by installing a parking space detector above the parking space. Now more video parking space guidance is used. At the same time, the parking lot management personnel can understand the parking status of the vehicle and the use of the parking space in the parking lot in real time, and quickly help the owner find the location of the spare parking space. 3. Reverse car search system, many people do not know much about the use of this system. It queries the parking position of vehicles through the reverse car search machine installed in the parking lot. It is mainly used in some large parking lots. Through the navigation route queried by the reverse car search system, it leads owners to find the parking position of vehicles quickly. 4. In recent years, self-service payment may become the most serious problem in the parking problem. The contradiction between supply and demand of parking spaces has become more and more serious. Many people adopt improper charging standards for their own interests, resulting in people paying expensive parking fees. Self-service payment adopts different payment methods such as central payment and mobile payment, It has prevented the phenomenon of arbitrary charging. In order to provide people with a good parking environment, it is imperative for the parking lot to use the intelligent parking lot management system to help people park. Building a parking cloud platform integrating parking space query, reservation, car search and payment through Internet technology, big data and cloud computing is the primary task of the current parking lot system manufacturers.

Taigewang Technology Takes You to Understand Several Functions of the Parking Lot System_ Taigewang  1

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