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Intelligent parking lot management system is an important part of intelligent transportation system. It has been put into use in foreign cities, greatly alleviating the problem of urban traffic congestion, less road occupation, improving the utilization of parking spaces, and making the parking lot achieve good social and economic benefits. At present, intelligent parking lot system has been widely used in our life. Can it solve the problem of our parking and bear the pressure brought by so many vehicles? The intelligent parking lot system is a convenient, efficient and stable intensive management means through special charging management software and large management platform, It also provides platform support for further big data analysis and the docking of CRM system and app platform. 1. Clear and simple structure: the parking lot system mainly includes ticket box, road gate and management center, which realizes the management of incoming and outgoing vehicles, with simple structure and high integration. 2. Simple management and application: due to the use of parking lot system management software, most control and management functions are realized by computer without excessive participation of managers, which reduces the work intensity of managers. 3. Powerful operation function: multiple display modes, with image capture, printing charging ticket, voice broadcast and other functions, IP intercom, etc. 4. Convenient monitoring and viewing: the intelligent parking lot system has a full video monitoring function, which can monitor the vehicle information at the entrance and exit and the parking space information in the parking lot at the same time. There are multiple monitoring on-site images for the entrance and exit information, and the authorized management personnel can view the monitoring video. 5. Extremely high safety anti smashing ability: at present, the intelligent parking lot system adopts the digital anti smashing function or pressure wave anti smashing function, which plays a protective role in the anti smashing function of the road gate. 6. Strong expandability: the main board of taigewang technology intelligent parking lot system adopts arm dual core central processor, and the docking port can be reserved for users. The system has strong expandability. The intelligent parking lot management system not only has the ability to manage the import and export of vehicles, but also provides users with functions such as parking space query, reverse car search and self-service payment, so that people can park in a real-time, efficient and convenient mode.

Six Key Points of Intelligent Parking Lot Management System_ Taigewang Technology 1

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