Taigewang Helps Wanda Plaza to Greatly Improve the Card Free Parking System_ Taigewang Technology

Wanda Plaza Project in Lijia village, Xi'an is located at No. 8, north section of Yanta Road, Beilin District (near Lijia Village), with a total construction area of 400000 square meters, including 150000 square meters of commercial area. There are two entrances and exits of parking lots, one in and one out respectively. The daily traffic flow is about 2000 vehicles, the daily parking lot income is huge, and the requirements for system stability are very high. At the same time, requirements are made for rapid passage and rapid turnover of parking spaces. Xi'an Beilin Wanda has transformed the original 2-in-2-out system into our system. After 10 months of operation, it runs well. Our pure license plate recognition can control the admission time within 3 seconds. If the central charging mode is used, the exit time can also be controlled within 3 seconds. It not only improves the traffic speed of vehicles, but also improves the turnover rate of parking spaces, and effectively blocks the main charging loopholes. Without increasing parking spaces, it increases the income of more than 1 million a year (this data can be queried). At the same time, the management also eliminates the trouble of temporary card management. It can be said to be a perfect human, financial and vehicle management solution, which has been highly recognized by Beilin Wanda management.

Taigewang Helps Wanda Plaza to Greatly Improve the Card Free Parking System_ Taigewang Technology 1

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