License Plate Recognition System Will Lead the Development of the Industry in the Future_ Taigewang

Intelligent transportation is an important indicator to measure the development of a city. In order to ensure the parking safety of vehicles and improve people's quality of life, more and more places begin to consider installing parking system equipment. According to the demand, parking system has become an indispensable part of our life. From the current situation, the parking lot system in the market has a wide variety of functions, and the quality is mixed. The asymmetry of information often makes consumers feel powerless when choosing the parking lot system. As a manufacturer of parking lot system, we will choose a suitable parking lot system for consumers from the aspects of parking, looking for parking space, car search, payment and so on, so that car owners can better experience convenient parking services. With the precipitation of time and technology and the continuous progress of technology, the problem of difficult parking has been well alleviated to a certain extent. Parking lot enterprises have also made a lot of efforts on this problem. The license plate recognition system has been tested by the market and will gradually lead the development trend of parking lot system. It is understood that the reason why the license plate recognition system can be recognized by the market and even sought after by people is mainly because it has remarkable advantages such as excellent unblocked ability, easy installation and maintenance compared with the traditional card / ticket collection parking lot system. As an important part of modern intelligent transportation system, license plate recognition system has a wide range of application scenarios. It analyzes the vehicle image or video sequence taken by the camera based on digital image processing, pattern recognition, computer vision and other technologies, and obtains the unique license plate number of each vehicle, so as to complete the recognition process. The license plate recognition system has been welcomed by many people since it was used. It not only brings convenient parking to people, but also adds a lot of benefits to the parking lot on the original basis, makes up for some loopholes in management, and makes the car owners more assured and safe.

License Plate Recognition System Will Lead the Development of the Industry in the Future_ Taigewang  1

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