Face Recognition Technology Helps the Development of Retail Industry in the Era of Intelligence_ Tai

At present, face recognition is one of the most mature and widely used technologies in the era of artificial intelligence, and face brushing payment is a payment method with face recognition technology as the core. In the retail industry, in addition to face brushing payment, many intelligent terminal services have been extended around face recognition technology, such as intelligent welcome, member recognition, user behavior trajectory analysis, etc. all these functions depend on the friendly adaptation of face recognition technology and intelligent hardware devices. Adding identification function to intelligent hardware equipment can further help the sales industry analyze customers, store sales, goods supply and so on. Through the cloud data in the background, this system can better calculate the habits of consumers and help the store formulate a more reasonable marketing plan. For salespeople, intelligent technology can simplify cumbersome tasks. Intelligent voice service or robot automatic service can liberate labor, simplify complexity, reduce cost and increase efficiency in many links that need traditional human support, such as shopping guide, replenishment and cashier, so as to further meet customer demands. In this process, face brushing payment, as the final link of sales, is also the core display of intelligent identification technology. By recognizing and scanning faces, online payment can be completed. Based on the uniqueness and dynamic non cooperative characteristics of faces, face brushing payment even surpasses fingerprint payment, which can create a more efficient, safe and convenient payment environment for users. Therefore, in the era of artificial intelligence, nothing is impossible. Now we don't even need to bring a wallet when we go out, or even a mobile phone in the future, because your face is your identity authentication. Through the scanning and identification of intelligent terminal machines, you can meet different needs on different occasions, and the convenience of work and life has been greatly improved. Nowadays, the means of face brushing payment are constantly expanding and extending. We look forward to a new technology that can further integrate our life, bring more convenience and surprises to the retail industry, truly fit our life reality and bring more intelligent elements to improve our quality of life.

Face Recognition Technology Helps the Development of Retail Industry in the Era of Intelligence_ Tai 1

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