The Parking Lot Management System Has Multiple Functions and Integrates into the Tide of Smart City_

The development of smart city has ushered in a new spring for the security industry. Intelligent transportation has become the focus of smart city development. With the increase of vehicles and the popularization of intelligence, the parking lot management system has become the hottest product and one of the main forces helping people park in various parking lots. The parking lot management system is integrating into the tide of smart city development. China's security industry started late, but with the development of technology and the rise of the Internet, security has entered all fields of our life and our families. With the improvement of people's living standards and the gradual increase of vehicles, it has brought some convenience to people's travel. However, due to the of equipment and the lack of strict management mechanism, people have some difficulties in parking. The phenomenon of parking difficulty and arbitrary charging is serious. Many times, people can't find parking spaces when driving out, which has become the most headache for car owners. At present, many parking lots we see still adopt the traditional management method. When entering the parking lot, the administrator issues cards or the car owner takes the cards at the ticket box. At the exit, the car owner hands over the cards to the management personnel at the sentry box. The management personnel collect the corresponding parking fees from the car owner by reading the card information, which will cause most of the time waste during the rush hour. With the development of computer science and embedded technology, the parking lot system has developed from paper-based management to the management mode of license plate recognition, unattended and car owners paying through self-service payment machine or wechat, which makes its function more powerful and parking lot management more intelligent. In order to facilitate installation and commissioning, many manufacturers have also launched parking lot system all-in-one machines, which are more convenient for installation and commissioning and have a higher degree of equipment integration.

The Parking Lot Management System Has Multiple Functions and Integrates into the Tide of Smart City_ 1

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