For the Reconstruction of Parking Lot Project, License Plate Recognition Wechat Payment Is the Firs

With the development of science and technology, due to the single product function and numerous equipment faults, many parking lot equipment in many places have become a kind of decoration. Even for the convenience of vehicle access, the parking lot system at the entrance and exit is in the state of opening the gate all year round. The security function is in vain, which has brought a lot of inconvenience to people's parking, At the same time, it also causes difficulties in the management of the community. The traditional parking lot project uses the card taking method to manage the entry and exit of vehicles. With the gradual increase of vehicles, this management method brings some trouble to the parking lot management. The phenomenon of card loss and copying occurs frequently. There are many unsafe factors in people's parking. Therefore, at present, most parking places begin to carry out the transformation of the project. How to transform these parking lots has become a headache for managers. The introduction of intelligent parking lot management solutions has attracted the attention of many people, of which the most popular is the management mode of license plate recognition wechat payment, so that people can experience the convenience of parking and payment. The license plate recognition system manages the entry and exit of vehicles by recognizing the license plate number of vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot. There is no need to stop to pick up the card, and the traffic time is short. When the traffic flow is large, it greatly improves the traffic speed of vehicles. At the same time, the use of wechat payment in the parking lot makes it more convenient for owners to pay. They can pay by directly scanning the QR code in the parking lot, The trouble of cash payment and change is eliminated, and the parking lot managers do not need to participate in the parking and payment process of the owner, so that the vehicles can enter and leave the parking lot easily. This modern intelligent license plate recognition wechat payment management method greatly enhances the user experience and effectively solves the contradiction between the owner and the parking lot manager. More importantly, this management saves a lot of labor costs in the parking lot and can effectively manage the safety of vehicles in the parking lot.

For the Reconstruction of Parking Lot Project, License Plate Recognition  Wechat Payment Is the Firs 1

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