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With the improvement of people's living standards and the gradual increase of vehicles, people's requirements for parking lots have also increased. From the perspective of urban and community environment planning, it is very necessary to build an intelligent parking lot system in order to provide people with an open and natural space and create an intelligent, convenient and safe parking environment. At present, there have been different degrees of parking difficulties in various cities. How to alleviate this parking problem has become the focus of major businesses. License plate recognition system has become an important management equipment of major parking lots. The use of the license plate recognition system in the parking lot manages the vehicle information in and out of the parking lot through the recognition of the vehicle license plate number, so as to provide a convenient parking environment for people's parking. Through intelligent and modern management means and equipment, comprehensive management can be realized. As a car park system manufacturer, we strive to advanced, reliable, practical and extensible systems in the design of the system. At the same time, the following design principles will be followed: 1. Practicability of the equipment; The license plate recognition system shall meet the license plate recognition of different vehicles in different places and the use of equipment in different environments. 2. Scalability and maintainability of equipment; In order to meet the requirements of system changes, the simplest method and the lowest investment must be fully considered to realize the maintenance and expansion of the system. When a component fails, it will not affect the operation of the whole system, and the equipment can realize the functions of real-time self inspection and automatic fault warranty; In addition, technologies such as system docking are realized according to different requirements of users. 3. Reliability and stability of equipment operation; When considering the stability and reliability of equipment, the advanced technology should be considered, and the reliability and stability of the system should be ensured from the aspects of equipment performance, technical support and maintenance capability. Since its use in the parking lot, the license plate recognition system has been deeply loved by the parking lot with the characteristics of convenience, high efficiency, fast traffic and high recognition rate. However, the card swiping parking lot system is very different from the license plate recognition system in terms of design and appearance.

Design Principle and Basis of License Plate Recognition System_ Taigewang Technology 1

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