Application of Intelligent License Plate Recognition System in Different Fields_ Taigewang Technolog

With the rapid development of high and new technology, devices with intelligent functions have gradually come into people's vision. Up to now, intelligent devices have been widely used in life. As a member of the intelligent family, intelligent license plate recognition system occupies a place in the field of security. It is mainly an intelligent technology to automatically manage vehicles through digital image processing technology. It is widely used in life, so what fields are the intelligent devices used in? First: in the field of traffic management, license plate recognition technology is widely used in the field of traffic management. It can be used in traffic equipment such as speed measurement and overload measurement, and can better assist the traffic management party in the management of local vehicles. It can also lock and track the responsible party of traffic accidents through license plate recognition, so as to improve the handling efficiency of traffic police in traffic accidents. Second: manage the vehicles in the community. Most of the communities are managed in a closed manner. However, thanks to the fact that the license plate recognition system can store the vehicle information registered by the community owners when they check in, it has a special performance in terms of access safety. When the vehicles enter and leave the community, the system will automatically judge whether the vehicles are internal and external vehicles, and the external vehicles can only be released after corresponding registration, Effectively ensure the safety of vehicles in the community. Third: in all kinds of parking lots, the use of license plate recognition system in parking lots can realize the intelligent management process. Reduce labor costs. It mainly manages the entrance and exit of the parking lot. Secondly, it can be used to identify the vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot, transmit the collected vehicle identity information to the control system to judge whether the vehicle is a member or temporary vehicle, and charge different fees according to the corresponding identity.

Application of Intelligent License Plate Recognition System in Different Fields_ Taigewang Technolog 1

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