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Custom Turnstile Gate

TGW specialized in tripod turnstile, speed lane gate, flap type turnstile gate, swing turnstile gate, turnstile gate for kindergarten, full height turnstile gate, half height turnstile gate, sliding gate

Here are the advantages of TGW Turnstile Gate:

1. Certificates: CE, ROHS, ISO9001

2. Custom Service: customized logos, company nameplates, colors, and languages, etc

3. Application: Bus Station, Port, Subway, Factory, Mansion, Residential Area, Hotel, Company, and So on Any Place That Requires a Smart Flow Control.

4.Compact design, Weatherproof design, Anti-rust and Anti-corrosion.

5. Automatic resent function, if doesn’t pass through within the given time, the permission will be automatically cancelled and the arm will be restored.

6. Intelligent motherboard, turnstiles can be configured to allow access in a single direction or bi-directionally.

7. Prevent trailing. After each pass, the arm is rotated 120 degrees to automatically lock.

8. Anti-collision, unable to push with external force when the arm is locked.

9. Anti-Panic function. After the gate is powered off, the arm is automatically dropped to facilitate evacuation.

10. Highlight LED indicator, indicate more eye-catching.

If you're interested in these turnstile gates, please contact us to ask free custom service, free samples as soon as you can.

Why choose Us
As a parking machine manufacturer. Tiger Wong is committed to the development of smart parking systems, parking equipment and LPR parking solutions, continuously analyzing and solving problems in existing requirment and potential demand, and is committed to meeting the new functional requirements in parking lots management area .
20 years experience in the development and maintenance of parking lot charging software.
Identifying 120 countries and regions around the world, the leading of the industry.
Provide a variety of language license plates and custom software to solve problems in parking.
Professional team pre-sales consultation and support to ensure smooth use of whole system.
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LPR Parking Solutions, Parking Ticket Machine System, Access Control Turnstile Manufacturer & Supplier

Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co., Ltd is the leading parking access control solution provider for vehicles, the career originated from ticket parking machine system, license plate recognition system, parking guidance system, automatic barrier boom, RFID parking solutions and pedestrian access control turnstile with face recognition terminals. Agents and clients from more than 123 countries.

Founded in 2001, TGW is committed to the development of smart parking systems, continuously analyzing and solving problems in existing requirement and potential demand, and is committed to meeting the new functional requirements in security industry.

20+Years Software Development

100000+Successful Cases

120+Countries And Region License Plate Recognition

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