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With the development of the city and the increase of vehicles, the safety problem of parking lot is inevitable. Of course, how to improve the safety level of parking lot is inseparable from advanced technology and management equipment. For parking lot management, intelligent parking lot system is certainly the most important part of parking lot, but what kind of parking lot system can be called intelligent? With the development of technology, intelligent parking lot system has also become an important part of modern intelligent transportation construction. For a set of intelligent parking lot system, it can be regarded as intelligent only with the following subsystems. 1、 License plate recognition subsystem: for car owners, it is very convenient to enter the parking lot without parking card swiping, and they don't have to worry about the loss of parking card. 2、 Entrance and exit control subsystem: the entrance and exit control of the parking lot not only provides support for charging, but also plays a protective role for vehicle safety. When vehicles enter and leave the parking lot, the camera at the entrance and exit will capture the license plate number, characters and certificates of vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot, and can maintain the record for a long time. 3、 Parking space guidance subsystem: for large parking lots, parking space guidance is very important. When the owner enters the parking lot, he can quickly find the location of spare parking spaces according to the guidance route of the parking space guidance indicator, so as to avoid the phenomenon that he can't find parking spaces when entering the parking lot. 4、 Reverse vehicle search system: the reverse vehicle search system locates the owner and the vehicle parking position, and the system automatically generates a navigation route to guide the owner to the parking space. 5、 Video monitoring subsystem: video monitoring is mainly used to protect the vehicles in the site, so as to avoid that the person responsible for the accident cannot be found immediately after the vehicle is scraped. Since the development of parking lot management system, its functions are constantly increasing. The real intelligent parking lot system must have the above functions. Therefore, it must be selected according to its own needs when purchasing.]

What Subsystems Does the Intelligent Parking Lot System Consist Of_ Taigewang Technology 1

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