What Are the Potential Safety Hazards of the Parking Lot Charging System? How_ Taigewang Technology

Now, in order to save costs and reduce labor, many parking lots adopt automatic card swiping system at the entrance and exit of the parking lot. Compared with the traditional manual toll parking lot, although some parking lot charging loopholes are solved, there are also some security hidden dangers. It is understood that a few days ago, when a driver in a community didn't stop well in the corner and leaned out half of his body to take the parking card, the brake on his foot was loose and hit the road gate in front. Fortunately, the owner was not injured, resulting in all vehicles entering and leaving the community from the exit, and there was a traffic jam in the community. The car park card swiping system requires car owners to pick up their cards when entering the car park and record parking information by picking up their cards. However, some car owners require car owners to take off their seat belts when they are a little far away from the card reader, or even get out of the car to pick up their cards, which will make car owners feel very troublesome. Now, in order to avoid such similar things in many communities, the parking lot system has been upgraded to the card free license plate recognition parking lot guidance system. The card free license plate recognition parking lot guidance system captures the license plate numbers of import and export vehicles through the camera and records the vehicle information. The parking lot guidance system can display the spare parking spaces through the parking space display screen, And guide the vehicle into the vacant parking space through the indicator light, so as to avoid the owner turning around in the parking lot, unable to find the parking space, and finally leaving the parking lot. In order to improve the recognition rate of the card free license plate recognition system and truly realize unattended, taigewang technology adopts a unique HD camera and lighting system, which can not only recognize the license plate, but also recognize the color and model of the vehicle, so as to ensure that the recognition rate can reach 100%.

What Are the Potential Safety Hazards of the Parking Lot Charging System? How_ Taigewang Technology 1

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