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How to Use the IP Camera System of the PoE Switch?

A PoE transfer offers strength supply and facts connection to PoE IP virtual camera systems via community cables like Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6. In in recent timess organization and every day existence, regardless of the organisation or vicinity, the usage of PoE transfer for IP digital camera to make sure the protection of people and business commercial enterprise organization is a very common or maybe famous behavior. Usually, for clearly absolutely one in all a type IP virtual virtual digital camera structures, PoE switches with excellent ports is deployed.

How to Use the IP Camera System of the PoE Switch? 1

This article will discover the ones situations in statistics.Why Use PoE Switch for IP Camera Systems?When it includes adopting PoE era, a few customers may think its useless to shop for a PoE switch with a alternatively excessive fee.

A PoE injector can also power IP cameras and hold extra location. However, what if there are numerous devices, say ten IP cameras, looking to be associated collectively? Under this example, a PoE transfer is the pinnacle-rated preference.

Besides, PoE switches moreover provide the following blessings for PoE IP virtual digital camera structures.Easy to control and low feeNowadays controlled PoE switches have turn out to be the new fashion. The more advanced, controlled PoE switches allow the on foot electricity of every camera to be controlled remotely from any point within the IP virtual camera structures.

That permits directors to reboot any non-responding PoE IP virtual digicam with out going to the cameras region, saving charge and tough art work.Long runsConnected with a PoE switch, IP cameras can be set up everywhere, even to gain and an prolonged manner off places. With a unmarried Cat5e cable, the space of walking PoE IP digital virtual digital camera may be as lots as 100m.

How to Use the IP Camera System of the PoE Switch? 2

If longer runs are required, PoE repeaters may be needed.Resilience to power failureUsually all IP cameras are powered from one unmarried supply (the PoE transfer). Therefore attaching a crucial UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) to the PoE switch can make sure continued surveillance inside the occasion of a power reduce.

How to Use PoE Switch for IP Camera SystemsSome customers are below the idea the IP structures are too complex. Here we take 10gtek.Com eight-port PoE gigabit managed switch for example to illustrate the manner to enroll in the PoE switch with IP cameras.

In this picture, particular varieties of IP cameras, router and NVR (Network Video Recorder) are associated with the 8-port PoE transfer.Here are the steps.Connect the router to the LAN port on the eight-port PoE switch the usage of an Ethernet cable (cat5e or cat6);Connect the strength cable to the PoE switch and to a energy outlet or surge protector.

Connect IP cameras to port 18 at the PoE transfer using the Ethernet extension cables. Add the cameras to the NVR to view the cameras and permit recording. If lengthy distances is wanted, be a part of the router to the Internet.

Deploying PoE Switch for IP Camera SystemsIn present day society, regardless of at domestic, business commercial corporation commercial enterprise company network, or public regions, IP virtual digital digicam safety systems are playing, and could keep to play an essential function in shielding the safety of human beings. The aggregate of PoE and IP cameras can provide an exceptional solution for this manner.PoE Switch for Home IP Camera SystemMany customers discover the need to get a PoE IP virtual virtual digital digital digital camera tool for their home, or belongings, deploying IP cameras in all likelihood the exquisite alternatives.

Cameras related to PoE switches are available for customers to install and remove unnecessary cables. With the development of IP digital camera structures, extra smart IP cameras can be utilized in domestic IP safety structures.PoE Switch for Business IP Camera SystemIts no question that protection is critical for any business organization in current society.

IP digital virtual digicam protection device offers an maximum suitable technique to shield maximum organisation commercial enterprise business enterprise. Both a mid-sized organisation and a massive commercial enterprise enterprise business enterprise need a couple of IP cameras for his or her IP digicam safety tool. In this circumstance, the port form of PoE switches is a amazing solution.

24-port PoE transfer likely appropriate for mid-sized community, forty eight-port PoE managed switches can meet necessities of massive organizations like worldwide lodge or groups. SummaryPoE switch offers a clean and charge-powerful wiring to power precise IP digital virtual digicam structures. And for some IP digital digital camera safety structures, using PoE switches can increase the device to the most range of cameras.

Sfpcables.Com gives managed PoE switches with 8-port, 24-port and forty eight-port for particular IP virtual virtual virtual digicam protection structures. For more statistics, please have a look at this newsletter: Extend Your Network With PoE Switch RELATED QUESTION What will be trending in interior design in 2018?

Are you planning to redecorate your home next year? If the answer is yes, perhaps you need some fresh ideas of what will be trendy in 2018. Below you will find some suggestions and then you can browse some interior design sites that will inspire your home remodeling.

Marble and other natural stone as the ultimate expression of beautyNatural elements will be a leading trend in 2018 as well. Using materials that are both beautiful and long-lasting creates a space that speaks of luxury, tranquility and will stand the test of time. Natural stone can be used for the decoration of any room in the house and marble, more specifically, can be the focal point.

There are many uses of marble throughout the house and outdoors as well as floor and wall tiles, kitchen islands or tops or accents in the bedroom. Specific for 2018 will be the move towards marble in bolder colours.Here are just a couple of ideas how you can incorporate natural stone in your home dcor:Monochrome spaces with natural stoneIf you are looking for simplicity and peace in your room, then you need to design it in the same colour family.

Tone on tone is the way to do it but it requires a lot of discipline when implementing the idea in practice. It is a good suggestion to opt for more earthy and paler tones. Crema Marfil marble, Al Fresco Classic tumbled travertine or Garrowby tumbled limestone are excellent natural stone tiles for a relaxing living room or comfy bedroom.

Combined with wall paint and textiles in the same shades they will give that cozy look of your room that you are dreaming of. Statement floors with marbleA statement floor with unique marble tile patterns is the perfect accent for any room. Herringbone and chevron patterns will remain trendy in 2018 as well.

Replacing your floor tiles with more expressive ones is a great way to change the atmosphere in an already familiar place. Marble is a great stone for flooring for any room in the house it brings a touch of grandeur and that special timeless feeling reminiscent of old times.Curved furniture for cozy seating options2018 comes with a move towards comfort and curvy furniture.

Leading designers describe the sofa as the new daybed with comfortable backrest. The curvy sofa is the alternative of the L-shaped sectional for the next year. In addition to their comfort and beauty, these sofas look great from every angle and divide the room in a unique manner.

Placed near a fireplace, they appear as if hugging it warmly. You can also play with colours and texture to give the furniture a more personal look. Velvet is back on the scene and even though it may not stay for long, it is a great texture to experiment with.

Combine it with deep blue colours and you will have an astonishing focal point in your living room. The curved seating options are ideal for those who feel a bit nostalgic about the beauty of the 1950s and 70s.Warm colours for tranquilityWhile cool and neutral colours dominated the palette of internal designers for quite a while, next year will make way for an abundance of earthy shades, warm nuances and statement accents.

Walls will be decorated in tan, sienna, rust or terracotta, while the accent objects will either be tone on tone or in diametrically powerful colours. Next year you can let each room in your home tell a story. Do not be afraid to combine peach and pink with green, as long as you don't go over the edge.

Some other colours that are coming back to fashion in 2018 include yellow, red, coral, olive green, teal and chartreuse. Black remains trendy as usual, especially for kitchens as you will see below.The overall tendency will be to use softer shades that correspond to the desire to build a cozy home for you and your family.

Black kitchen as a declaration of high classImage source: Home DesigningIn 2018 black is the new white. Full stop. Marble continues to be number one material for kitchen decoration and you can see it on floors, walls as kitchen islands and countertops but with a slight difference.

Carrara marble will not be the rock star of 2018. It will give the floor to darker shades such as green and brown. The all-black kitchen will be preferred for a contemporary and more sophisticated look for any modern home.

If it is matched with hidden appliances and indoor plants, the million-dollar feeling is inevitable. This popular look is completed with hardware decided in black, bronze or dark metals. Gone is the age of brass and rose gold.

Taken from: Natural Stone.

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How to Change the Single Charging Mode of Parking Lot Charging System_ Taigewang Technology
How to Change the Single Charging Mode of Parking Lot Charging System_ Taigewang Technology
Due to the limitation of technical conditions, the parking lot charging system has many limitations, especially the new parking lot charging system has very single product function. However, in the later use process, with the passage of time and the continuous growth of market demand, the charging method of parking lot charging system has also been improved. At the beginning of our life, the parking lot system is only used to manage the entry and exit of vehicles. The car owner receives the card issued by the management personnel at the entrance, opens the gate to allow the vehicle to enter, and records the parking time at the exit through the card handed in by the car owner. According to the parking time, the car owner gives the parking fee to the management personnel, The management personnel open the brake remotely and release the vehicle. Nowadays, such a traditional parking lot system can no longer meet people's parking needs. The diversity of charging methods of parking lot charging system is very popular in the market. The car park charging system has made great breakthroughs in the development of science and technology in the market demand during the time passing. Cash payment, credit card payment, UnionPay flash payment, WeChat payment, Alipay payment and other charging methods coexist. With the increasing number of residential areas, in order to manage the vehicles in the district reasonably, Parking lot charging system has become a necessary set of equipment at the entrance and exit of the community, which is deeply loved by most people. The parking lot charging system adds a variety of charging methods on the original basis, which breaks the limitations of people's payment and provides us with a convenient payment mode for parking.
Taigewang Technology Teaches You How to Choose the Most Suitable Parking System for You_ Taigewang T
Taigewang Technology Teaches You How to Choose the Most Suitable Parking System for You_ Taigewang T
At present, there are many kinds of parking lot systems with various functions. What type of parking lot system can meet your needs? According to the use occasions and the requirements for vehicle management, taigewang technology will briefly introduce the parking lot systems with the following functions for you. In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, the parking lot has been gradually upgraded from the original manual management to the intelligent parking lot management system for management. It has become very convenient not only from the entrance and exit, but also from the charge. First of all, the parking lot system has gone through the processes of IC card swiping, ID card swiping, Bluetooth remote card reading, license plate recognition and the current cloud parking lot system, which makes the functions of the current parking lot system so powerful. However, there will be some differences when purchasing the parking lot system according to your use occasion and on-site vehicle management. The IC card swiping and ID card swiping parking lot system is mainly used in some parking lots with few in and out vehicles and more foreign vehicles. For foreign vehicle owners, as long as they pass the ticket box or manually issue cards at the entrance, the gate can directly lift the pole. At the exit, the administrator can calculate the parking time and payment amount only based on the cards obtained by the owners at the entrance. The Bluetooth remote card reading and license plate recognition parking lot system is mainly applicable to parking lots with many vehicles. The main feature is that the traffic speed is fast when entering and leaving the parking lot. The owner can directly read the card remotely at the entrance through the Bluetooth card reader or recognize the license plate of entering and leaving vehicles through the license plate recognition system, and the gate will automatically lift the lever; At the exit of the parking lot, the parking lot administrator can compare the vehicle information identified by the system at the entrance. According to the comparison information, the system can automatically release the vehicles. According to the nature of vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot and some characteristics of the parking lot itself, when choosing to install the parking lot system, we must choose a regular manufacturer to do some schemes and configurations. In addition, the use method and maintenance of the parking lot management system must be reasonable, so as to prolong the service life of the parking lot system.
Strengthen the Application of Parking Lot Management System to Realize the Planning of Parking Lot_
Strengthen the Application of Parking Lot Management System to Realize the Planning of Parking Lot_
In recent years, with the rapid growth of motor vehicles in China, there is a huge demand for parking facilities and parking. In order to further improve people's parking environment and effectively alleviate the parking difficulties in some key areas, in addition to vigorously building parking areas, it is also necessary to strengthen the application of parking lot management system and improve the utilization efficiency of parking resources. It is understood that in addition to strictly implementing the parking space allocation standards, we encourage some old communities, hospitals, schools, qualified commercial and office intensive areas, parks, sports venues and exhibition halls, as well as disorderly parking, which seriously affects the traffic in the area and other key areas to build public parking lots, which has alleviated the current parking problem. Recently, it was learned from Kunming Transportation Bureau that the following seven places in Kunming can be planned preferentially: 1. Public parking lots for capacity expansion, three-dimensional transformation and mechanized transformation of existing parking lots. 2. Public parking lots built on the free land of Party and government organs, schools, hospitals, shopping malls and other enterprises and institutions. 3. Use the land reserved by the government to build temporary mechanical public parking lots; For idle plots that cannot be commercially developed within the main city, apply for the construction of temporary public parking lots. 4. In the residential area where conditions permit, the newly-built or reconstructed (expanded) public parking lot shall be opened to the outside world with approval and priority to meet the parking requirements of the owners of the residential area. 5. The contradiction between parking demand is very prominent, but the current situation does not meet the conditions of the old community. 6. The owners of idle plots, new public green spaces and squares within the third ring road use the underground space to build public parking lots, and carry out three-dimensional transformation of the existing plane parking lots of major hospitals. 7. Encourage the use of planned and existing public and protective green spaces, squares, roads and other underground spaces, space under viaducts and underground civil air defense projects to build public parking lots. Improve urban parking facilities, strengthen parking management, cancel temporary parking belts in places with large traffic flow or peak hours, adjust traffic flow and improve the utilization and turnover rate of parking spaces. In addition, strengthen the use of parking lot management system in major parking places, so that information sharing can be realized among parking lots, promote the integrated development of parking and Internet, support the development and promotion of Internet parking applications on mobile terminals, encourage car owners to carry out parking query, book parking spaces, realize automatic billing and payment, etc, Effectively improve the utilization efficiency of parking resources and greatly reduce the waste of time caused by parking.
License Plate Recognition Technology Is Widely Used in Many Fields of Intelligent Transportation_ Ta
License Plate Recognition Technology Is Widely Used in Many Fields of Intelligent Transportation_ Ta
In recent years, intelligent transportation in China has developed rapidly, and intelligent transportation technology has made great progress. The biggest function of intelligent transportation is to collect complex traffic conditions through monitoring products, and guide the normal and standardized operation of traffic through the identification and analysis of computer technology and image recognition. This recognition technology of processing real image data is of great significance to social progress and people's convenient life. Image recognition technology has been widely used in vehicle access management, which brings great convenience to people's travel. License plate recognition technology can efficiently and conveniently manage the entry and exit of vehicles and the storage and transfer of vehicle information data. The following describes the application of license plate recognition technology in many fields of intelligent transportation. 1、 The application of intelligent community, business center, entrance and exit of parking lot, community entrance and exit and parking lot license plate recognition technology is mainly used to record the license plate number, license plate color and access time of vehicles, so as to realize the automatic management of vehicles, so as to save manpower and improve efficiency; It can automatically compare foreign vehicles and automatically charge foreign vehicles. It can also be combined with the vehicle dispatching system of relevant transportation departments to automatically record the access information of vehicles. The time for manual recording of vehicle information on paper is saved, and the management efficiency of parking lot system is greatly improved. 2、 Toll stations of traffic roads at present, China's expressway construction has developed rapidly and the system is very perfect. There are toll stations at all traffic intersections. The license plate recognition technology can well manage and automatically record the incoming and outgoing vehicles, and can identify the license plate information of vehicles in different places or in the past through the Internet, which plays a good role in standardizing and managing traffic vehicle violations. 3、 With the rapid urbanization of urban traffic checkpoints, big cities are often full of vehicles. In order to effectively manage the normal traffic of urban vehicles, there are many traffic checkpoints in major traffic sections. As a necessary basis for vehicle illegal punishment, license plate recognition technology can automatically detect and identify vehicle license plates in video, It can capture various road violations such as running lights and occupying roads. Taigewang technology license plate recognition technology has been well used in parking lot and intelligent transportation, and has solved many problems for customers. License plate recognition technology will be more and more favored by the industry.
Give Full Play to the Advantages of Intelligent Parking Lot System to Meet the Parking Needs of Diff
Give Full Play to the Advantages of Intelligent Parking Lot System to Meet the Parking Needs of Diff
With the landing of smart city, new generation information technologies such as Internet of things and cloud computing are constantly applied in various fields to form a new information-based urban form, focusing on the development of intelligent transportation, intelligent buildings, access control system and other fields, so as to make people's life more convenient and safe. The development of parking lot system in China has a history of more than 20 years. In recent years, with the continuous development of technology, parking lot system products are not limited to the management of parking lot entrance and exit and payment, but more intelligent functions are added, integrating license plate recognition, parking space guidance, reverse car search and self-service payment. With the popularization of intelligence, The use of functions such as parking space reservation and mobile terminal payment has brought a comfortable experience for people to park. As we all know, the traditional parking lot system has a relatively single function and only plays the role of traffic management in the parking lot. Up to now, the parking lot system combined with the development of the Internet has promoted the realization of informatization to a greater extent. With the application of mobile Internet, the parking space reservation, query and payment are carried out through the mobile terminal, so that the owner can understand the parking lot information in real time without leaving home. It can be said that from the initial single management to today's highly integrated parking lot equipment, the parking lot system has experienced a long process. Although the whole industry is still transforming towards big data, many enterprises have caught the fast train of the intelligent era, completely realizing the convenient and unmanned management of the parking lot and building an intelligent life in an all-round way. Today, the parking lot system has become one of the standard systems in the parking lot of the security industry. At the same time, it integrates the functions of access control and building intercom, which has completely changed the shortcomings of the single management of the parking lot, so that the parking lot system has ushered in a new market opportunity.
License Plate Recognition Parking Lot System Is Widely Used, Which May Replace Card Swiping in the F
License Plate Recognition Parking Lot System Is Widely Used, Which May Replace Card Swiping in the F
License plate recognition parking lot system is more and more widely used in our daily life. Whether it is some large shopping malls or some communities, it is gradually used on a large scale. The so-called license plate recognition is to capture the license plate numbers of incoming and outgoing vehicles through full video license plate recognition technology. It can upload vehicle information data in real time. Some studies have said that the license plate recognition parking lot system may replace the traditional card swiping parking lot system and lead the development trend of the intelligent parking lot system industry. The card swiping parking lot system uses temporary vehicles to pick up the card at the entrance ticket box or fixed vehicles to swipe the card to enter and exit the parking lot through the monthly card issued by the parking lot management personnel. Compared with the license plate recognition parking lot system, the security is low, the management cost is high and the traffic speed is low. Compared with the card swiping parking lot system, the function of the license plate recognition parking lot system is more magical. At the same time, the license plate recognition parking lot system can capture the images of vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot, and upload the information of vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot to the database in real time, which effectively ensures the parking safety of vehicles. The license plate recognition system has a high recognition rate, and the vehicle information entering and leaving the parking lot is unique. For the parking lot, there is no need for personnel to participate at the entrance. The license plate recognition parking lot system can automatically open the gate for the entering vehicles through license plate recognition, reducing the labor cost. However, the card swiping parking lot system is different. It needs special personnel for card management, At the same time, the owner's card information is often easy to be copied by others, which is also a headache for parking lot managers. License plate recognition can well avoid this phenomenon.
Install the Automatic License Plate Recognition System of the Parking Lot and Eliminate the "in and
Install the Automatic License Plate Recognition System of the Parking Lot and Eliminate the "in and
In order to alleviate the congestion of the connecting sections of urban trunk roads and urban roads and eliminate the difficulty of entering and leaving the parking lot as soon as possible, the installation of license plate recognition system in the parking lot can change the traditional access management mode, eliminate the time for vehicles to swipe their cards in and out of the parking lot and speed up the traffic speed of vehicles. With the development of technology, we should break the traditional management mode, timely adopt advanced technology and equipment, promote the development of the original manual charging management of the parking lot to the intelligent direction, strengthen the management of the parking lot, and solve the problem of parking difficulty by changing the management mode of the parking lot. At present, the parking problem has seriously affected people's life and greatly hindered people's driving. Therefore, intelligent traffic management will be the general direction of traffic development in the future. License plate recognition parking lot system has been greatly developed in the parking lot. Compared with the all-in-one card system, license plate recognition has obvious advantages, which makes it easier for vehicles to enter and leave the parking lot. Firstly, compared with the all-in-one card, the license plate recognition parking lot system eliminates the work of card management; First, the card cost of the all-in-one card system is too high, which requires a lot of personnel to manage. Second, cards are easy to lose. For property managers, they need to register, cancel and change cards constantly, which not only wastes time, but also wastes capital cost. Secondly, the license plate recognition parking lot system can work normally in case of power failure, while the all-in-one card can not manage the vehicle in case of power failure. Finally, one of the most obvious advantages of the license plate recognition parking lot system is that it can enable the owner to enter the parking lot directly without parking and swiping his card. When leaving the parking lot, he can judge whether to release or not by comparing with the incoming vehicle information. In view of these special functions of license plate recognition parking lot system, it has been widely used in parking lot in recent years. With the increasing maturity of license plate recognition parking lot system technology, continuous upgrading of technology, continuous optimization of products and continuous improvement of recognition rate, at the same time, it can enable car owners to directly enter the parking lot without parking card swiping time, which effectively alleviates the difficulty of entering and leaving the parking lot, and will certainly become the development trend of the parking lot in the future.
What Are the Functions of Intelligent Parking Lot Systems in the Internet Era_ Taigewang Technology
What Are the Functions of Intelligent Parking Lot Systems in the Internet Era_ Taigewang Technology
Today, when the Internet is so developed, the parking lot system uses Internet technology to make the parking lot management more convenient, both in terms of charging and parking. At the same time, after the parking lot system uses Internet technology, its functions have increased a lot, such as parking space guidance and parking guidance, which makes it more convenient for people to park. In the previous manual charging parking lot, the administrator should record the time when the vehicle enters the parking lot, the information of the vehicle and the time when it leaves the parking lot, then calculate the parking time, and finally calculate the payment amount according to the parking time. When the rush hour is felt, the administrator should keep recording the vehicle information at the entrance and exit of the parking lot. When there are many vehicles, it is easy to make mistakes, So the efficiency is very low. The management of traditional parking lots is more chaotic. After entering the parking lot, car owners will turn around in the parking lot to find parking spaces. Sometimes when they see a parking space far away from themselves, they want to find one closer; What's more, after a long time in the parking lot, I found that there was no spare parking space in the parking lot, which not only delayed the parking time of the owner, but also increased the workload of the parking lot administrator. Now many parking lots begin to adopt intelligent parking lot management system. Through Internet technology, people can not only understand the information of a parking lot, but also understand the parking space information and charging situation of several surrounding parking lots, and can query the information of data reports in real time. The intelligent parking lot management system adopts networking technology to realize the functions of parking space reservation, parking space guidance, parking guidance, reverse vehicle search and mobile terminal payment, so that the owner can book the parking space before entering the parking lot to avoid finding that the parking lot is full after entering the parking lot; Secondly, after coming to the parking lot, the owner can find the location of the reserved parking space through parking space guidance according to the location of the reserved parking space; Finally, when the owner returns to the parking lot to pick up the car, he can easily find the location of his car by inputting the license plate number of his car or the time of entering the parking lot according to the reverse car search system, so as to avoid finding the location of his car after people return in some large parking lots. One of the most important functions of the intelligent parking lot system is to solve the problem of arbitrary parking charges. The parking lot system can automatically calculate the payment according to the information of vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot. In this way, the parking lot administrator only needs to collect the parking fee according to the payment amount prompted by the system, Finally, the parking lot administrator can download these charging reports in the parking lot charging system for query, so as to avoid the error of manual charging.
What Are the Parts of Community Entrance and Exit Management_ Taigewang Technology
What Are the Parts of Community Entrance and Exit Management_ Taigewang Technology
The entrance and exit management of the community is divided into two parts: personnel management and vehicle management. The first is personnel management: with the wide promotion of biometric technology and the maturity of system integration, personnel channel management can adopt IC card, ID card, fingerprint, QR code, face recognition, human body recognition and other authentication methods. After residents enter the community, owners and residents can automatically identify. After being identified and confirmed by the system, the owner does not need to manually identify the entry, and the gate will automatically open and light the corresponding floor. The personnel intelligent access control system aims to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering, facilitate the access of the owner, and calculate the number of people entering and leaving the community. Based on biometric applications such as face recognition, it provides safer and more convenient travel modes for owners and visitors. The second is vehicle management: the intelligent parking lot system can not only identify vehicle information and control vehicle passage, but also manage incoming and outgoing vehicles and help residents Park and find vehicles quickly. It mainly integrates radio frequency identification technology and video identification technology, establishes an intelligent monitoring bayonet, and collects the owner's license plate information in advance. The entrance and exit system supports efficient vehicle identification and gate release, and supports the release of the visitor's pre registered license plate information without re verification, and pushes the visitor's access information to the respondent's visual walkie talkie. It not only changes the single identification method, but also realizes the interaction between personnel, vehicles and bayonets, and can access the social security system to facilitate public security inspection. More importantly, it improves the accuracy and timeliness of cracking down on vehicle illegal activities. Better safeguard social stability.
What Is the Access Control System? What Are the Brands of Access Control Systems at Home and Abroad_
What Is the Access Control System? What Are the Brands of Access Control Systems at Home and Abroad_
Access control system is an important branch in the field of security. Security is mainly composed of video monitoring system, access control all-in-one card system and perimeter alarm system. Parking lot system, access gate system, entrance and exit access control system; These management and control technical means commonly used to manage the access of vehicles and personnel are the specific application of access control system. Access control technology involves many high and new technologies, such as mechanical transmission, electronic information, automatic control, computer processing, communication transmission, biometrics and so on. It is mainly used in banks, hotels, parking lots, confidential rooms, intelligent communities, business centers, office buildings, etc. So what are the brand manufacturers of access control system at home and abroad? 1. Honeywell access control system, an American enterprise, a global security giant and a world top 500 enterprise, has rich experience in manufacturing electronic security products. 2. Bosch access control system is a German enterprise, a world top 500 enterprise, a leader in security and communication industry, a global comprehensive multinational group, product system and its stability. 3. Ingersoll Rand access control system (Ingersoll Rand (China) Investment Co., Ltd., a leading diversified multinational industrial company in the world, a world-famous brand and one of the first foreign-funded enterprises to enter China) 4. Jieshun access control system. Shenzhen company, with rich experience in the access control industry, complete product series, older qualifications, domestic access control brands and high prices, Shenzhen Jieshun Technology Industry Co., Ltd. 5. Taigewang technology access control system. Shenzhen local enterprise, double high certification (national high-tech enterprise, Shenzhen high-tech enterprise), a rising rookie brand in the field of access control parking lot, and the first independent and successful manufacturer of Taige Wangyun parking lot platform in China. Taige Wangyun product series is deeply welcomed by the market.
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