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"EU Digital certificate" temperature facial recognition solution

Holders of the "EU Health Code" are free to enter and leave the EU countries that recognize the certificate, which is recognized by all 27 EU member states as well as other European countries such as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

TGW was the first enterprise paid attention to the "EU version of the healthy code" of the traffic demand, the introduction of the recognition of "EU new crown digital proof" of the temperature recognition face recognition pass management solution.

Solution Introduction 

The scheme uses high-performance hardware configuration, equipped with high-precision face recognition algorithm, supports non-contact rapid temperature screening based on infrared thermal imaging technology, supports the identification of the Eu's new crown digital proof QR code, built-in two-channel horn, realizes voice broadcast, voice alert, reduces the risk of close contact infection, supports a perfect back-office management system, helps the new crown epidemic prevention and control, and achieves safe and efficient access control for personnel.

The program supports the identification of "EU new crown digital proof" two-dimensional code, equipment identification and reading of QR code information, information displayed to the screen, including basic information about visitors and epidemic prevention information, relevant information is only temporary verification, not saved to the local.

Adwantages of product

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Working Process


capturing face image


Vistors show the QR CODE Certificate from EU


1、QR CODE Verfication

2、Mask defection

3、Temperature Testing

4、Face recognition+IC card

 Installation type
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