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  • 01

    The customer provides the corresponding demand document to the sales of our company.

  • 02

    Sales inform the after-sales team to evaluate

  • 03

    The service team evaluate the project and give the time and cost need to complete.

  • 04

    The evaluation passes (can do), and the estimated completion time and cost

  • 05

    Complete the work within the specified time, please check the customer (it is reasonable to sign the contract)

  • 06

    Acceptance is successful and completed(all money should be settled at this time)

  • 01

    Are replaced free of charge (see if the original hardware is freight is negotiated according to the situation)

  • 02

    During the one-year warranty period, the customer's own corresponding fee (customer pays)

  • 03

    outside the warranty period, the hardware replacement needs to pay the corresponding fees.

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