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Although the domestic face recognition market is still in the cultivation stage of the market, due to its continuous maturity, it has been applied in many fields, such as intelligent community, banking, military, e-commerce, security and so on. So what are the characteristics and advantages of face recognition technology? 1、 Naturalness naturalness is that face recognition technology is the same as the way we recognize each other. We distinguish and determine our identity by observing and comparing the biometric of human face. This naturalness is not possessed by fingerprint recognition and iris recognition. The nature of face recognition technology makes technology closer to life, more friendly and easy to accept. 2、 Covert face recognition technology can obtain face image information through visible light active scanning. It does not require special devices like fingerprint recognition or iris recognition. It has mandatory and non mandatory to collect information. 3、 Contactless face recognition technology does not need to contact with the acquisition equipment. It can recognize and judge multiple people at the same time. It has a wide range of applications and flexibility. These are the three characteristics of face recognition technology, so what are its advantages in practical application? 1. The unique activity discrimination ability of face recognition technology which is not easy to counterfeit requires that the recognition object should be on site, which ensures that other recognition systems such as photos, puppets and wax statues cannot be deceived. 2. Basic data is easy to collect. Face recognition technology can use face photos as basic data, which is simple and convenient. 3. Intuitive face recognition technology recognizes human faces, which is convenient for manual confirmation and judgment. 4. Simple equipment. With the development of Internet technology and imaging technology, the face recognition system can apply face recognition technology based on the original computer and surveillance camera. The equipment has strong universality and is easy to upgrade. 5. High recognition accuracy, the recognition accuracy of human face recognition technology is at a high level, and the false recognition rate and rejection rate are low; 6. Easy to use. Face recognition technology is not mandatory and contact. It can recognize the recognized object unknowingly without causing rejection.

What Are the Characteristics and Advantages of Face Recognition Technology_ Taigewang Technology 1

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The status of the license plate recognition system in a parking lot
At present, the license plate recognition system has become the core product of the parking lot system. It quickly occupies the whole market through elegant appearance, powerful function, efficient traffic rate, and unmanned management mode. It is a parking lot equipment that can adapt to various complex environments and is easy to install. The status of the license plate recognition system in a parking lot can not be underestimated. It can automatically identify all kinds of vehicle information entering and leaving the site. It can read the vehicle information in just a few milliseconds. It is very fast, and there is no need to pick up and swipe the card. It greatly reduces the vehicle entry and exit time greatly improves the vehicle traffic rate, overcomes the insecurity of vehicle parking caused by card information replication, and improves the image of the parking lot, Creating a good parking environment for users is an essential set of equipment in parking lot management. The license plate recognition system intelligently identifies each vehicle entering and leaving the site, including fixed vehicles and temporary vehicles in the site. Because the license plate recognition system adopts a high-definition intelligent recognition camera, it can not only clearly identify the license plate number of the vehicle but also capture a series of information of approaching vehicles such as vehicle model and body color, which greatly improves the safety index of the surrounding parking environment. In addition, many people don't know enough about the license plate recognition system and don't know how to operate the management of unlicensed vehicles in the parking lot. In fact, under the current technological development, unlicensed vehicles can enter and exit the parking lot by scanning the code. It also includes a more intelligent function WeChat lock car, which further ensures the parking safety of vehicles. Wechat code scanning lock cars entering the parking lot, The vehicle can leave the site safely only after unlocking and scanning the code when leaving the site. Effectively ensuring the parking safety of each incoming and outgoing vehicle is a basic responsibility of the parking lot manager.   
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