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With the demand of the market and the progress of technology, the parking lot is constantly upgraded. At present, there are several parking lot systems: card swiping system, remote control system, Bluetooth recognition system, license plate recognition system, etc. from the user experience, license plate recognition system is one of the most popular intelligent parking lot management systems in the market. Why is the license plate recognition system so popular with users? The main reason is to solve the problem of difficult parking in cities, which is reflected in accelerating the traffic speed of vehicles and alleviating the current situation of congestion in rush hours. So, what are the main equipment of license plate recognition system? It mainly includes license plate recognition camera, LED display screen, road gate, billing system, controller, etc. What are the requirements of license plate recognition system for equipment? The first is the recognition rate; The second is the traffic speed. In terms of recognition rate, the recognition rate of taigewang license plate recognition system has reached more than 99%, which has been verified in Wanda Plaza, SF express, Evergrande, poly, Vanke and other projects. In terms of traffic speed, the license plate recognition system is generally recognized because it makes the vehicle traffic speed fast. Therefore, when selecting the fast intelligent gate, the requirements for the gate movement will be higher and its stability will be stronger, and the license plate recognition system of taigewang technology has met the requirements. The above is the basic introduction of parking lot license plate recognition. Selecting a good parking lot system configuration can not only prolong the service life of the parking lot system, but also alleviate the parking problem for users.

What Are the Basic Equipment of the Parking Lot System_ Taigewang Technology 1

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