Smart Car Parking Ticket System 0.8-3S - - TGW 1
Smart Car Parking Ticket System 0.8-3S - - TGW 2
Smart Car Parking Ticket System 0.8-3S - - TGW 3
Smart Car Parking Ticket System 0.8-3S - - TGW 1
Smart Car Parking Ticket System 0.8-3S - - TGW 2
Smart Car Parking Ticket System 0.8-3S - - TGW 3

Smart Car Parking Ticket System 0.8-3S - - TGW

12V/24V 5A
50/60 Hz
Vehicle detector
No limit
1 pcs

Company Advantages

· The design of TGW vehicle management system is carried out by a professional team.

· This product has good color fastness. It will not fade or begin to look ratty after prolonged exposure to the sun or being washed for a certain number of times.

· TGW has the best service team in gunnebo turnstiles manuals industry.

Smart Car Parking Ticket System 0.8-3S - - TGW 4
Product information

The parking ticket dispenser is divided in three modules. This allows you to scale and configure the device according to needs and requirements of your specific application. The three modules define themselves as follows:

  1. Processing module: The processing module is the main module of the system, hosting the main PCB board and all physical interfaces (USB, RS232, Ethernet). It is capable of accept tickets, read them (1D/2D Codes or RFID tickets), print and either return the to the user or collect them within the device.
  2. Feeder module: The feeder module is equipped with a double feeder and pulls in its tickets via a fanfold or a roll into the system. The tickets are also separated within the feeder module and then feed to the processing module.
  3. Park module: The third module in the system is the park module, which allows the device to handle three different tickets at the same time. This is possible because the park module allows two tickets to be parked within the unit, while a third ticket is being processed.

In a potential use-case of a parking facility, the system could be configured in a combination of these modules:

  1. Parking entry: For the entry the processing and feeding module would be necessary in order to feed, print and dispense the ticket to the customer.
  2. Payment terminal: In this case it would be possible to benefit from all three modules, in order to handle multiple tickets, vouchers, etc. at the same time also print new tickets as an e.g. receipt.
  3. Parking exit: When leaving the parking facility, it could be sufficient to only use the processing unit, to verify a paid ticket and either reprint the ticket and return it to the customer or capture into the device.

Apart from its scalability, another advantage of the modular approach is that each module can be combined with one another with only a few handles.

This parking ticket dispenser is capable of printing 1D/2D QR- and barcode tickets. For doing that, the system supports the printing and software integration with an integrate code-generator. Additionally, the printer is capable of printing all common international fonts and the integrated firmware also allows you to print pictures and logos onto the tickets.

The tickets are being read with two barcode readers from the top and the bottom. Depending on the application, the parking ticket dispenser can also only be implemented with one reader.

On top of that, the whole unit can be optionally equipped with RFID readers and if desired additional RFID antennas.

The complete parking ticket dispenser has been designed and developed on the basis of our 30-year experience in processing various tickets within toll stations and public transport. The general construction of the unit is based on our proven and robust aluminum concept with a strict separation of mechanics and electronics. For the potential replacement of wear parts, no tools are necessary for this parking ticket dispenser.

Areas of application:
  • Off-street parking facilities
  • Parking management systems
  • Other applications for managing/processing QR-/Barcode tickets

Company Features

· Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has long committed to the research, design, development, and production of quality body temperature detector since its inception.

· Due to advanced production equipment and skilled technicians, the quality of body temperature detector is excellent and stable. With outstanding technical advantages, the supply of TGW body temperature detector is sufficient and stable.

· We are ready to provide high quality body temperature detector. Check it!

Product Details

TGW Technology's Smart Car Parking Ticket System has been greatly improved in the following details.

Application of the Product

TGW Technology's Smart Car Parking Ticket System can be used in multiple scenes.

We have been engaged in the production and management of for many years. For some problems encountered by customers in the procurement, we have the ability to provide customers with a practical and effective solution to help customers solve problems better.

Product Comparison

Smart Car Parking Ticket System's outstanding advantages are as follows.

Enterprise Advantages

TGW Technology pays great attention to the team building of talents for it is the basic element for corporate development. We introduce talents and empower them to reach their full potentials regardless of geography. All this promotes efficient development.

TGW Technology runs brand-new management and a thoughtful service system. We serve every customer attentively, so as to meet their different needs and develop a greater sense of trust.

TGW Technology's constant goal is to create a renowned brand and to become a leader in the industry. Our commitment is to provide quality products and services for consumers.

It has been years of history since TGW Technology was founded in

TGW Technology has continuously expanded the sales market for many years. Now we have a comprehensive marketing service system covering the whole country.

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