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Parking difficulty has become a common problem in urban development. The application of intelligent parking lot system has been very common in China. However, compared with developed countries, the whole industry started relatively late, and the overall technical level still lags behind that of foreign developed countries. However, the domestic intelligent parking lot industry will usher in a high-speed development stage for the following reasons. 1. Intelligent parking lot management system is widely used and in great demand. Intelligent parking lot management system is widely used in residential areas, stations, exhibition halls, stadiums, large and small shopping malls, commercial parking lots, etc. with the promotion of urbanization in China, the demand for intelligent parking lot system will further expand. In addition, China's motor vehicles have increased rapidly and become the world's largest automobile producer and consumer. However, the matching parking lot construction can not keep up with the pace, and the parking spaces are far from meeting the parking requirements. For Guangzhou, at present, the number of motor vehicles in the city has exceeded 1.2 million, with a ratio of 5:1 to the number of parking lots, which is far higher than the internationally recognized reasonable ratio of 1.3:1. Parking difficulty has become a common problem in urban development. Intelligent parking lot system can maintain parking order, facilitate charge management, improve parking space utilization and effectively alleviate parking problems. It is one of the means to solve parking problems in cities. Therefore, it is not surprising that intelligent parking lot management system has developed rapidly. 2. The advantages of intelligent parking lot management system are obvious. In terms of vehicle management in parking lot, intelligent parking lot system has great advantages. At present, there is no other management method to replace it. Its advantages are mainly reflected in several aspects: safer fund management, vehicle safety guarantee, better maintenance of parking lot order, more intelligence, etc.. In short, The intelligent parking lot system blocks various loopholes of manual charging, avoids the loss of funds, and improves the work efficiency of managers. In terms of vehicle safety, the intelligent parking lot system adopts a variety of advanced technologies to ensure vehicle parking safety and prevent vehicle loss. The application of parking space guidance system and reverse car search provides more humanized services, makes it more convenient for users to park and find cars, and improves the utilization of parking spaces. Through the above analysis, it is not difficult to see that with the increasing market demand, the intelligent parking system will usher in a high-speed development stage, and the derived parking economy will occupy a place in GDP. (taigewang - parking lot system)

Why Does the Intelligent Parking Lot Management System Industry Usher in High-speed Development_ Tai 1

モバイルネットワークの発展は人々の生活を変え、新しい技術が次々と現れています。 人々のための良い駐車環境を作り出すために、駐車場充電システムは、人々の生活に現代の技術によってもたらされた大きな変化を感じる従来の駐車場充電モードを変更しました。 車の急激な増加は人々の旅行に大きな問題をもたらしました。 面倒な駐車料金の支払いプロセスは、車の所有者に多くの不便を引き起こし、駐車時間を無駄にしました。 同時に、車両の増加はまた、多くの不動産管理者にいくつかのビジネスチャンスをもたらしました。 彼らは所有者から駐車料金を徴収するためにいくつかの不適切な請求基準を採用します。 同時に、一部の人間の車両は駐車場に出入りすることができ、駐車場の順序を混乱させ、管理者に不必要なトラブルをもたらします。 近年の科学技術の進歩に伴い、インテリジェントな駐車場充電システムの出現により、人々の生活はより穏やかになります。 駐車場に出入りするための単一の支払い方法はなくなりました。これはオプションです。 同時に、支払いプロセスも簡単になります。 多くの駐車場が中央料金を引き上げています。 交通の流れが大きいとき、支払いのために出口で列を作ることはより面倒です。 人々は駐車場の中央充電モードで支払うことができます。さらに、いくつかの大きな駐車場は現在ネットワーク化されています。 インターネットプラス管理モードは、WeChat支払い機能を利用して、人々の生活にもたらされた現代のテクノロジーの知性と利便性を完全に感じさせることができます。 科学技術の進歩は人々の生活を変えました。 深刻な駐車問題の場合、インテリジェントな駐車場充電システムは人々の支払いをより簡単かつインテリジェントにし、科学技術の革新は人々の生活をより便利にします。   
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