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What to do if the machine couldn’t recognize the license plate?

To make sure best recognition, please make sure camera side angle <30 degree and parallel with vehicle lane. The pixel is between 20-35 when the license plate is clear.

What if the camera can't log in?

Please make sure that the device and the login computer are on the same LAN; there is no IP conflict between the other devices and the device, and the IP conflict will cause login failure. The method of judgment is as follows: first disconnect the device, then ping the device IP on the computer to ping the instructions. If ping works, then this LAN IP is already in use.

Check and make sure that the network port indicator is on. If the indicator is off, the network is unreachable, causing the login to fail. In this case, check the network.

What need to do if forgetting IP address or user name and password?

Solved by hardware reset. Operation method: Open the outer cover of the device, there is a round hole on the black cover. Through the round hole, use the tool to press the reset button on the circuit board. After the LED of the device flashes twice, release the button, and the device can be restored after restarting to the default IP, username and password.

When setting up remotely, the result is another device set. What happened?

It may be that the IP addresses of multiple devices in the same LAN are duplicated. This is caused by IP address conflicts. Therefore, when multiple devices are used at the same time, be sure to set the IP address of each machine correctly to ensure that there is no IP address conflict.

What should I do if the device does not display properly?

The following conditions may occur: The device may not display properly: The device is not powered on properly; the network cable of the device is not connected properly, or the contact is poor; the IP address of the device and the IP address of the PC are not in an address segment; the device and the client The network between the two does not work.

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