TGW Brand TGW-ParkSFW-T Custom Ticket System for Parking 1
TGW Brand TGW-ParkSFW-T Custom Ticket System for Parking 2
TGW Brand TGW-ParkSFW-T Custom Ticket System for Parking 3
TGW Brand TGW-ParkSFW-T Custom Ticket System for Parking 1
TGW Brand TGW-ParkSFW-T Custom Ticket System for Parking 2
TGW Brand TGW-ParkSFW-T Custom Ticket System for Parking 3

TGW Brand TGW-ParkSFW-T Custom Ticket System for Parking

Vehicles and operators
Entry&Exit of vehicles
Traditional Parking:
Card/Ticket dispenser
Customer request
Software, LOGO,Design
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Model Number
Product Name
Ticket System Management Software for Parking

Company Advantages

1. TGW auto parking system is produced according to the high production standards through the combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology.

2. TGW rear view camera is superior in raw materials: inferior raw materials are totally rejected into the factory. And the high quality raw materials are well accepted though they will increase the cost of production.

3. TGW TICKET DISPENSER-TGW is designed by top designers. The product has attracted appearance and impresses most customers in the market.

4. The land camera we manufacture is of easy maintaince.

5. Being qualified with commercial access control system enables TGW to win more trust from more customers.

6. Owing to tripod turnstile price, TGW has gained much more popularity than before.

7. To satisfy the needs of our customers, we additionally design the performance which is Steel Barrier Swing Turnstile.

8. Our experienced team pays much more attention to the crafts design of number plate identification.

9. It has recently become very popular, especially in the branding arena, as it creates an appealing look and contributes to branded products.

10. This product can distinguish one brand from another and another. Because it contains the company name, brand logo, etc.

11. This product can be included in the marketing strategy. It can be printed with an identifiable logo and unique shape to attract customers.

12. The product serves as an effective marketing tool. It works well in generating sales at high success rates by attracting more consumers.

Main interface

TGW Brand TGW-ParkSFW-T Custom Ticket System for Parking 4



Set basic parameters, such as: report title, display screen content, camera IP, etc.TGW Brand TGW-ParkSFW-T Custom Ticket System for Parking 5



Administrator's authorization and records

TGW Brand TGW-ParkSFW-T Custom Ticket System for Parking 6



Entry and Exit surveillance is the main function of the system.

TGW Brand TGW-ParkSFW-T Custom Ticket System for Parking 7



Records of all transaction and picture captured of entry and exit of vehicles, card usage transaction and searching etc.

Consist of Vehicle Entry records, Vehicle Exit records, card usage transactions, car parking real time monitoring, operator shift changing schedule and shift transaction records etc.

TGW Brand TGW-ParkSFW-T Custom Ticket System for Parking 8



Multi type of report available base on the daily, monthly, yearly of entry and exit of the vehicles; daily, monthly and yearly fee collection report for every operator.

TGW Brand TGW-ParkSFW-T Custom Ticket System for Parking 9





Company Features

Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd is a stable TICKET DISPENSER-TGW supplier of many famous distributors. In the industry, Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the first to mass manufacture TICKET DISPENSER-TGW. The reputation of Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd is known globally for its high quality TICKET DISPENSER-TGW. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd pays high attention to talents nurture and many elites together to produce best TICKET DISPENSER-TGW. Whatever distributes or end-users, Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd is their first choice from which they purchase TICKET DISPENSER-TGW.

We are backed by a dedicated management team. They have years of unique management experience to improve processes and explore and constantly meet customer needs. Thanks to years of good practices, we have gained official recognition. For example, we have been awarded the title of "China Quality Award" for many times. For many years, we have been awarded one prestigious award - China Famous Exporter. This demonstrates our strong manufacturing capacities and good manufacturing practices.

Under the monitoring of new media and activist groups, the company strives to minimize environmental impacts and reduce resources waste. These movements help it to establish a good business reputation in society. Our company will work hard to fulfill our commitment to responsibly managing its effects made on society, economy, and environment. We will run business in line with public expectations. The company demonstrates its business ethics in several ways. This ethics standard encourages it to do the right thing for society. For example, we lower the carbon footprint during production, take part in fair business trade, treat employees fairly and ethnically, etc. The company has a good social conscience. By employing locals workers and treating them fairly and ethically, we always strive to enhance workers' welfare and happiness. Our company dedicates to the development of society. Philanthropic initiatives have been taken by the company to build various worthy causes, such as education, national disaster relief, and water cleaning project.

Product Details

With a focus on product quality, TGW Technology pursues perfection in every detail.

Application of the Product

Ticket System for Parking of TGW Technology can be used in different industries to meet the needs of customers in different fields.

TGW Technology always focuses on meeting customers' needs. We are dedicated to providing customers with comprehensive and quality solutions.

Product Comparison

Compared with the Ticket System for Parking of our peers, the Ticket System for Parking we produce is provided with the following advantages.

Enterprise Advantages

TGW Technology pays attention to talents management and cooperation. We have a high-quality and highly-educated elite team.

On the basis of the customers-oriented service concept, our company is committed to providing convenient service for customers.

TGW Technology always insists on building the brand with quality and developing the business with innovation. We comply with the enterprise spirit to be rigorous, efficient and enterprising. While attaching importance to brand building, we stick to sustainable development. Our commitment is to provide quality products and caring services wholeheartedly.

TGW Technology, built in has gone the process of continuous development. Now our company becomes a industry leader through the development of years.

Our company's products have a high reputation in the market, so they are sold well in the domestic and foreign markets including

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