TGW Brand DC24V Security Barrier Gate DC24V Factory 1
TGW Brand DC24V Security Barrier Gate DC24V Factory 2
TGW Brand DC24V Security Barrier Gate DC24V Factory 1
TGW Brand DC24V Security Barrier Gate DC24V Factory 2

TGW Brand DC24V Security Barrier Gate DC24V Factory

Power Supply:
Open/close Speed:
0.9s to 6s(Depending on arm length)
Operating temperature:
Motor type:
Servo motor
Place of Origin
Model Number
Product Name
Security Barrier Gate Car Parking Barrier Gate Arm Boom Barrier

Company Advantages

1. TGW motorcycle camera is made of superior quality materials and manufactured by using advanced technology.

2. TGW LINUX—anpr is manufactured using quality raw material and comes in a variety of innovative designs.

3. TGW WT009 is manufactured under the supervision of our highly experienced professionals in complete compliance with set industry standards using the high-grade material.

4. Our professionals procure high-grade raw material for the production of TGW China supplier from reliable vendors of the industry.

5. TGW motorcycle camera is made of quality-approved raw materials.

6. Since we have established a good quality management system to prevent any possible defects, the quality of the products is guaranteed.

7. We always pay attention to the industry quality standards and the quality of our products is guaranteed.

8. In our strict quality assurance procedures, any defects in the product are avoided or eliminated.

9. The product does not give off near-infrared radiation, which is necessary for health. And it is cool to touch after working for a long time.

10. For those who suffer from headaches and migraines, fluorescents can have devastating side effects. This product does not have flickers and in turn can help ease headaches.

11. Recent developments in LED lighting technology has allowed this product to mimic natural light. So users can enjoy the benefits of lighting, such as no flickers and no blue light pollution.

12. A low-voltage power supply is sufficient for the illumination of this product. This makes it easy to apply also in outdoor settings, providing users with great convenience.

13. Compared to other traditional lights, the product has a longer lifespan and consumes less energy, which makes it a perfect choice for users when considering energy conservation.

TGW Brand DC24V Security Barrier Gate DC24V Factory 3


Hardware introduction


TGW Brand DC24V Security Barrier Gate DC24V Factory 4

Barrier Boom Functions

1.No clutch desigh,gate quickly opening by manually when power off,and can be self-locked.

2.Use double tension balance spring device,easy to adjust and disassemble.

3.A variety of input and output modes can be selected,normally open/close are optional.

4.Opening/closing speed can be adjusted.

5.Barrier gate up&down signal relay switch output.

6.Infrared sensor signal anti-smashing interface.

7.R&G Traffic light relay switch signal output.

8.External loop detector signal anti-smashing interface.

9.Count mode interface

10.Arm open priority anti-smashing function.

11.Barrier with anti-collision protection function.

12.Delay closed selection function.

13.High-sensitivity arm auto reverse function(intensity can be adjusted)

14.Parking system interface.

15.RS485 network communication control open&close interface.

16.Digital display for the speed control and fault code,judged the fault timely.

17.Power off the backup battery interface.



Barrier Boom Features

1.Mechanical and electrical integration:quickly assembly,easy maintenance.

2.Molding production:high precision ,fast efficiency and guaranteed quality.

3.Worm-gear secondary variable speed transmission:motor wheel design,gate opening by manually when power off,no blocking,no oil leakage,large torque,low noise,can normally operation at the temperature of minus 45 degree,etc.

4.Servo motor design:low consumption,high efficiency,no overheat,wide speed adjustment.

5.Hall limit:automatically detects the limit when power on without debugging,detecting the motor speed at all times and running at constant speed.

6.Curved triple connecting rod structure,easy to adjust.

7.Arm direction quickly interchanged :interchanged according to different directions on construction site,reduce inventory and capital pressure.

8.Special Servo motor controller:use interrated chip drive,fast processing speed,large memory,powerful function;24V low voltage power supply,adapt to global voltage.


How to choose Barrier boom

Barrier boom regulate the stream of car, control exit and entrance.

Barrier boom are installed at parking lot,security desks, governmental facilities, schools, banks, hospitals, universities, sports etc.

TGW Brand DC24V Security Barrier Gate DC24V Factory 5



Company Features

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Product Details

Next, TGW Technology will show you Security Barrier Gate's details.

Application of the Product

The Security Barrier Gate produced by our company is suitable for various occasions in industry.

Our solutions are developed by understanding the customer's situation and combining the current market conditions. Therefore, they are all targeted and can effectively solve problems of customers.

Product Comparison

The Security Barrier Gate of TGW Technology has the following advantages compared with Security Barrier Gate in the market.

Enterprise Advantages

TGW Technology attaches great importance to talent cultivation. Currently, we have an excellent and efficient staff team who effectively guarantees sustainable development.

Our high-quality and professional personnel are willing to provide consumers with intimate and quality services, so as to solve their problems and concerns.

TGW Technology's business concept is to stick to honesty-based business and to pursue excellence and develop with innovations. The enterprise spirit is focused on self-improvement, perseverance, and courage. All these help build a good corporate image and make our company a forerunner in the industry.

Founded in TGW Technology has gone through a major change in the past years.

Our business scope is centered on the city, and it has expanded into many central cities across the country in a diamond shape. It has opened up the international market with a diversified chain marketing perspective. At present, our products share has been increased rapidly in the international market.

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