TGW Brand -25℃ ~ +60℃ Custom Vehicle Management System 1
TGW Brand -25℃ ~ +60℃ Custom Vehicle Management System 1

TGW Brand -25℃ ~ +60℃ Custom Vehicle Management System

Operating temperature:
-25℃ ~ +60℃
Operating voltage:
Motor type:
Passing speed:

Company Advantages

1. The materials used in TGW WT008 is selected by our inspection team.

2. The design of TGW automatic body temperature detector is practical, which adopts advanced and innovative design concepts.

3. TGW automatic sliding driveway gates adopts the most environmentally-friendly raw materials.

4. While manufacturing TGW auto sliding gate, only the safe material is chosen.

5. For the design of TGW tripod gate, we have a professional design team to take responsibilities for it.

6. This product not only delivers excellent illumination to the space, but also it functions as a great decoration to the surroundings.

7. Frequent switch on and off will easily burn out the bulbs while this product, unlike the traditional lamps, it can be switched on and off frequently without the worry of damaging its chips.

8. Compared to the old traditional light bulbs, this product enjoys a longer lifespan due to its high-quality inner components, meaning that it can use for a long time.

9. Because the product is well-known for its performance in cutting energy use, from a long-term consideration, it is definitely a preferred choice for those who use it frequently.

10. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd offers well-established after sales service for license plate recognition.

11. face recognition temperature measuring device can be easily maintained.

12. face recognition algorithm V5.5 upgraded successfully!—Shenzhen TigerWong Technology Co. is known for its high quality.

13. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd can provide technical support for license plate recognition companies.




1. Anti-rust and Anti-corrosion

2. Automatic resent function, if doesn’t pass through within the given time, the permission will be automatically cancelled and the arm will be restored

3. Intelligent motherboard, turnstiles can be configured to allow access in a single direction or bi-directionally.

4. Prevent trailing. After each pass, the arm is rotated 120 degrees to automatically lock.

5. Anti-collision, unable to push with external force when the arm is locked

6. Compatible with various control methods, including remote control, push buttons, IC or ID Card Reading Devices, etc.

7. Anti-Panic function. After the gate is powered off, the arm is automatically dropped to facilitate evacuation

8. Highlight LED indicator, indicate more eye-catching.



Company Features

Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has a high degree of professionalism in manufacturing and supplying intelligent parking system. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has been committed to the intelligent parking system field for many years and is highly recognized. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has been recognized as a professional and experienced intelligent parking system manufacturer worldwide.

Over the years, we have invested a lot in exploring the overseas intelligent parking system markets. At present, we have accumulated rich customer resources all over the world, mainly in the USA, Southeast Asia, etc. We have a qualified project management team. They are able to provide a combination of development and manufacturing intelligent parking system solutions to our clients and manage the delivery of high-quality products to customers. We have gained a considerable market share in overseas intelligent parking system markets after years of active exploration. We have built strong customer bases in North America, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

We have an environmental-friendly production concept on the mind. We are looking for cleaner materials and create sustainable alternatives to the current packaging materials. All of our production processes are stepping forward a more environmentally acceptable way. Attaching high importance to common development, we incorporate ourselves into promoting the communities' development. Our poverty-relief programs have been conducted to drive local economic growth. Undertaking sustainable development plans becomes vital in our business growth. From one aspect, we handle all kinds of waste strictly in line with regulations and standards; from another, we try best to cut energy consumption and reduce energy waste during the production processes. We have already made a framework for our responsible development. During the production process, we will try best to reduce pollution and energy waste. We guarantee that all of our actions are in line with the laws and regulations. We have an ambitious goal: to be a key player in this industry within several years. We will continually enlarge our customer base and increase customer satisfaction rate, hence, we can improve ourself by these strategies.

Product Details

Next, the details of vehicle management system are shown for you.

Application of the Product

TGW Technology's vehicle management system is available in a wide range of applications.

We have a professional team and can provide customers with the most appropriate solutions to help customers achieve their goals quickly and effectively.

Product Comparison

TGW Technology's vehicle management system has the following advantages over other similar products.

Enterprise Advantages

TGW Technology has a high-quality management team and a skilled research and development team. Besides, we have a long-term cooperation with relevant research units. All this makes good conditions for our product research and development and innovation.

Based on customer demand, TGW Technology is devoted to creating a convenient, high-quality, and professional service model.

We have always adhered to the enterprise spirit of 'pursuing excellent quality and creating a world-class brand'. We constantly innovate the management concept and the product vitality, and try our best to become a trustworthy enterprise.

Established in our company has accumulated rich industry experience after exploring for years.

Our company actively applies the 'Internet +' thinking to the business operation. We arrange online and offline all-round layout and we combine the online e-commerce platform sales with offline franchise business model. So the annual sales volume of the products increases rapidly, and the sales range is getting wider and wider.


  Cabinet Material

304 Stainless Steel





  Arm Length


  Passage Width


  Opening Signal


  Material Thickness


  Card-reading Window:


  Protection function

   Infrared anti-pinch,Break-in alarm function



  Service Life

   5million times

  Operating Temperature

   -25℃ ~ +60℃

  Related Humidity


  Communication Interface


  Power Rate


  Power Supply

AC 220V/110V ±10% 50/60MHZ (optional)

  Opening Speed:

    30-45persons per minute 




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TGW-TT010 Specification


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