Single/Double TGW Brand Ai Face Recognition and Temperature Measuring Devi Factory 1
Single/Double TGW Brand Ai Face Recognition and Temperature Measuring Devi Factory 2
Single/Double TGW Brand Ai Face Recognition and Temperature Measuring Devi Factory 1
Single/Double TGW Brand Ai Face Recognition and Temperature Measuring Devi Factory 2

Single/Double TGW Brand Ai Face Recognition and Temperature Measuring Devi Factory

Operating temperature:
-25℃ ~ +60℃
Operating voltage:
Motor type:
Passing speed:



1. The working mode can be set through the button on the main panel. 

2. Anti-collision,the object will automatically and slowly return to the original position after collision,to prevent the motor from being damaged by external force collision.

3. Doors can be synchronized.

4. Automatic reset.Right turn is automatically cancelled if it is not passed within the scheduled time.(1-60s adjustable), the default time is 10s.

5. Compatible access control system, consumption system, ESD system, electronic ticketing system, etc.

6. One-way control or two-way control.

7. Two pairs of anti-collision infrared sensor,two pairs of alarm infrared sensor.

8. Each cabinet have one LED direction indicator.

9. The unit can be controlled and managed by remote control.



Company Advantages

1. TGW sliding gate supplier is designed in line with user needs.

2. The design of TGW Three solutions for license plate recognition machine failure—Shenzhen TigerWong Technology Co. is grounded in thorough research of the existing and target customers.

3. TGW How to defeat ALPR—Shenzhen TigerWong Technology Co. has a revolutionary and innovative design.

4. Certified quality: It has passed through many quality certifications and has been manufactured in strict accordance with the requirements of international quality standards. Its quality is completely guaranteed.

5. Quality assurance: the product is under strict quality control procedure during production and careful inspection before delivery. All these measures make contributions to quality assurance.

6. Strict quality inspections: thanks to the strict quality control at every step of production, deviations in the production line can be quickly spotted, ensuring that the product is 100% qualified.

7. Using this product will help manufacturers to hire more highly skilled workers who are equipped with technical machine know-how. This, in turn, will make the manufacturers more competitive.

8. With this high-technology product, fewer workers are required in production. This will help manufacturers and producers reduce labor costs.

9. The product is able to achieve optimal production or increase productivity by reasonably allocating the resources of workers and equipment.

Company Features

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Application of the Product

TGW Technology's ai face recognition and temperature measuring devi is widely applicable in the industry.

Guided by the actual needs of customers, TGW Technology provides comprehensive, perfect and quality solutions based on the benefit of customers.


  Cabinet Material

304 Stainless Steel





  Motor Type

Single / Double motor

  Arm Length


  Passage Width


  Opening Signal


  Material Thickness


  Card-reading Window:


  Infrared sensor


  Protection function

    Infrared anti-pinch,Break-in alarm function



  Service Life

    5million times

  Operating Temperature

    -25 ~ +60

  Related Humidity


  Communication Interface


  Power Rate


  Power Supply

AC 220V/110V ±10% 50/60MHZ (optional)

  Opening Speed:

    30-45persons per minute 





File Name File size Date Download

TGW-DA012 Specification


2020-02-19 Download

TGW-DA012D Specification


2020-02-19 Download
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