Single/Double Enterprise Parking Solutions Single/Double TGW Brand 1
Single/Double Enterprise Parking Solutions Single/Double TGW Brand 1

Single/Double Enterprise Parking Solutions Single/Double TGW Brand

Operating temperature:
-25℃ ~ +60℃
Operating voltage:
Motor type:
Passing speed:

Company Advantages

1. Workmanship inspection for TGW face recognition machine will be seriously treated. The product will be inspected in terms of stitching, seaming, washing fastness, pressing, and other workmanships.

2. TGW ALPR ALL IN ONE will go through a broad range of inspections. They include the quality check on fabrics (shrinkage and strength), workmanship (seam, openings, and stitch), and appearance (spots or stains).

3. Fabrication of TGW parking control system leans upon a range of international cutting-edge machines. These machines, including cloth cutting machines, sewing machines, and chain stitch machines are all highly precise and efficient.

4. Regular product quality audit is carried out to ensure reliable product quality.

5. The products have passed strict quality examination and inspection before they leave the factory.

6. Perform regular performance checks are applied to ensure high performance and reliable quality.

7. We continuously monitor and adjust the production process to ensure that the product quality meets the policy requirements of customers and the company.

8. The product quality is in line with existing regulations and standards.

9. TGW takes the SWING TURNSTILE GATE manufacture business very seriously and the quality of our work is always guaranteed.

10. Complete detection to number plate recognition ensures its higher quality in the market.

11. The support of sound quality assurance system in TGW facilitates the higher quality of barrier turnstiles.

12. Strictly control the quality of DA015 is a indispensable step during its production.

13. TGW is dedicated to producing licence plate camera complying with the industry standard.



1.Increasing the entry and exit capacity to double,

reduces the space occupied and the materials needed

2.Anti-rust and Anti-corrosion

3.Automatic resent function, if doesn’t pass through within the given time, the permission will be automatically cancelled and the arm will be restored

4.Intelligent motherboard, turnstiles can be configured to allow access in a single direction or bi-directionally.

5.Prevent trailing.After each pass, the arm is rotated 120 degrees to automatically lock.

6.Anti-collision,unable to push with external force when the arm is locked

7.Compatible with various control methods, including remote control, push buttons, IC or ID Card Reading Devices, etc.

8.Anti-Panic function. After the gate is powered off,

the arm is automatically dropped to facilitate evacuation

9.Highlight LED indicator, indicate more eye-catching.


Company Features

Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has set foot in the development, design, and manufacture of auto sliding gate years ago. We have gained market recognition over the years. After setting foot in this industry for years, Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has become one of the prominent market players in R&D and production of auto sliding gate. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has been praised for the ability and competence in developing and manufacturing auto sliding gate. We have set foot in this industry for many years. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has been the preferred choice for many purchasers in the markets. We are known for competence in the R&D and production of auto sliding gate. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has become a famous manufacturer with market recognition. We are experienced at the forefront of R&D and manufacture of auto sliding gate.

Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd holds a strong and professional technical team. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has experts with practical experiences who devote themselves to auto sliding gate field. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has a very strong research and development team. The strong R&D team is the continuous developing power resource of TGW Technology. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has strong capital and technical back-up for auto sliding gate.

Our goal is to have no accidents and to mitigate impacts on the environment by working with our stakeholders, peers, and others to promote responsible environmental practices and continuous improvement. We take steps to minimize energy consumption and waste in our manufacturing, keeping costs and environmental considerations in mind. We use electricity more efficiently helps us minimize our carbon footprint. And we minimize waste and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We constantly invest in modernizing production facilities and office space, with a view to enhancing efficiency and further reducing our environmental impact. We are committed to environmental protection and resource conservation. We prevent or reduce pollution and develop energy-efficient products to maximize our sustainability.

Product Details

Next, TGW Technology will present you with the specific details of enterprise parking solutions.

Application of the Product

TGW Technology's enterprise parking solutions is of excellent quality and is widely used in the industry.

TGW Technology insists on providing customers with one-stop overall solution from the customer's point of view.

Product Comparison

Compared with other products in the same category, enterprise parking solutions has the following major features.

Enterprise Advantages

TGW Technology has a professional production team and a modern management team. They work together to create a new future for our company.

Logistics plays a key role in TGW Technology's business. We constantly promote the specialization of logistics service and build a modern logistics management system with advanced logistics information technique. All these ensure that we could provide efficient and convenient transportation.

With a focus on integrity management and product quality, our company achieved rapid development through scientific technology and advanced with the times. During the business operation, we stick to the business philosophy of 'faster, better, more environmentally friendly'. Based on the firm belief and unremitting effort, our company could develop greatly and rapidly.

Our company was founded in In the years of development and growth, we have always focused on the improvement of product quality and economic efficiency. We are dedicated to the development and production of professional products and have established our own influence status by returning to society with sophisticated products.

Apart from making own traditional superior products, our company actively explores more markets and optimizes product allocation. At present, our products are not only sold well in China, but also exported to many foreign countries.


  Cabinet Material

304 Stainless Steel





  Arm Length


  Passage Width


  Opening Signal


  Material Thickness


  Card-reading Window:


  Protection function

   Infrared anti-pinch,Break-in alarm function



  Service Life

   5million times

  Operating Temperature

   -25℃ ~ +60℃

  Related Humidity


  Communication Interface


  Power Rate


  Power Supply

AC 220V/110V ±10% 50/60MHZ (optional)

  Opening Speed:

    30-45persons per minute 






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TGW-TT002 Specification


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