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Face Recognition Management System Face Recognition Software

Company Advantages

1. The manufacturing process of TGW license plate camera system covers sophisticated workmanship. Its mechanical parts and components have to go through rough machining, cutting, grinding, honing, finish milling, and polishing.

2. The manufacture of TGW electric security gates includes three major stages, namely, rough machining, semi-finish machining, and finish machining. All of these stages are carried out by professional mechanical technicians.

3. TGW SG005 is designed with a range of protection systems. It is built with overpressure, overload, electric circuits, and loss of voltage protection.

4. The production of TGW TT009 meets relevant requirements. It is fabricated with circuit protection, overload protection, and other emergencies protecting systems.

5. The product features overloading protection. When the circuit breaks down and the return circuit current increases, the resistance of restricting overloading protection thermistor goes up sharply for being warm, until the circuit is cut off.

6. The product features inherent overheating protection. It has one output channel serving as protection against overheating produced by the product.

7. The product features electrical safety. Its electrical faults have been identified and potential hazards that would hurt human have been removed.

8. Many benefits can be attributed to the use of this product. For example, productivity is increased, safety is guaranteed, and the working time of labor is shortened.

9. The advantages generated by this product commonly attribute to higher production rates, safety for workers, and shorter lead times.

10. With the benefit of increasing production efficiency and output, the product is widely applied in the production of many industries.

11. Its benefits are obvious. Consuming a little amount of energy, it helps manufacturers save production costs and gain more profits.

12. Workers do not have to worry that the use of this product will cause any potential dangers. It can reduce human intervention mistakes caused by the malfunction.

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Face Recognition System Software TGW 4



The number of alarms, the number of passing records for fixed personnel, the number of passing records for visitors, the number of passing records for strangers

Face Recognition System Software TGW 5


Personnel management

Add department, modify department information, delete department information, etc.

Face Recognition System Software TGW 6


Device management

Add online device

Face Recognition System Software TGW 7


Identification record

All records, employee pass records, visitor pass records and stranger pass records

Face Recognition System Software TGW 8


Role management

Face Recognition System Software TGW 9


Email management

Sender mailbox,Email authorization code,SMTP Host etc.

Face Recognition System Software TGW 10


Company Features

Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd is located at the international frontier of the temperature sensor types production area. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd leads in temperature sensor types production. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd leads the temperature sensor types research and development field in China. Currently, Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd is in at an internationally leading position in production temperature sensor types.

Through continuous complementing R&D and technology innovation, temperature sensor types now ranks top in this market. TGW fully introduces quality control system to perfecting the quality of temperature sensor types to develop its best performance. The equipment of leading machines and advanced technology ensure the development, test and inspection of temperature sensor types. From the selection of suppliers to shipment, TGW has been strictly controlled each process to ensure the quality of each temperature sensor types. From raw materials selection to production process and then to quality test, our temperature sensor types is produced strictly following the quality system certification.

All TGW staff keeps our clients in mind and does the utmost to satisfy customers. Based on the idea of innovation, TGW has been developing high-tech temperature sensor types through the years. With our commitment and persistence, TGW promises to deliver top quality temperature sensor types with reasonable price for retailer and wholesaler.

Product Details

With a focus on product's quality, our company pursues perfection in every detail.

Application of the Product

TGW Technology's Face Recognition System can be applied to different fields and scenes, which enables us to meet different requirements.

We have a professional team and can provide customers with the most appropriate solutions to help customers achieve their goals quickly and effectively.

Product Comparison

The Face Recognition System of TGW Technology has the following advantages compared with Face Recognition System in the market.

Enterprise Advantages

We firmly believe that talents are the most important treasure for the company. To lay a solid foundation for our development, we actively gather resources from all parties, to form an experienced and skilled production team with dedication.

TGW Technology adheres to the service purpose to be attentive, accurate, efficient and decisive. We are responsible for every customer and are committed to providing timely, efficient, professional and one-stop services.

Our company insists on the business philosophy of 'law-abiding and sustainable management' and the quality policy of 'pursuit of perfection'. We are committed to providing customers with the highest quality products.

Since the inception in TGW Technology has been developing in the industry for years. So far we have accumulated rich industry experience.

TGW Technology actively develops export business. are mainly exported to Europe, America, Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and other regions.

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