Binocular 2M+1.3M Commercial Parking Lot Entry and Exit Control Syst Binocular 2M+1.3M TGW 1
Binocular 2M+1.3M Commercial Parking Lot Entry and Exit Control Syst Binocular 2M+1.3M TGW 2
Binocular 2M+1.3M Commercial Parking Lot Entry and Exit Control Syst Binocular 2M+1.3M TGW 1
Binocular 2M+1.3M Commercial Parking Lot Entry and Exit Control Syst Binocular 2M+1.3M TGW 2

Binocular 2M+1.3M Commercial Parking Lot Entry and Exit Control Syst Binocular 2M+1.3M TGW

User Capacity:
50000 person
Extended capacity:
8-16GB (Micro SD)
Recognition rate:
Recognition speed:
Binocular 2M+1.3M

Company Advantages

1. TGW Ltd has been inspected to meet general quality standards. It has been tested in respect of colorfastness, stitching strength, seam strength, size-change, and seam-twisting.

2. TGW face recognition body temperature measurement syst is required to pass on-site quality control tests. It will be inspected with regard to seam slippage, color shading, color matching, and symmetry.

3. TGW boom barrier installation is required to go through the inspection stage. It will be checked in terms of appearance, faults & stains, and pattern matching.

4. The inspections for TGW SG003 fabrics have been conducted. The fabrics have been checked with regard to fabric softness, fabric width, fabric shrinkage, and knitting defects.

5. The fabrics of TGW light pink have been strictly inspected. They have been checked in terms of yarn defects such as thick and thin, fabric holes, fabrics shade matching, and fabric construction.

6. The product is of high quality. It has the perfect craftsmanship of the hardware, inner lining, the seams, and the stitching.

7. The product is water resistant. It is made of highly waterproof materials and its exterior zippers are also waterproof to prevent the water come in.

8. The product is able to provide protection for the stuff. It is made from lightweight, impact-resistant materials and its sturdy frame provide extra excellent protection.

9. The product can be often applied in a variety of intense environments, ranging from the coldest climates to extreme heat.

10. The product is generally considered as an excellent all-purpose solution with a solid balance of chemical and physical properties and few limitations.

11. The product is able to withstand a large range of temperatures so engineers can use it without worrying about failure.

12. The product is an essential component in many industries, which is suitable for machinery that is subject to dust and leakage.

13. The product is quite and perfectly suitable for machinery that is sensitive to dust accumulation or environmental conditions in many industries.

Hardware introduction

Binocular 2M+1.3M Commercial Parking Lot Entry and Exit Control Syst Binocular 2M+1.3M TGW 3



A high-performance dynamic temperature-measuring face recognition terminal, which is divided into gate installation and wall installation.

The terminal integrates the functions of off-line face recognition, temperature detection, mask recognition, identity verification, on-site face collection,

blacklist early-warning, photo taken after passing, active object detection. It adopts WDR HD face recognition camera,

which is fully adapted to harsh environment such as strong light, back light and weak light, with characteristics of fast recognition speed,

high accuracy and large list storage capacity.


Product details

Binocular 2M+1.3M Commercial Parking Lot Entry and Exit Control Syst Binocular 2M+1.3M TGW 4


About temperature measurement face recognition terminal

1. Support the camera to capture the face to activate the device;

2. Adopt dynamic face detection and tracking recognition algorithm based on video stream;

3. Support local storage of 20,000-5,0000 face libraries on the device;

4. When the face database is 3000, the accuracy of 1:N recognition is 99.7% under the condition that the false recognition rate is three out of ten thousand;

5. Fast recognition speed:

(A) Face tracking and detection takes about 20ms

(B) Face feature extraction takes about 200ms

(C) Face comparison takes 0.2ms (2000 people base, average value for multiple recognition), 0.5ms (10000 people base, average value for multiple recognition);

6. Binocular with infrared light camera;

7. Support on-site photo saving during face recognition or stranger detection;

8. Support interface docking in HTTP mode;

9. Support the deployment method of public network and local area network;

10. Support the comparison function of strangers' personal certificates;

11. Support human body temperature detection, support human body temperature measurement under indoor conditions;

12. Support external QR code.


A collection of features to meet your different needs

Binocular 2M+1.3M Commercial Parking Lot Entry and Exit Control Syst Binocular 2M+1.3M TGW 5



Advantages of temperature measuring face terminal

1.Real living body detecting

2.Recognition speed around 0.5ms

3.Recognition rate very high,recogntion rate up to 99.7%

4.Supppot recognize whole world race.

5.Storage capacity max 2-50k/person

6.Support language change for software

7.SDK/API interface avaible

8.Standalone use or with operate software

9.Very good heat dissipation and system stability


Application scenarios

It can be used with application management systems such as face-based site real-name management system, face-based access control attendance management system and visitor management system, which is perfect for complex application scenarios that require temperature monitoring, identity recognition and access control, such as communities, campuses, hospitals, scenic spots, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, public places and construction sites. In terms of epidemic prevention and control, it effectively reduces the potential risks of large-area contact with human body during temperature measurement, shortens the temperature measurement time and improves the temperature measurement efficiency. At the same time, centralized management provides real-time data support for the screening and tracing of suspected patients and floating population, and provides a strong safety guarantee for the management under the above scenarios.

Company Features

Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of China by designing and producing top-quality TGW-LGV21. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd is a dependable manufacturer in delivering trusted TGW-LGV21 by integrating science, technology, and business expertise. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd is a name that has been synonymous with quality, integrity, professionalism, and service in the field of manufacturing TGW-LGV21 for years. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd is established out of the quest for quality TGW-LGV21. Years of experience makes us a creator, engineer, and problem solver in the industry. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has years of experience in patent design, innovative ideas, exceptional quality, and competitive price of TGW-LGV21.

In addition, Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has a complete product line and strong production and testing capability. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has a complete production line and advanced testing method. The perfected manufacturing processes and quality assurance system in TGW Technology's factory ensure reliable delivery of products with high quality. The continuous research of new applications and the constant product innovation allow Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd to offer customized solutions.

TGW will unwaveringly pursue the vision of being the TGW-LGV21 industry leader. To be a well respected and creative company is TGW's goal. Taking TGW-LGV21 as the primary task is the main goal for TGW. Becoming a company model for the common development of TGW-LGV21 is one of the TGW visions. Setting TGW-LGV21 as the mission, TGW is committed to becoming an influential company at home and abroad.

Product Details

The commercial parking lot entry and exit control syst of TGW Technology is of excellent quality, and it is more remarkable to zoom in on the details.

Application of the Product

TGW Technology's commercial parking lot entry and exit control syst is widely used in various scenes.

With a focus on TGW Technology is dedicated to providing reasonable solutions for customers.

Product Comparison

The commercial parking lot entry and exit control syst of TGW Technology has the following advantages compared with commercial parking lot entry and exit control syst in the market.

Enterprise Advantages

TGW Technology has introduced a number of talents and has formed an R&D team to provide technical force for product development and innovation.

We take meeting customer's needs as our duty. By establishing a comprehensive service system, we provide our customers with personalized services to enhance their satisfaction.

Our company adheres to our enterprise tenet of 'integrity cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win', and advocates the value concept of 'telling the truth, doing practical things'. We insist on establishing good cooperative relationships with customers, and telling consumers the most authentic news, so as to protect consumers' rights to the information.

TGW Technology, formally established in has changed the traditional marketing model into a new network marketing model after years of diligent research. We attract the attention of people from all walks of life, and receive support to successfully break the barriers between contemporary business and traditional business. Now, our company becomes an outstanding enterprise in the industry.

TGW Technology's are sold to all parts of the country and are well received by users.


1.Binocular camera module, dual algorithm fusion, multi-pattern recognition (1:1/1:N), higher recognition accuracy, faster recognition speed.

2.The active light source is visible light and near-infrared light, which is resistant to environmental interference, does not affect vision, and is harmless to the human body.

3.Two different types of face recognition algorithms to eliminate non-living face recognition.

4.Intelligent hardware terminal + centralized management service mode deployment, easy to use, easy to manage




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