Which Are the Latest Best Mobile Under 15k, in Terms of Music and Camera Quality?

Don't go for Chinese companies as they offer very poor after sales and moreover after you spend 15000 bucks on your smartphone you don't want to compromise on key featuresSome mobiles are here which had been launched recently1 Hyve buzz (no Chinese company , a Delhi based startup ) 13,999What it offers :-2 yr manufacturer warranty1 yr physical damage protectionPick and drop service for your mobile if it has issues (37 days ) maximum for returning your mobile to u13 MP camera (Sony sensor ) , 8 MP front cameraWater resistantDust resistantFingerprint sensorGood processor around 1.3 GHzStock android3gb RAM2. Moto g4 plus :-Best camera in class2950 mah batteryFinger print sensor3 GB RAMExpandable memoryStick android3 lenovo k5 note :-Metal body13 MP cameraSymmetrical designGreat processorAmazing offers on flipkart in exchange and other offers

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Should Apple offer a higher priced "Made in the USA" version of the iPad?

Which Are the Latest Best Mobile Under 15k, in Terms of Music and Camera Quality? 1

No.You should just buy an iPad, and then mail a check to the charity of your choice. The economics are better.

Besides, the infrastructure to manufacture something like an iPad just doesn't exist here. It would take a few years to build it up. But the thing to remember is that the iPad manufacturers feel they are getting screwed .

they only get a few dollars (a tiny percentage) of the profits of the iPad. The vast majority of the value add from an iPad goes right back into the good old U. S.

A. There is a huge amount of ignorance over the value of manufacturing. Manufacturing the iPad is just about the last part of the iPad value chain you want to touch.

Which Are the Latest Best Mobile Under 15k, in Terms of Music and Camera Quality? 2

You want to focus on design, marketing, apps, network, content, etc. , which is where almost all of the value is built


How economically balanced is the Sims 4 in-game economy?

The Sims has always been notorious for unrealistic economy.

For example, in 2013 the average house price in the US was $176,500. Now in Sims, you can buy a house that is just as functional for $10,000. Now there are a few reasons for this.

One, this is just a game and games have to be fun and not very tedious, especially one based off of something as tedious as life. The second is that the economy in game is suited to the gameplay and not the reality. Since the developers wouldn't want their players having to spend hours and hours just to get their next paycheck, they speed up the time (1 Sim day roughly equals 1 human year) and increase the value of Simoleons so that $10,000 Simoleons would kinda be the same as $176,500.

Hope that helped.


If you voted out but it emerged, after the BREXIT negotiations, that the UK would be substantially worse off economically would you change your mind?

I voted leave.

Going in I was 90% sure that I would vote leave. I knew the economy would take a hit. Its an open secret that the EU has an ambition to become a single state.

So for me the question was not should the UK leave the EU? But rather Do I want to be part of a Federal European State?The general standard of argument during the debate was poor often nothing more than each side making ever more outlandish statements and trading insults.

This together with clear message from the EU that it was not willing to change made up my mind.So would I change my mind? No, because as I said it was never about economics.

We have seen a decline in the economy how much is just the ups and downs of economies and how much is a direct result of Brexit is open to speculation but this has not changed my mind.


How do you price natural gas?

Natural gas is a commodity, just like corn, beans, cattle or milk.

All commodities are priced by the market. A gas driller will drill a well and sell his gas to a gathering system, which will price the gas according to the market exchanges. A producer has little or no say on what his gas is worth.

He, like the farmer or rancher, has to rely on the market for the price. He can only decide to sell or not to sell his gas at the offered price. When supply is higher than demand, as it is now, the price is low.

When demand is higher than supply, as it will be this winter, the price goes up.How do you price natural gas?


According to the EU, Northern Ireland will stay in the single market.

Can this be right?

I cant claim to know, well nobody knows. However the DUP wants the same deal as mainland Britain, mainland Britian doesnt know what kind of deal its getting because negotiations are a mess and the torys are split.

If the DUP do not get the same deal as the rest of the nation its likely they will withdraw their support and if they do that we may well have another election. This in turn will further delay negotations and cause further chaos. Could that lead to another referendum?

Its not impossible even if at this moment highly unlikely.This is how chaotic and poorly prepared this country is for exiting the E.U its nearly funny, but not quite


In the United States, farmers are routinely paid to leave land uncultivated, whereas nobody would think of paying motel operators to leave rooms vacant.

Why the asymmetry?

Basically motels are not required to live. Food is.

By paying farmers to leave land uncultivated the government is doing two things:Helping to compensate a profession that is needed but often underpaid and in severe debtEnsuring that some of the farmable land is new dirt (soil that has not been expended of nutrients and life) for future generations and years. If I recall from biblical scriptures the land is supposed to rest (lay dormant and not be used for production) every seventh years. Now let me be specific, I am for paying farmers, not huge corporations that have taken over the production and supply of food for the American people.

We need small farmers to ensure we'll always have a knowledge base of this profession just in case some major event occurs that knocks our whole system a whammy


Can you please suggest a good android mobile for 10-20k in indian rupees?

From range 10k-20k you can have best mobile but these I recommend.LENOVO VIBE P1 15,999/- It had decent style with 5.

5 inch screen having full HD 1080*1920 resolution and gorilla glass 3.Android 5.1.

It has a perfect 13mp camera which records 1080p and has 5mp selfie cam.It's having a huge 4900mah battery, 32gb internal memory and 2 GB ram with snapdragon octa core processor.2.

ACER Z630S 10,999/- It's has 5.5 inch screen with 720p resolution and gorilla glass 3.Android 5.

1.It has both front and rear 8mp camera with 1080p recording.It's consists of 3gb ram and 32 GB internal memory with octa core processor.

3.ASUS ZENFONE SELFIE 16,999/- it has a decent posh look with 5.5 inch display having 1080p resolution with gorilla glass 4.

Android 5.It has both front and rear 13mp cameras with 1080p recording.It has powerful 3000mah battery with 3 GB ram and octa core processor.

Check out flipkart for these and other ones.


How is AI truly intelligent if it needs to follow certain rules or algorithms to observe and learn from its environment?

The current AI isnt intelligent.

Well, not in the way I perceive intelligent behaviour in any case. The problem here is that we dont have any binding definition of intelligence or intelligent behaviour.So, in fact, the companies that have created their AI solutions may use the buzzword at their leisure.

Actually, their systems are really just a collection of ML and NLP techniques and a framework allowing for their combination. Which is a nice thing; dont get me wrong, I appreciate the effort. But its far from creating a system which could really autonomously navigate through the world (either real or cyber) and solve problems it encounters without supervision (which would be my personal definition of intelligent behaviour).


Why does protectionism have a negative impact on consumers?

Lets analyze this in two situations:The first one is: if there are already many kinds of goods consumers want in the domestic market, then protectionism will have little impact for them, because the competition is already intense, and the supply and demand have already reached its equilibrium, the bad thing is, they have less ample choices, for instance, for citizens in a city where they have access to 10 kinds of ice cream corns when they only need 9, and 3 other new ones are prohibited by the government, they dont suffer a lot but lose the choice of trying the 3 new ones.The second situation is different, when the citizens need 12 ice creams while they could only have access to 10, the supply is smaller than the demand which will cause the prices of these ice cream corns to rise and that is bad for them.

Thats, the competition is not intense enough for the supply and demand to reach its equilibrium.


Did the British colonise Northern Ireland, pushing the native Irish down south?

Yes it was colonised in the 17th century Plantation of Ulster.

However, there was already Scottish settlement in the late Elizabethan era and clan conflicts between the McDonnells and McDonalds in Antrim. Elizabeth decided to support the McDonnells under Sorley Boy McDonald, who was allowed keep land in Antrim. This land was later planted privately with British Protestants on the estates of the McDonnell Earls of Antrim, despite the McDonnells remaining Catholic until the early 18th century.

However the Plantation, while largely successful, wasn't completely so. The planters were forbidden from selling their land to the Irish, but some did so anyway. Likewise they were supposed to employ British Protestants, but this was not always possible.

By around 1641, the Protestant population in Ulster was around 40,000. It took until the early 18th century for them to become the majority in present day Northern Ireland though, after William III encouraged Huguenots to settle there.


Why are East Asians so populous in regards to sheer percentage of total humans as compared to say, white Europeans?

A direct comparison between East Asia and Europe is possibly incorrect, since so many Europeans emigrated to the various neo-Europes created by Western colonial empires over the past few centuries, in the Americas and Australasia and even South Africa. Adding the half-billion or so people in these regions to Europe to produce a Western total considerably narrows the gap, if even a gap there would be.East Asia in the past century likely has enjoyed higher rates of population increase than the West at similar strages of development, for the simp!

e rates that death rates were lower in East Asia thanks to modern medicine and public health. This might have acted to increase East Asia's proportion of the world population.Why are East Asians so populous in regards to sheer percentage of total humans as compared to say, white Europeans?


What is the worst kind of renewable energy?

As others have said the location and its impact on Eco and Social systems.need to be looked at and factored in.

Two systems of energy that I think are not good and actually do more harm.CORN ETHANOL has barely positive EROEI. Barely over 1.

It increases food prices, it drives up farm land prices. It causes farmers to over invest in land. Use more diesel.

More fertilizer. This leads to pollution from run off. It is debatable if it is clean due to all the input organics from oil.

We can more effectively clean up transportation sector with solar powered EV vehicles. Corn ethanol is a creature of Agribusinees and other 3rd parties .Tidal power has many obstacles to actually work.

Lots of marine environment issues. Doubtful if it growsOffshore wind w floating platforms or floating solar can out perform tidal systems by large order of Magitude. Yes large Hydro has issues but in some cases its benefits outweighs negatives.

Future development is limited

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Comparison of Advantages and Disadvantages of Three Types of Parking Lot Systems_ Taigewang Technolo
Comparison of Advantages and Disadvantages of Three Types of Parking Lot Systems_ Taigewang Technolo
With the continuous upgrading of China's parking lot system industry technology, the industry has also entered the peak period of upgrading from old management system to emerging management system. At present, the use of three types of parking lot systems in life has brought people a good and convenient parking environment. The ticket type parking lot management system can be said to be the most common and simplest parking lot equipment in the parking lot, and it is also the parking lot equipment with the longest application time. For this kind of parking lot system, the function is simple, and the safety and management efficiency of vehicles are extremely low. It basically plays a simple role in the management of vehicle entry and exit time in the parking lot, For parking places with small traffic flow, it can still meet people's parking needs. The non-contact card reading parking lot management system is also widely used in the parking lot by virtue of its fast card reading speed and card free function. It uses high-frequency long-distance Bluetooth card on the basis of traditional IC card. Vehicles can pass without parking through long-distance card reading. Compared with the card taking parking lot system, it has a lot of efficiency in entering and leaving the parking lot. Speaking of license plate recognition technology, it has now become a new technology of concern in the whole parking field. Although it has been used in the parking lot for only a few years, with its unique functional advantages, it enables the parking lot to realize unmanned management and allows vehicles to enter and leave the parking lot without parking, It also has a very excellent performance in the safety of vehicle parking. The intelligent parking lot system provides an integrated solution for parking lot management and provides comfortable and convenient user experience for car owners and parking lot management. Such equipment is bound to become the mainstream direction in the security industry.
The Parking Lot Systems of Several Management Modes Have Their Own Advantages_ Taigewang Technology
The Parking Lot Systems of Several Management Modes Have Their Own Advantages_ Taigewang Technology
With the Internet plus car park hitherto unknown, the car park system has been innovating in function and entered an unprecedented transformation period. Therefore, we constantly integrate new technologies to create an intelligent parking lot system. Nowadays, these intelligent parking lot systems are reflected in all fields of life, such as communities, shopping malls, scenic spots, hospitals, schools, government units, factory gates, etc. no matter what kind of parking lot can create a good parking environment for people. The parking lot system has experienced many years of development. On the one hand, its safety and installation convenience have been greatly improved. On the other hand, the management of the parking lot has reduced a lot of workload., Obviously, it can accurately record the information of vehicles entering and leaving the site in management, and has been favored by major parking places before. However, with the increase of vehicles, the card swiping parking lot system is easy to give the entrance in some places with large traffic flow, resulting in traffic congestion. Over time, this parking lot system can not meet people's parking needs. Later, a Bluetooth parking lot system with contactless card reading appeared, which can read the card within a few meters of the entrance and exit, which solves the problem of car owners queuing to pick up the card at the ticket box. However, the management personnel of the rear parking lot found that if the Bluetooth card is mismanaged, it is easy to be copied by the car owner, which brings great trouble to the management, Similarly, the management of this kind of card still requires parking lot managers to make statistics and collect card information. Therefore, in order to reduce these unnecessary troubles, the advent of license plate recognition system has completely changed the management mode of parking lot. Combined with mobile Internet technology, license plate recognition system can meet the needs of customers in different application environments, To meet people's parking needs. At present, the use of parking lot system has risen to cloud management, and the parking lot will also open the era of cloud platform. Combined with people's parking needs, users will pay more attention to the experience of products.
What Are the Main Basic Functions of Intelligent Parking Lot System_ Taigewang Technology
What Are the Main Basic Functions of Intelligent Parking Lot System_ Taigewang Technology
This paper introduces some basic functions of our intelligent parking lot system, so that you can better understand the functions of the intelligent parking lot system and choose products suitable for you. In short, the intelligent parking lot system mainly has two functions: vehicle management system and charging system. Other functions are derived and improved around these two functions, such as vehicle statistical report, financial management function, one card and one vehicle, etc. Well, let's move on to the topic. There are 9 basic functions and characteristics of intelligent parking lot system: first, smart card function. Smart card has the characteristics of waterproof, antimagnetic, antistatic, no wear, large information storage capacity, high density, multi-purpose, etc; Business card printing, card issuing, and the production, issuance, loss reporting, reissue and cancellation of all RF cards; Automatic prompt for insufficient card storage in the card exit system. 2、 Vehicle management statistics, parking lot vehicle management and statistics, analysis, summary and printing of access information, so as to realize level, region and period management; 3、 All kinds of reports are generated in Chinese menu operation interface, which is simple and convenient to operate; Access information files can be queried, counted and analyzed at any time. Perfect financial management function to automatically form various reports; 4、 Import and export monitoring management import and export point monitoring management, including the entrance and exit of the parking lot and important entrances and exits. You can enter the floor or section of the allowed parking place within the specified period of time. Digital vehicle detection system with high reliability and adaptability; 5、 Vehicle real-time monitoring, real-time monitoring, set unified closing and opening at any time, or specify several channel switches. According to the card reading information of the radio frequency card in the parking lot, the guard or waiter will regularly call out the records in the computer for inspection to confirm the identity of each owner and report safety; 6、 Simple operation, smart card operation, card swiping without contact, more convenient operation. The temporary vehicle can automatically exit the card, reduce personnel operation and have a high degree of automation. Scrolling led Chinese electronic display screen, so that users and managers can see it at a glance; 7、 The intelligent logic self-locking control system is a fully intelligent logic self-locking control system for vehicle entry and exit, which strictly controls the behavior of cardholders entering and exiting, and meets the requirements of one card and one vehicle; The unique license plate number input and display system greatly improves the anti-theft measures of the parking lot; 8、 The ground sensing anti smashing device of the ground sensing system can ensure that the vehicle stays under the brake rod and the brake rod will not fall, or even if the rod lightly touches the vehicle road gate, it will stop and start the rod automatically. High quality barrier gate with anti lift rod, full unloading, photoelectric control and accurate balance system; 9、 Parking lot management system parking lot management includes: parking space allocation management, access management, charge management, etc. Well, let's introduce the basic functions of the intelligent parking lot system. I hope it will be helpful to you. Thank you for reading.
What Are the Advantages of Using Electronic Toll Collection System in Roads and Parking Lots_ Taigew
What Are the Advantages of Using Electronic Toll Collection System in Roads and Parking Lots_ Taigew
Yesterday, the reporter learned from Shanghai Transportation Bureau that Shanghai will fully use electronic charging methods on toll roads and parking lots by the end of next year. At the same time, in addition to using intelligent parking lot charging system, roads and parking lots will also speed up electronic charging equipment such as handheld toll machines and self-service payment terminal equipment in parking lots, in order to make it more convenient for car owners to pay. Since next month, electronic toll collection systems that meet unified technical standards will be installed and used in new parking lots in Shanghai, and machine printed invoices will be enabled; For the parking lot that has been put on record before May 31 this year and is operating, the transformation and new installation will be completed by the end of next year, and the machine printed invoice shall be used at the same time. One of the main reasons for this is that there are many loopholes in the traditional toll parking lot, there is no unified standard, and there are many complaints from car owners. Therefore, the rectification of the parking lot is very necessary under the current situation. This rectification is mainly aimed at the improvement of the entrance and exit of the parking lot and the charging method of the parking lot, The installation of intelligent parking lot charging system and self-service payment terminal equipment in the parking lot make the parking lot charging methods diverse and the owner's payment more convenient. Electronic toll collection system can be used in many places, such as toll car park and car park. The owner can brush the card at the entrance of the parking lot, and gradually expand the use of various electronic payment methods such as the brush UnionPay card, Alipay, WeChat and so on. At the same time, the major urban areas are also gradually accelerating the promotion of handheld toll machines. Car owners can directly realize the payment function in the parking lot, so they don't have to queue up at the exit to save time. The installation of electronic non-stop charging system in parking lots and major highway intersections can make car owners quickly enter and leave the parking lot and reduce the pressure of urban traffic. At the same time, diversified charging methods can make it convenient for car owners to pay.
The Upgrade of Etc Automatic Parking Lot Is a Big Step Towards Intelligent Parking_ Taigewang Techno
The Upgrade of Etc Automatic Parking Lot Is a Big Step Towards Intelligent Parking_ Taigewang Techno
Most smart parking technologies are only suitable for large supermarkets and high-end office buildings to improve the brand image and grade, and there is no really smart entrance and exit management system. However, with the vigorous promotion and popularization of ETC technology and the development of many etc related technologies, etc full-automatic parking lot appears. At present, the number of etc users in China has reached 210 million, accounting for 90% of the total number of cars in China. It can be said that etc basically covers all cars in China. As an important scene of etc parking, the Ministry of transport has also taken the lead in upgrading the etc fully automatic parking lot at major transportation hubs in the city. As the latest technology of intelligent parking, etc automatic parking lot has been put into use all over the country. Compared with the past smart parking, etc automatic parking lot does not need to take out the mobile phone to scan the code or bind the license plate. At the same time, thanks to ETC technology, car owners do not even need to stop and wait for pole lifting when entering and leaving the parking lot. Etc parking also has online services. Through small programs, car owners can apply for short-term monthly tickets, and users of the original monthly tickets can automatically renew and other rich functions. For car owners and parking lot management units still in the epidemic period, it is necessary to reduce human contact. At the same time, etc full-automatic parking lot has a wide range of applications. It can be upgraded in supermarkets, office buildings, factories, schools and communities. Its transformation cost is low. It only needs to add etc antenna and corresponding etc automatic parking lot management system. For each parking lot, the upgrading of etc automatic parking lot is a big step towards intelligent parking.
Intelligent Parking Guidance System to Find Parking Space for You_ Taigewang Technology
Intelligent Parking Guidance System to Find Parking Space for You_ Taigewang Technology
Festivals with many holidays, such as Spring Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day, labor day and national day, are often the peak season and peak period of domestic tourism. With the rapid increase of traffic flow, the management pressure of parking lots in major tourist attractions increases. It is undoubtedly troublesome to find free parking spaces in parking lots. Now, intelligent parking lot guidance systems have been adopted in parking lots in many large scenic spots, This is a technology that uses video guidance technology combined with electronic map to provide vehicle search route. In the parking lot without guidance system in the past, tourists need to park at the entrance to pick up their cards, and then Park and swipe their cards when they leave the parking lot. It also needs manual charging, which greatly increases the time for vehicles to leave the parking lot. It is very easy to cause congestion during peak hours, which brings a bad experience to tourists. At present, all the new parking lots in the scenic area adopt intelligent parking lot license plate recognition system, which mainly uses the high-definition camera installed at the entrance to capture the vehicle license plate information, and then through the rapid calculation and processing of the system, you can enter the parking lot without parking. After entering the site, it is the time for the guidance system to play its role, It is mainly used to help car owners find the parking space in the parking lot and record the parking position data of car owners. When the car owners need to find the vehicle position when they return to the parking lot, they can conduct reverse car search with the help of the car search terminal in the parking lot, in which the car owners need to input the license plate number, The system can use the license plate number to give the area where the vehicle is located and the parking situation of the vehicle, and provide the electronic map of vehicle search and the optimal walking route, which is very humanized. For more information about license plate recognition system, parking lot management system, parking lot charging system, parking lot gate, access gate system, cloud parking lot and other functions, please consult Shenzhen taigewang Technology Co., Ltd. for details, and the preferred partner for parking lot operators.
What Role Does the Parking System Play in Our Life_ Taigewang Technology
What Role Does the Parking System Play in Our Life_ Taigewang Technology
With the continuous development and progress of life, the parking lot system has become a part of our life and played a more and more important role. In order to effectively solve the current intelligent transportation problems, the parking lot system, as a need to adapt to the development of the situation, is becoming more and more prominent in vehicle management with the rapid development of intelligent transportation. Parking lot management system to meet people's living needs is not so simple. With the rapid development of today, what role does parking lot system play in our life? To measure the development of a city, we must first look at the traffic of a city. The management of urban vehicles by managers alone cannot be fundamentally solved. With the increase of the number of vehicles, improve the role of parking lot system in intelligent transportation, effectively supervise urban intelligent transportation, and increase the use of intelligent parking lot equipment, Clarifying the parking demand in each parking lot is the top priority of the parking lot system manufacturer. In recent years, the rapid development and widespread use of parking lot system has provided a lot of great convenience for our life. Firstly, it solves the problem of vehicle owners' congestion in and out of the parking lot; Secondly, it clearly provides the owner with the information of the parking space in the parking lot; Then, it can also make it more convenient for car owners to pay parking fees; In addition, the urban parking guidance system is a key point of the current urban development. It can clearly provide people with the location of the parking lot and the information of the remaining parking spaces in the parking lot. When there is no remaining parking space in the target parking lot, the car owner can park the car to another nearby parking lot through the urban parking guidance system, saving the time for the car owner to find the parking lot. The increase of vehicles and the emergence of intelligent parking lot system have played a very important role in our life. It is very important to reasonably select intelligent parking lot equipment according to our own needs.
This Is What You Need to Know About the License Plate Recognition Parking Lot System_ Taigewang Tech
This Is What You Need to Know About the License Plate Recognition Parking Lot System_ Taigewang Tech
The parking lot system is used to manage the parking and vehicle access in the parking lot, ensure the parking safety of vehicles in the parking lot and facilitate understanding the dynamics of vehicles in the parking lot at any time. The license plate recognition parking lot system is one of the parking lot systems. It has more advanced vehicle management functions at present, and can achieve accurate, efficient and dynamic management, flexible and multi-functional dynamic query and security Strict security function, and simplify the management procedure of temporarily parked vehicles. License plate recognition parking lot system adopts gradually mature license plate recognition technology, which can complete the recognition of vehicle license plate number and color in a short time, accurately record the license plate information of passing vehicles, reduce the waiting time of vehicles in and out of the yard, and improve the traffic efficiency and parking space turnover rate of vehicles; In terms of equipment stability, the embedded software and hardware structure is used for optimization and comprehensive design, which increases the reliability of the system. In order to apply the license plate recognition system in different environments, we have conducted a wide range of temperature change tests. For places with large temperature changes, we have adopted temperature compensation devices, and strengthened protection in rainy and snowy weather to ensure that the equipment can be used normally in any environment. The license plate recognition system adopts non-stop approach, which completely solves the entrance and exit congestion caused by parking and picking up cards during the peak period of one card and one vehicle, completely eliminates the management loophole of one card and multiple vehicles, and completely solves the card replacement and card replacement caused by card loss and damage, so as to effectively ensure the parking safety of car owners.
Alipay's "no Pay" Function on the Line Will Increase the Car Park's Wisdom. Taigewang Technology
Alipay's "no Pay" Function on the Line Will Increase the Car Park's Wisdom. Taigewang Technology
Recently, car park car park car has launched a non sense payment service to solve the problem of congestion in the entrance and exit of the car park. As long as the owner stops in the parking lot with the Alipay function, the owner will leave the parking lot and identify the vehicle's identity after the license plate recognition camera. The parking fee will be deducted automatically from the owner's Fu Baoli. In this process, the owner of the car does not need to stop the car.'s parking lot is not a parking lot. No need to take the mobile phone to scan the code and leave directly. The owner will not stop at the exit in the whole process, so as to realize senseless payment. Experience the etc access mode on the expressway. The realization of the principle of no sense payment is the application of the concept of empty payment. It can scan a real object through smart mobile phone, then give the payment right to the object, and then set the payment limit, and then it can complete the payment through it. The license plate number has legal effect, and it is suitable to do physical binding Alipay. The Alipay that binds the license plate will use the built-in image recognition algorithm and the license plate recognition system to identify the license plate image information, so as to confirm the identity of the owner and automatically deduct the car park cost from Alipay car park. The experience of senseless payment is so convenient that it is convenient for car owners to use. At the same time, will there be potential safety hazards? After all, I don't feel like spending money! This aspect is tested by Alipay and promises to pay for security. If there is a payment problem, Alipay will also pay the user in full. For more information about license plate recognition system, parking lot management system, parking lot charging system, parking lot gate, access gate system, cloud parking lot and other functions, please consult Shenzhen taigewang Technology Co., Ltd. for details, and the preferred partner for parking lot operators
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