Uniden IWitness Dash Camera Review

If you are in the market to buy a car dash camera but dont want to spend an arm and a leg. The uniden iWitenss dash camera is rather solid option. When i was in the market for a 2020 dodge challenger scat pack I wanted to have a nice little dash camera to record and police interaction i might encounter in such a car.

Uniden IWitness Dash Camera Review 1

so I went on ebay in search for a low priced dash camera that could record high quality footage and I stumbled upon a listing for the uniden witness dash camera for $19.75 the listing almost seemed to good to be true full hd recording, comes with an 8gb micro sd card, data transfer chip and cable, windshield suction mount. So i deiced to give it a shot and I have not been disappointed.

I almost feel like I rob the ebay seller because of the amount Of value I got out of the deal. While I have heard some negative reviews about other uniden dash cameras I believe its because some people have over paid for the product or simply did not read the user manual to learn how to properly use it.Shoots in up to 1920x1080Comes with loop recording to prevent you from running out of spaceHas a night time modePurchase the uniden i Witennss dash camera for $19.

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Uniden IWitness Dash Camera Review 2

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Police Car Cameras: Equal Justice for the Community As Well As Officers Themselves
Police Car Cameras: Equal Justice for the Community As Well As Officers Themselves
Police officers have one of the challenging jobs in the world. Police officers put themselves in the mix to help all of us out everyday. The general public is grateful for the good work they do on a daily basis. Police Car Camera system (AKA Dash Cams) BenefitsThe law enforcement agencies are in a constant search for the best equipment for the cars, body, and training available to better serve the cops and, by extension, the public. The police dash cam is the single most useful tool to a police department, is the police car video cameras (AKA Police Car Camera). Police car-cameras are utilized by almost every police agency in the United States. Police In Car Cameras Provide Command CapabilitiesThe Police in-car camera systems provides chiefs and sheriffs with the ability to monitor dangerous situations. Thorough investigation studies have shown the largest perk of having a police dash camera system is officer conduct. The police car camera video systems enable police departments to review their enforcement strategies. This is a great feature for the public to see their transparency. As the police car video cameras become more advanced in the squad cars, the efficiency will increase for policing.Dash Cams, are the effective solution that can be the deciding tool for a police department and the public. PREPARING FOR BUY/PURCHASE OF IN-CAR VIDEO SYSTEMS FOR POLICE AGENCIESThe deciding factors in purchasing a police car camera should be made up of the following:Budget dollars allocated to equipping cars with solid state In-Car Video Camera Systems.Durability of the in car cameras manufacturer.Total Cost of ownership of the police dash camera. RELATED QUESTION Why do police officers mainly use Safariland holsters? Quality, availability and retention. Their prices are okay but most departments buy in quantity, especially if they have a standard issue pistol.Iu2019ve have a set of real leather Safariland handcuff pouches that I bought new in December of 1979 that are still serviceable. Just like anything else, if you take care of them, they last. About the last 15 years they were relegated to dress uniform only wear, but they held up for 24 years in patrol, until we went to all nylonu2026 except for the Safariland level III holsters, which are made of nylon and hard molded composite materials.Safariland has always been at the top of the market when it comes to weapon retention. They look at trends and training, then they respond with products that help L. E. do the job safely. Why do police officers mainly use Safariland holsters?
Head Up Displays: the Future of Your Car Windshield
Head Up Displays: the Future of Your Car Windshield
Looking down for navigation while driving is both stressful and dangerous. Head up displays provides an alternative solution to such problems. They help you to navigate your navigation apps and project the essential information on the windscreen in front of your eyes. Head up displays was originally made for fighter pilots, HUD allows them to focus on their target by projecting all the information on the screen. So they dont need to take their eyes away from the flight path.Augmented realityDue to rising distractions, there is an increasing interest in windshield heads-up display. In technical term, it is called augmented reality. It simply means that world surrounding the driver will be expanded by additional information such as speed, direction and much more. AU actually provides a kind of interaction between the vehicle and the driver. Makes navigation easyMost of us now use smartphones to decode the next turn or look down on a center console to know the directions. Glancing down for even a second can make you drive blindly for 6 to 8 meters, which is quite scary. Heads up display navigation is a perfect way to avoid accidents, with them you can easily see an indication to change the lane floating in front of your eyes. Assist in low visibilityHUD gives vital information on the screen, in real time it even projects the lines of the road to keep the driver safe.Provides connectivityHUDS can connect to Bluetooth and mobile apps, thus provide hands-free texting and calling. Connectivity is important when you are using your mobile app for finding the road hazards, especially at high speed. How do they work?Seeing the way and knowing where you are going is the two most important parts of driving. HUD simply projects important things in front of your eyes such as notify you about the lane marking, indicates the next turn and displays speed information. Truth Market HUDs highlights the important things on your windshield making it clutter free and easy to use. Display qualityBrightness, resolution, and cohesion must be considered before buying head-up displays. Cohesion relates to the instance through which it is determined whether the windshield will produce a double image or not. Technically polarisation in the windshield led to this effect. Moreover Brightness, resolution, and cohesion impact the display and make its quality good or worse.For getting more information kindly visit RELATED QUESTION Who is Annabelle? the movie annabelle is based on a real doll. Annabelle is a Raggedy Ann doll alleged by self-proclaimed demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren to be haunted. The doll resides in a glass box at The Warren's Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut. The story served as the inspiration for the films Annabelle(2014) and The Conjuring (2013). Annabelle has been compared to Robert the Doll and was described in Gerald Brittle's 2002 biography of Ed and Lorraine Warren, The Demonologist.read more about it here:Real Annabelle Doll - Annabelle Movie True Story, Annabelle Higgins.
Installation Guide: How to Fix Car Dash Cam and Make It Look Clean
Installation Guide: How to Fix Car Dash Cam and Make It Look Clean
There is no certainty or method of anticipation regarding as to when or how one might get into any sort of accident of any magnitude. Cars are integral to our daily lives for is evident since people pay a lot of money for their preferred choice of cars. Just like any asset, most individuals strive to protect and secure their cars. Apart from regular expenses its maintenance, there are payments for insurance among other expenditures.Security surveillance camera systems have seen an exponential rise in demand in recent times. The similar can be said about the introduction of Dash Cameras. They are small cameras which can be mounted on the dashboard area of the car. The best dash cameras for car are designed to capture footage both from the front and the rear end while some also provide parking features. The best car dash camera has become a very effective means to record any accidental incidents, hit and run incidents, and directly helps deter theft-related incidents. A quality dash camera installed properly records everything while you are driving. It hence becomes a sound method to secure proof for any accidents for insurance claims.Modern-day Dash cameras are very affordable devices and are easy to install. Below is an easy method is a small installation guide to mount a dash camera and make it look very clean.Choose your preferred position for dash cameraIt is important to choose an appropriate location to mount your dash camera. The most recommended locations to mount your best dash camera are on the dashboard of the car or to hang the camera from the mirror overhead the dashboard. Mounting techniques for your dash cameraDifferent manufacturers have different methods to mount the camera. Some manufacturers provide two side adhesive tapes or suction cups to mount their best front dash cam in the location of your choice. In this case, it is wise to follow the instructions provided with the product. Secure power supply from Cigarette lighter socketThe simplest method to provide a power supply to your new dash camera is to plug-in into the cigarette lighter socket provided in your car. The wire cable can be easily and tidily be concealed between the roof lining and the windscreen. Making use of the cigarette lighter socket can be advantageous if you are planning to use one dash camera for multiple cars as it can be easily connected and disconnected. the Dash Camera with your car circuit boxThe most common method to provide a power supply is the dash camera directly with your cars circuit box. This method helps to turn the camera on and off automatically as and when you turn your ignition key is turned. The process of is a technical process, so it is recommended that you seek a help in this regard. The process of is the cleanest process through which no wires or cables will be visible at all.Alternate methods for power supplyThere are two alternative methods we recommend for powering your dash camera. The first of the alternate is buying an OBD cable also known as . Most recent cars have an OBD port under the steering wheel from where the OBD cable can be connected to. The second option is to buy a dash camera battery pack. This option releases the burden on your cars inbuilt battery. With the above are the five important easy steps mentioned above how to install car dash cam, when are you installing in your car? RELATED QUESTION Which is better for flooring granite or marble? In the US neither is common for flooring. we use wood, tile (ceramic, porcelain, etc sometimes marble tiles but rarely granite), vinyl, linoleum or engineered wood. Granite is usually only used for counter-tops. In Europe (mostly Mediterranean areas like Spain and Italy) marble floors are more common and seemed to be very long lived. Granite if installed right would be the same. both would wear (I noticed both marble and granite floors in high traffic areas worn. after hundreds yes seemingly hundreds of years).
Car Dashboard Cameras  Four Reasons to Install a Car Dash Cam
Car Dashboard Cameras Four Reasons to Install a Car Dash Cam
Be it your home, business, or family; you always want complete security for each one of them! You take appropriate measures at home, select hotels with appropriate security arrangements, and so on. So, why to leave your car unprotected? Yes! You can safeguard your car with a dash cam or a car camera.Justifying its name, the Car dash cameras stick on the dashboard or on the windscreen and records everything inside & around the car. The dash camera not only helps in providing evidence in case of an accident, but also proves to be useful in many different ways.You may have noticed that car dash cams are becoming more and more popular in Western countries. Until a short while ago, only police cars would have a dash camera installed. But then after dash cams have become quite popular for everyone due to the countrys rampant corruption and insurance fraud issues. Many drivers or car owners use them for various reasons:1. Car dash cameras enable them to provide video evidence in case they get involved in an accident through no fault of their own. 2. It provides protection against corrupt police officers who unnecessarily fine drivers that hadnt done anything wrong.3. This may seem unbelievable if you havent seen it, but there are actually videos of pedestrians suddenly jumping out onto a driving car, in order to claim money from the drivers insurance!Now guess what? Car dash cams are useful for many precise reasons in your country, too. You may be lucky enough to live in a location where corruption is less spreaded, but how could you say that you will never, ever become involved in a traffic accident?Just to prove your innocence in a court of law, car dash cam footage can be used to clear yourself once and for all of any false accusations that you might be charged with. But thats not all. While dash cams are great in case of an accident, they can be used for fun also.4. More and more people are deciding to get a dash cam just for fun.Did you ever drive through a stunning landscape, and just delight the view as you drive along? Just imagine capturing these wonderful and magical moments, and sharing them with your friends and family later at home, or even adding some beautiful background music and uploading a nice video on YouTube. The rare and beautiful wildlife grazing alongside the road, or that odd celebrity crossing the road in front of you. Now you can be able to remind the stories of your road trip whenever you want and also with a high definition video!Car dash cameras are always on by default while you drive and start recording when you turn the ignition key. And while memory cards have limited capacity, modern dash cameras allow you to record over few hours of footage at top video quality. Once the memory card is full, they will automatically overwrite the oldest footage, so there is no way you can ever run out of disk space. This technique is called cyclic recording.Of course, you will be able to mark the specific parts of your video footage that you want to keep, so they will be excluded from overwriting until you copy them over to your personal computer. So which dash camera is the right one for you? Check out the best car dash cameras currently available, from economy to high-end at RELATED QUESTION Do you, as a libertarian, support dismantling the Food and Drug Administration? Are there any libertarians in American politics that do not support such "radical" measures and are more u201crelatively moderateu201d in their views? There are certainly moderate libertarians out there, especially among the small ls. Members of the Libertarian Party would be divided on this as well.The thing about the FDA is they do some controversial things, some out right unethical, while others create red tape that raise prices. I think if the Libertarian Party where to gain control of Washington the FDA could survive, but they would have to make a lot of changes. Even if they managed to stay in their lane they would at least be downsized.Its my opinion the FDA does some well intended things, rather than disband it completely I would like to see some reforms. Their responsibility for food safety, blood transfusions, and making sure medical equipment is up to par is important. However, we really dont need them for any of that. Should a president come along and say we are privatizing everything they do I wouldnt blame them, in any case I think they are here to stay.
Reasons Why One Should Install a Dash Cam
Reasons Why One Should Install a Dash Cam
Reasons Why One Should Install a Dash Cam With the insertion of new technology such as electronic logging devices and dash cams, the trucking industry is developing rapidly. Nowadays, there is lot more focus on safety that results in minimizing the number of road accidents and here dash cams play a crucial role in achieving that goal.If you are still in confusion that whether you should place a dash cam or not in your vehicle, this blog may help you to decide. Reasons why you should install a Dash CamMore Effective Driver Coaching ProgramsDash Cams add a layer of safety and effectiveness to high-risk drivers. With the help of dash cams, safety managers can see the unfold events from the drivers perspective. This will also allow them to offer personalized and more effective coaching to drivers. For instance, Dashcam with GPS Tracking mounts to the dashboard and records the incidents journey whenever the car is turned on and moving. Front Facing dash cam will capture the videos that will allow you to see what happened and later on help you to use that information to rectify drivers mistake, if any.2. Protection from fraudulent ClaimsAccording to studies, in 85% of truck-passenger accidents passenger vehicle are found to be in fault, commercial and local drivers are more likely to be blamed when such cases are litigated. If front-facing dash cam is there in your car, you can provide video evidence of what exactly happened and acquit drivers when they dont have any fault.3. Better Insurance RatesInsurance providers understand the value of dash cams and the impact they can have on safety level of fleet. More and more insurance companies are expected to provide fewer premiums to fleets with devices that help improve safety for e. g. , ELDs and dash cams. Click Here to read continues. 4. Improve CSA ScoresHaving Dash cams on your car dashboard will lead to more robust and effective driver coaching programs, fewer safer driving behaviors on road and an improved level of fleet safety. All these factors lead you towards improving CSA scores. With better CSA scores better business opportunities arrive and this may also have positive impact on bottom line of your company. A front-facing dash cam has lots of advantages for fleets of all sizes. From effective driver coaching programs to insurance rates and better CSA scores, there are many reasons why one needs to install a dash cam.If you are interested, you should give Safe Cams a no. 1 Car Dashboard Camera Suppliers in India a try. Have any question feel free to contact us on 18004197531 or mail us at info@safecams.in.Contact Details:Call: 18004197531Address: Kharadi, Pune, Maharashtra, 411014Website: safecams. in/. RELATED QUESTION Why is steel used as reinforcement in concrete? Before answering the above question let me revise the strength parameters of concrete. Concrete is strong in compression but weak in tension. As structure is subjected to both compression and tension forces, it makes impossible to use concrete. This problem can be solved by using composite materials i.e possible by using concrete along with steel. Steel is highly resistant to tension and by using it we can resistant both compression and tension forces in concrete. This composite section is economical too. Steel is also used because of its high strength, ductility, fatigue, toughness. Themal co-efficient of steel is similar to concrete which helps to remove internal stress developed due to temperature variations which causes unsual expansion and contraction of concrete. It is difficult to change the shape and size of steel at low temperature. Steel is ductile material where as concrete is brittle material which fails suddenly when compared to steel
This Is Why You Absolutely Need a Dash Cam for Your Car!
This Is Why You Absolutely Need a Dash Cam for Your Car!
Having a camera fitted in your car can reduce insurance premiums by up to 20 per cent. Figures released by the insurance industry earlier this year showed up to 60 per cent of the 550,000 whiplash claims filed each year were bogus (Fleetnews).In this video, a fleet avoided a 16,000 insurance claim after his dash cam video proved he was the innocent victim of a motorist jumping a red light. Dash cams offer many benefits to fleets, the most obvious of which is the ability to provide evidence in the event of a disputed insurance claim, such as a crash-for-cash. Many insurers offer discounts for fleets that have them fitted.The cameras, just like a black box journey recorder, fit onto the windscreen, can be powered through the cars cigarette lighter or can be directly wired in. They record the drivers view of the road ahead and can also monitor the cars location, speed, breaking and impact G-forces.Gary Humphreys, Group Underwriting Director for Markerstudy Group, said: These cameras are a cheap and effective device to help innocent motorists and we expect they will become more commonplace.Camera technology adds a visual element in helping insurers decide fault in the event of an accident, as well as providing individuals with evidence following road rage incidents or dangerous driving. We have had claims for incidents on roundabouts and over lane discipline where the camera has proved vital in determining liability and has enabled us to avoid long drawn out disputes.(Gary Humphreys).Although dodging costly false insurance claims is the main benefit of having a Dash Cam fitted to your car, there are many other advantages. Drivers who know their behaviour is being monitored adopt better behaviour on the road, which reduces accidents, fuel consumption and wear and tear on the engine, transmission and brakes. This can save the business a lot of money in fuel, repair and maintenance costs RELATED QUESTION What builds the skills of a medical equipment service engineer? Experience in other fields. My doctor cries of the inadequacies of the engineering in the medical field. He is a urologist and is an artist at harvesting oversize prostates.Watching the video, I was amazed of what was going on in my body. I would think that you need a lot of viewing time for the procedures and then be able to study similar requirements in other areas.I solved a bearing problem on the Boeing 737 aircraft by applying a solution that worked on a fish cleaning machine in Alaska. I solved a bearing problem on a Boeing 747 by using a solution on bearings on a veneer dryer in a plywood plant. What a challenge. You are dealing with all of the elements and all of the systems of the human body plus the math, physics and chemistry of engineering.Sounds like a very rewarding career.IguanaWhat builds the skills of a medical equipment service engineer?
Know Is Dash Cam for a Car an Asset Or a Liability
Know Is Dash Cam for a Car an Asset Or a Liability
Whenever one thinks of investing in a camera might be for home, office or car, one happens to keep aside a chunk of fortune aside. These gizmos do not easy on and cost a good hoard of wealth. Well, what could be more important than you and your familys safety?What is better than traveling hassle-free? The right way to look at a car dash cam is to see it as an asset, which is going to reap you long term benefits. dash camera for cars as a prized possession which is going to make compliance, therefore it subtracts all the non-compliance risks in the future.The great attributes as possessed by this car dash cam are numerous that surely makes it an asset and we can see how?An asset with unique attributesSoliom G1 is an ultra-wide camera with 190 dual lens that can render a wider view beyond imagination. Aided with a new seamless joint technology and its incredible exposure limit, this product is all set to be popularly known as one of the best dash cameras of this year. This is an asset because it makes the driving and judgment of the traffic much easier because of the access it gives to understand the trend at the location.An asset with crystal clear recordingRecently this lovely accessory by has been much in the news where it captured a video on a road in Surrey where a massive collapse took place. It was so huge and as a respite, the vehicle having Soliom dash cam installed in it captured the whole episode of a collision that helped the authorities to untangle the mystery behind very easily. An asset that takes care of InsuranceInsurance assertion of a vehicle is not easy to claim, it is usually observed that the whole process is exhaustively prolonged sometimes in order to prove the accidents authenticity. This problem can be resolved as the car dash camera will come to rescue. Thus, if an accident can claim the insurance easily because the footage can be recorded in the camera which can be produced if needed. An asset- One man armyEven if you leave your car in the parking and even when the engine is the dash cam parking mode will be on that will constantly the movements around and about of your car. This way it promises you secure parking where it is being guarded well on your behalf.Therefore, if you are thinking of investing in a car camera then Soliom G1 is the best dash cam for car. If you think that installing a car camera is not necessary these you need to pause and think again.If you think of this upgrade as a liability that digs a hole in your you need to break this misconception. Owning this dash cam is a useful, productive and fruitful investment you could ever make for your car. RELATED QUESTION What are the functions of a welding machine? Welding machines are usually classified as constant current (CC) or constant voltage (CV); a constant current machine varies its output voltage to maintain a steady current while a constant voltage machine will fluctuate its output current to maintain a set voltage. Shielded metal arc welding and gas tungsten arc welding will use a constant current source and gas metal arc welding and flux-cored arc welding typically use constant voltage sources but constant current is also possible with a voltage sensing wire feeder.Now more and more people usingautomatic welding machinefor home appliances production. for more aboutautomatic ultrasonic welding
Apeman Dash Cam- Review(2020)
Apeman Dash Cam- Review(2020)
apeman dashcam gives your car complete security from car robbers and even it will give you evidence about car collision or accident. is 1080 full HD mini car driving recorder with excellent features like Wide angle, motion detection, G-sensor, Loop recording and night vision has INDEPENDENT R and D and DESIGN C420 continues the lightweight, mini design of the previous version, it can be perfectly hidden behind the rear mirror. The appearance, texture and the upgrade of the button make the product feel more comfortable, the operation is still simple and friendly to new users has 1080P FULL HD and SUPER NIGHT VISION1080P Full HD recording and advanced sensor ensure full high-definition recording during the day and night. Equipped with a wide-angle camera of 170, it captures every detail on the way24/7 WORRY-FREE ALL-WEATHER MONITORING The car recorder includes Motion Detection and Parking Monitoring. It automatically starts recording when it detects a collision or shakes, providing you with security every moment hasLOOP RECORDING and G-SENSOR When these two functions are turned on, the dashcam overwrites the oldest videos to ensure continuous recording, when a shock or collision is detected, the camera will lock the current video and prevent it from being overwritten. cCheck price on Amazon -Apeman Car dash cam featuresAPEMAN is one of the most reputed brands in engineering premium camera products, and providing the most helpful after-sales service. Warm TipsPlease prepare a Class 10 microSD card (NOT INCLUDED) with a capacity of 32GB and format it before first use.We have set the recommended settings to the default settings, you only need to change the Date&Time to get started.The battery of the cam is only for emergence file back up. External power is required for operation.Excellent Full HD Video QualityAPEMAN dash cam has a high-end video processor that records at 30 frames per second in 1080P resolution. It provides detailed evidence of accidents or to prevent insurance fraud. Superior Video Quality for Night DrivingThanks to an anced sensor apeman f/1.8 large aperture and Wide Dynamic Range, this Dash Cam can record full high-quality videos under low-light conditions.Broader Field of View adopts a 170 ultra wide angle all-glass lens which can monitor 3 lane without distortion. No dead angle. 24 Hours Parking MonitoringThe cam will automatically record whenever it detects car vibration to protect your legal rights. Kits for this can be purchased separately to provide the ongoing power required.Seamless Loop RecordingThe car camera can record continuously as the oldest videos will be replaced by newest videos when the ry card is full. Important clips will be locked and will not be overwrittenEasy to Use & Valued Added Accessories come with accessories for your immediate use. The installation is simple and convenient open it, install it, and start it.Check more details on amazonSteve LeVine Rob Walker Emma Rose Bienvenu. RELATED QUESTION What is that blue light that they shine in your mouth when getting fillings at the dentist's office? The blue light is used to cure certain materials. For example the composite materials we use for doing fillings is made up of a lot of really small parts (monomers) and what we really want is for these to link up into chains (polymers). To get this reaction going we "activate" the material by shining blue light (wave length around 480nm if I recall correctly) on it. The materials contain a certain particles, when hit by this wavelength, releases a free radical which in turn starts the formation of the polymer chains
Street Race Crash Investigated Right, Thanks to the Car Dash Cam
Street Race Crash Investigated Right, Thanks to the Car Dash Cam
Have you ever wondered what a boon could be a dash Usually, these car dash cameras are installed in cars to capture the front and rear view of the cars that are commercial vehicles like taxi, trucks, and buses. However, these days their use has been increased and they are promptly occupying places in family cars as well. It is time to break the conventions and if you are going on a long road trip, then this camera can have a great substance for you. In fact, recently a streetcar crash was caught on a Soliom car dash cam in Surrey.The video was sent to the authorities about the two racing cars that collided badly. This instance is so on the other hand, has been captured well by the dash cam of the car behind them thus clarifying all the details of the mischance satisfactorily. Here we highlight the features of to know how it works and how it would have helped to capture that crash video:An ultra-wide camera360 camera that gives a wider view than you can imagine as it is capable of capturing the view which is supported by new seamless joint technology. This camera is all set to be popularly known as one of the best dash cam 2019 because of its incredible exposure limit.Captures all detailsIt is packed with powerful dual Sunplus 6350 A processors and is also backed up by Sony Exmor IMX323 sensors with L lens fixed apertures that simultaneously captures the 190 view of the front and inside cameras (inside the cabin) with a picture quality of 1920* 1080 P. Not only just it makes beautiful video recordings if you are on a gorgeous safety is also maintained with a clearer view of the front and back. You could also have a glance on your kids at the back if needed, without having to turn completely and check whats happening at the back. It also comes with built-in microphones, which can also be put o off a single click. Absolutely safe during extremely hot conditionsThe cameras are upgraded with larger cooling to enable down at a much faster rate than other cameras. This is one of the best dash cam whose temperature bearing slab varies between -20C to 70C, of the weather condition, this camera will not square off, on the quality of the recording.Excellent Parking MonitorThe potential of this camera is super wide monitoring even when the engine is not working. So if your car is there in the parking and by chance, if someone hits the side of the car, then dual 190 will come to rescue.After having captured the details of the car crash that happened a few days back in Surrey this product wins all hearts as it enabled the investigation process to ease further. Thanks to a best dash cam for car by Soliom that you could ever wish to have. So, be extra careful with your loved ones while away all the anxieties at all times because this camera assures a safer journey to your destination and beyond RELATED QUESTION How are bulletproof vests made? Body armour, or u201cbullet proof vestu201d comprises of two parts, the vest itself and the ballistic panels, which are removable in almost all vests save for the earlier models which are no longer used.The vest itself is made much like any textile products like bags or clothes, in fact bags factories have the same expertise and infrastructure required to produce vests. Since vests are made out of textile materials such as polyester or nylon it is just a matter of having the components sewn together by skilled workers on an assembly line. Many smaller tactical equipment companies will not have in-house production capability and outsource production to specialised production companies in China or Vietnam.NFM Groupu2019s production line in Poland, NFM Group despite being one of the more cutting edge soldier systems companies currently, still use very old fashion production methods.The ever-so-famous Crye Precision factory in Brooklyn, New York. A video covering the operations of the Tactical Tailor factory, a notable producer of tactical equipment for the US military and civilian market.The soft armour panels (kevlar, being a brand name for the material) are made by cutting the required shape of the panel from a roll of raw, aramid fabric material.And then compressing or binding the required amount of layers together. As you can see below, the aramid panel has been stripped from a vest and used for testing.With the last step being finished by giving it a protective cover.Hard armour panels are usually made out of a composite materials such as aramid, ceramics and metal, and vary considerably in terms of material composition. As such, manufacturing them is a more complicated affair and to my knowledge the exact u2018recipeu2019 as to the materials, its composition of the individual panels and the binding of them together are quite closely held industry secrets.How are bulletproof vests made?
Real Time Vehicle Detection Using YOLO
Real Time Vehicle Detection Using YOLO
This is a project for Udacity self-driving car Nanodegree program. The aim of this project is to detect the vehicles in a dash camera video. We use the You Only Look Once (YOLO) to detect the vehicles from a dash camera video stream, and is able to achieve almost real time (35FPS) processing. The code for the project is The final video output is here.Introduction to object detectionDetecting vehicles in a video stream is an object detection problem. An object detection problem can be approached as either a classification problem or a regression problem. In the classification approach, the image are divided into small patches, each of which will be run through a classifier to determine whether there are objects in the patch. The bounding boxes will be assigned to patches with positive classification results. In the regression approach, the whole image will be run through a convolutional neural network directly to generate one or more bounding boxes for objects in the images.In this project, we will implement the version 1 of tiny-YOLO in Keras, since its easy to implement and are reasonably fast.The tiny-YOLO v1The YOLO approach of the object detection is consists of two parts: the neural network part that predicts a vector from an image, and the postprocessing part that interpolates the vector as boxes coordinates and class probabilities. For the neural network, the tiny YOLO v1 is consist of 9 convolution layers and 3 full connected layers. Each convolution layer consists of convolution, leaky relu and max pooling operations. The first 9 convolution layers can be understood as the feature extractor, whereas the last three fully-connected layers can be understood as the regression head that predicts the bounding boxes. There are a total of 45,089,374 parameters in the model.The output of this network is a 1470 vector, which contains the information for the predicted bounding boxes. The information is organized in the following wayThe 1470 vector output is divided into three parts, giving the probability, confidence and box coordinates. Each of these three parts is also further divided into 49 small regions, corresponding to the predictions at the 49 cells that form the original image. In postprocessing steps, we take this 1470 vector output from the network to generate the boxes that with a probability higher than a certain threshold.Training the YOLO network is very time consuming. We use the pretrained weights from here (172M) and load them into our Keras model.ResultsThe following shows the results for several test images. We can see that the cars are detected correctly:Here is the result of applying the same pipeline to a video. In order to see the true performance of the model, each frame is processed independently and no temporal smoothing is applied. We see that the detection is fairly accurate, with just one false positive.The YOLO is known to be fast. In this project, the video is processed on a Nvidia 1080Ti GPU and is able to achieve 35FPS without batch processing. AcknowledgmentThanks to allanzelener and Trieu for their helpful discussion on YOLO. Thanks to Calvenn Tsuu for performance testing.ReferenceJ. Redmon, S. Divvala, R. Girshick, and A. Farhadi, You Only Look Once: Unified, Real-Time Object Detection, arXiv:1506. 02640 (2015). J. Redmon and A. Farhadi, YOLO9000: Better, Faster, Stronger, arXiv:1612.08242 (2016).darkflow, RELATED QUESTION Is there any career or scope for Bio-Medical Engineering in North India? As the OP didn't specify any particular thing and as OP appears from India.nI assumed and edited the question to say that its North India, and corrected spelling of Career too.Career or Scope for Biomedical Engineering in North India. nI hail from North and have experienced Biomedical Engineering there, So what are your options for the samenCareer wise: Biomedical Engineering Jobs are available in Hospitals in Delhi NCR, Chandigarh as well as other important tier-2 cities of North. Apart from that there are n number of companies in Delhi NCR for Biomedical Engineering. Delhi holds one of the largest surgical instruments companies in India. These companies do manufacturing as well as trading of medical equipment. Apart from that there are many companies which employ engineers for different profiles like application specialists, Service and sales engineer. Most of my friends in Delhi- NCR are well placed and growing decently in their careers. Research wise: Center for Biomedical Engineering, AIIMS and IIT Delhi is one of the most forward research center in Biomedical Engineering in the country. They also have collaboration with Stanford for Stanford India BiodesignnApart from this we have National Brain Research Center in Gurgaon, doing amazing research in BiomedicalnDRDO lab in delhi does a lot of work in Biomedical EngineeringnDTU also has researchers working in Biomedical EngineeringnIn Chandigarh we have CSIO, CSIR labs which have premier facilities for Biomedical ResearchnIIT Ropar also offers Biomedical Research along with NIT Jalandhar which has a stronghold in ResearchnBiomedical Engineering as a Masters level course offered in ITBHU also offers good research opportunities, IIIT alahabad also has good opportunities along with NIT AllahabadnnThere is a lot of scope in Biomedical Engineering in upcoming years not just NORTH INDIA but all over India. The Foreign investments on Medical Device research are increasing like anythingnSo Dont Lose hope, Focus on your Basics, We are on a ROLL. .Is there any career or scope for Bio-Medical Engineering in North India?Is their any career or scope for Bio-Medical Engineering in North India?
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