Should I Keep My DSLR's Battery Inside a Camera When Not Using It for Long?

Sure, for reasonable values of u201clong.u201dWhat you don't want is that battery to die. It is vanishingly rare for any rechargeable battery to leak like a depleted primary battery.

Should I Keep My DSLR's Battery Inside a Camera When Not Using It for Long? 1

But today's Li-ion batteries basically start to kill themselves if they get really close to zero charge, so you don't want that. Most Li-ions self-discharge at 2u20133% per month. The camera will draw a tiny bit of power to keep its clock alive, but so little, that probably won't change the rate of loss.

So you're good with sitting a year or two, but the batteries should be recharged once in awhile or they will eventually die u2014 for good.

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Why arenu2019t Jimin and Taehyung close like they used to be? You can see and feel it on their latest show on Vlive.

Their interactions are getting worse, like something isnu2019t right between them.

They literally just sang about being soulmates in their song Friends on the new album.So I personally think they're still quite close.

It's just that idols grow up and so their dynamic changes as they mature. They have never stopped expressing that they care about eachother. Friendship doesn't just fade away because we don't see it in the same way as when they were younger.

Should I Keep My DSLR's Battery Inside a Camera When Not Using It for Long? 2

I think a lot of young fans see idols getting older as them becoming more distant or that there's something wrong with them, just because they're not as showy or bubbly as before. It's just something that happens when people get older.It doesn't mean they stopped caring about eachother


Suppose you have a list in HTML.

How would you hide the last few items using JavaScript?

I'll propose an alternate solution: just create two list elements, one with the reduced set of items and the other with the full set:

  • Item uno
  • Item dos
  • Item uno
  • Item dos
  • Item tres
  • Item cuatro
Then it's trivial to switch between the two on your "more items" link.The reason why you may want to do this instead is because, as I mentioned in the comment above showing/hiding a large number of individual items is expensive.

Beyond that, having two actual separate lists gives you a chance to do animated transitions from short to full (and back to short) pretty easily.


What do Chinese immigrants to the US think of the food served in inexpensive American Chinese take out restaurants?

I came to the U.

S. 4 years ago. At the beginning I was really shocked at the American Chinese food here.

Everything is so oily and sweet. Now I have learned to see these food as totally different type of food than the Chinese food. I really understand the reason for the American Chinese foods existence but hope that the really healthy balanced flavorful authentic Chinese food would be widely recognized by American people too.

Whenever we have a chance to eat outside, we would go to the relatively authentic foods (some of them have different menu for Chinese and Americans). Other than CA and NYC, its not easy to find them. Sometimes I would eat at Panda Express too only because I have nothing to eat.

I dont hate the food, just they are not chinese food


How did China manage to become the largest or second largest economy in such a short amount of time?

Mostly population, but fast economic growth helped a lot.China is 4 times as populous as the US, 11 times as big as Japan, and 17 times the population of Germany.

Those are the other countries in the top four. China only need 1/17 the per capita GDP of Germany to pass them, 1/11 the per capita GDP of Japan to pass them, and 1/4 the per capital GDP to pass the US (there is wide latitude in measurement, and I dont think China has passed the US yet).Chinas problem in the past was that its GDP per capita was 1/50th of those countries.

They grew, China grew faster, and that fraction went up. Macroeconomists do not think China is doing much that is special to achieve those growth rates. What is special is that most governments goof up their growth: China and several other countries have not


Why is Andrew Ng resigning from Baidu?

Typically scientists really wanna build something, not for money and fame.From perspective of most Chinese scientists, including myself, we are pursuing to build one great product, recognized by the industry. And we are good at doing.

Another way, Baidu has pragmatism culture, a little lack of big industrial vision compared with Google. Maybe it struggle and succeed with the brutal marketplace in China, and learn the sharp practice, but BIG tech vision for the global peoples benefits or dreams?Anyway, Baidu has changed Andrew into businessscience man from one scientist through the vivid practices and resources in China marketplace, and turned him powerful to fix his industrial shortness and realize his dream.

Everyone is changing. ps, found one interesting online photo.Smiling faces.



What do the Chinese think of the CCP?

The average Chinese doesnt think about them. They are just there.

Now dont get me wrong, most Chinese hate/strongly dislike them. Ive never met one who didnt. Except for the Uyghurs and Tibetans, they obviously hate the CCP.

However, unlike in the US, people do not make politics the pervading thing in their lives. They have lives to live, usually too hard and too busy to focus on talking with strangers.Ive noticed that rural people hate the CCP more, mainly because theyre probably the people who had their land stolen, never got it back, and then never really benefitted from any bread-and-circus infrastructure programs.

They live in their polluted little villages, working their low-paying jobs, reminiscing about the times that might have been.Also, people that are being actively persecuted (e.g.

Christians) tend to hate the CCP more than the average person.


Do the Han Chinese look down on the other ethnic groups in China?

That's a loaded question and it depends on two things mostly :How do these minorities look like physically compared to us (Han)Howo these minorities behave - do they have same value systems as us Hans or are their value systems contrary to what we (Han) believe in ?

If you pass both those question, you're as Han as Shanghai Chang. You're considered family. Hui are highly respected in China and govt trusts them wholeheartedly.

Much better than Black's in USA and they're even considered a Han subgroup today !Hui tend to look at Islan as how most Han approach Confucius so they're treated as Han period. But Uigurs , ethnic Koreans, ethnic Kyrgiz get unacceptably bad treatment and if I was a uigur minority in China , I'd definitely do suicide.

It's like Goracpur on cocaine lol


How did your spouse surprise you with a divorce?

Ive never had a spouse surprise me with a divorce. When we divorced, we both knew it was coming.

We actually amicably agreed to it and went to a paralegal to have the papers written up. We actually remained on friendly terms for a while because of his son. But he became the deadbeat dad, even when I tried to bring his son to visit.

He always had excuses not to see his son. And I began to hate him for that. Today, he is still someone I have no respect for.

He never paid any child support to speak of. In fact, I cant even collect it because he dodged me for ten years and back then the courts put time limits on how long you could collect back child support. So he became the creep that dodged fatherhood


Why did Ke Jie not play against Google's AlphaGo?

Google didn't invite Ke Jie. On Jan 28th (after AG defeated Fan Hui), Ke Jie said:"I would like to play with AlphaGo even I have to pay uffe5500 (rather than to win a price)."I think the reason why Google invited Lee Sedol instead of Ke Jie is: Lee was proven to be the best player in the past 10 years before he was defeated by Ke Jie, while Ke Jie was famous only in recent couple of years.

He won his first world champion in 2014. So maybe Google think he still need more time to proof himself. From machine learning perspective, Lee has play hundreds of games in public while Ke Jie may just have tens.

So AG has been better trained to defeat Lee than to defeat Ke Jie


What's the relationship between syntax, static semantics and semantics?

Syntax is grammatical arrangement of words in a sentence i.e.

word order.(English) cat dog boy and (programming) hi.5 is not syntactically correct.

(English) cat hugs boy and (programming) 3. 2*5 is syntactically valid. Static Semantics is whether syntactically valid statements have any meaning.

(English) I are big (programming)(python) 3 hi is syntactically correct but has static semantic error.Semantics is the meaning associated with syntactically correct string of symbols with no static semantic error i. e sentence is syntactically and semantically correct, but its meaning may not be what was intended.

(English) Flying planes can be dangerous can have two meanings i.e. flying of planes can be dangerous or the planes that are flying can be dangerous.

(Programming) the computer will not generate any error messages, but it will not do what you told it to do; it will do something else.Sources: MIT 6.00.



How do I iterate over a list in React JS?

I understand that you need to build some UI elements dynamically in your components render function in React(Yes! The only way is to loop through the items; you can either use a for loop or a map function to do so.

But the real question is, are we allowed to do that in React? Unfortunately, not in a direct way, you may face some difficulty, especially if you come from an Angular background. You were probably getting an error as like "unused expression, expected an assignment or function call," and now you are here on this page for an easy solution.

It isnt that hard to achieve, I will explain how. I hope you will like it


What are some truths about INFJs?

What are some truths about INFJs?

Rather than provide my own list, I will endorse yours, David, and that of Pamela Smith as being mostly representative of what I think.I especially agree with the points about thinking differently, being loyal and loving to help others.A couple of points of difference:I dont hate small talk.

I dont love it either. I view it as a necessary social lubricant that allows me to establish rapport with others. Rapport is what enables me to go into a deeper conversation with the other person, where the good stuff is.

Im not very romantic. Or maybe what I consider romantic is different from most people. I am very affectionate and need reciprocal displays of affection.

Thanks for the a2a!


How can I reuse HTML code (nav bar) that is referenced on all pages without any server assists?

If there will be absolutely no back-end server then AJAX will not workWhat you could do is to create the nav html file and insert it on all your pages as an iframe.


Inside navbar.html, you will need to add an attribute of target"_top" to all you anchor tags, so the full page gets loaded and not only the content inside the iframe, like this:And thats it, the good part is that you dont need any JavaScript at all for doing this


How can I tell if my girlfriend really loves me?

If you express your feelings, you will ruin it. You don't need to tell somebody that you love them Your existence is love.

You breathe and there is love. never trying to convince the other that you are intimate, never trying to express yourself too much. So simply smile.

you cannot guarantee you own mind. You dont know your own mind. How do you expect to know someone elses mind?

When you have no control over your own mind, you cannot control somebody elses mind. It is impossible! Just know one thing whatever is yours will always be yours.

Whatever moves away from you was never yours even before

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TGW EU Code Facial Recognition Terminal Launched
TGW EU Code Facial Recognition Terminal Launched
TGW launched the recognition of "EU Digital certificate" temperature facial recognition solution, synchronous completion of the "EU version of healthy QR code" identification , temperature testing, face mask recognition In order to better prevent and control the new crown outbreak, promote the movement of people and economic recovery in the territory, the EU new crown digital certificate (EUDCC, known as the "European Vaccine Passport") has begun to enter into force, allowing EU citizens to move between countries. The new crown digital proof is published to the user in the form of a QR code, each with 3 kinds, including: (1) Certificate of vaccination against an EU-approved vaccine (2) A negative certificate for nucleic acid testing (3) Certificate of rehabilitation after contracting pneumonia Holders of the "EU Health Code" are free to enter and leave the EU countries that recognize the certificate, which is recognized by all 27 EU member states as well as other European countries such as Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland. TGW was the first enterprise to pay attention to the "EU version of the healthy code" of the traffic demand, the introduction of the recognition of "EU new crown digital proof" of the temperature recognition face recognition pass management solution.   Solution Introduction  The scheme uses high-performance hardware configuration, equipped with a high-precision face recognition algorithm, supports non-contact rapid temperature screening based on infrared thermal imaging technology, supports the identification of the Eu's new crown digital proof QR code, built-in two-channel horn, realizes voice broadcast, voice alert, reduces the risk of close contact infection, supports a perfect back-office management system, helps the new crown epidemic prevention and control, and achieves safe and efficient access control for personnel.   Features of the solution 1, "EU new crown digital proof" QR code verification The program supports the identification of "EU new crown digital proof" two-dimensional code, equipment identification and reading of QR code information, information displayed to the screen, including basic information about visitors and epidemic prevention information, the relevant information is only temporary verification, not saved to the local. 2, Support the full coverage of language Support is available in Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, Italian, Polish, German, Russian, Thai, French, Arabic, Vietnamese, Czech, Romanian, Japanese, Kazakh, Hebrew, Slovak, Dutch, Turkish, Lithuanian, Greek, Portuguese, Portuguese, Brazilian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Indonesian, Korean, Croatian, etc., covering the needs of customers in the EUROPEAN Union. 3.Supports infrared thermal imaging body temperature detection Supports non-contact precision and rapid temperature screening based on infrared thermal imaging technology, the best temperature detection distance of 0.5 meters, the furthest 1 meter, temperature measurement accuracy ≤± 0.5 degrees C, supports automatic temperature abnormal alarm, second-stage detection speed.   4, Support accurate face recognition Support for 2W face libraries. 1:1 comparison recognition rate of 99.7% or more, 1:N comparison recognition rate of 96.7% or more , 0.1% misconception rate, live detection accuracy rate of 98.3% - 1% error rejection rate. Face recognition passes at a speed of less than 1 second. Effective detection of whether visitors wear masks, voice alerts for people who do not wear masks, support the wearing of masks to complete the face recognition comparison.    5, Support privacy protection Privacy protection is deeply optimized for the needs of different usage scenarios: 1, can set the client personnel through after the display of custom pictures; 2, can set the length of the stranger record retention, support the setting time automatically delete the stranger record; 3, a support stranger mode, that is, the identification of strangers after only measuring body temperature does not record the passage record;   6, Super hardware configuration The use of industrial-grade all-aluminum alloy CNC housing, dozens of processes, efficient thermal conduction, fanless design, IPS full-view LCD HD display, industrial-grade wide dynamic binocular camera, built-in dynamic dual-camera live identification anti-counterfeiting, night infrared, LED double complement. Optional RK3288 quad-core/RK3399 hex-core/MSM8953 coat-core processor for high performance and low power consumption, support for stable and smooth operation 7 x 24 hours.   7.Supports a custom management platform Provide a professional management platform, can support APP and background personalized customization, to meet the actual requirements of different use environments in different regions, has now completed the 500-plus app version of customization, accumulated a wealth of experience, can respond more quickly to support customer customization needs, Comprehensive coverage of each scenario pass management.       APPLICATION
Understand Electronic Drum Set
Understand Electronic Drum Set
An Introduction to electronic drum setBroken English is the seventh studio album by English singer Marianne Faithfull. It was released on 2 November 1979 by Island Records. The album marked a major comeback for Faithfull after years of drug abuse, homelessness, and suffering from anorexia. It is often regarded as her "definitive recording" and Faithfull herself described it as her "masterpiece".Broken English was Faithfull's first major release since her album Love in a Mist (1967). After ending her relationship with Mick Jagger in 1970 and losing custody of her son, Faithfull's career went into a tailspin as she suffered from heroin addiction and lived on the streets of London. Severe laryngitis, coupled with persistent drug abuse during this period, permanently altered Faithfull's voice, leaving it cracked and lower in pitch. She attempted to make a comeback in 1976 with the release of Dreamin' My Dreams, which noted only a small success. Shortly afterwards, Faithfull began working with musician Barry Reynolds who initially produced the songs "Broken English" and "Why D'Ya Do It?". The demos attracted the attention of Chris Blackwell who signed Faithfull to his record label Island Records.The album was recorded at Matrix Studios in London. Faithfull collaborated with producer Mark Miller Mundy with whom she recorded all songs for the album. After having the whole album recorded, he suggested that the music should be "more modern and electronic" and brought in Steve Winwood on keyboards. Musically, Broken English is a new wave rock album with elements of other genres, such as punk, blues and reggae.Broken English received critical acclaim. It peaked at number 82 on the Billboard 200, becoming her first album to chart in the United States since Go Away from My World (1965) and giving Faithfull a first nomination for the Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance. It reached number 57 in the United Kingdom and entered the top five in Germany, France and New Zealand. Broken English was certified platinum in Germany and France and sold over one million copies worldwide. Two singles were released from the album, with "The Ballad of Lucy Jordan" peaking at number 48 on the UK Singles Chart. The album was included on NME magazine's list of "500 Greatest Albums of All Time" and in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.Composition of electronic drum setThe album's title track took inspiration from terrorist figures of the time, particularly Ulrike Meinhof of the Baader-Meinhof group. "Guilt" was informed by the Catholic upbringing of the singer and her composer Barry Reynolds. "The Ballad of Lucy Jordan", originally performed by Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show, is a melancholy tale of middle class housewife's disillusionment; Faithfull's version became something of an anthem and was used on the soundtracks to the films Montenegro (1981) and Thelma & Louise (1991). "What's the Hurry?" was described by Faithfull as reflecting the everyday desperation of the habitual drug user. Her cover of John Lennon's "Working Class Hero" was recorded as a tribute to her own heroes such as Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, David Bowie and Iggy Pop, and Lennon himself.The last track, the six-and-a-half-minute "Why'd Ya Do It?", is a caustic, graphic rant of a woman reacting to her lover's infidelity. The lyrics began with the man's point of view, relating the bitter tirade of his cheated-on lover. It was set to a grinding tune inspired by Jimi Hendrix's recording of Bob Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower". Poet and writer Heathcote Williams had originally conceived the lyrics as a piece for Tina Turner to record, but Faithfull succeeded in convincing him that Turner would never record such a number. Its plethora of four-letter words and explicit references to oral sex caused controversy and led to a ban in Australia. Local pressings omitted the track and instead included a 'bonus' 7" single of the extended version of "Broken English" . The ban did not extend to import copies, and the song was also played unedited on the Government-funded Double Jay radio station and Brisbane community broadcaster 4ZZZ. It wasn't until 1988 when Island re-released the album in Australia that "Why D'Ya Do It" was finally included.Critical reception of electronic drum setFaithfull notoriously performed the title track and "Guilt" on Saturday Night Live in February 1980 where her voice cracked and she seemingly strained to even vocalize at times. This less-than-perfect performance, which some have called one of the worst on the live show, has been attributed to everything from her continuing drug use to her nervousness due to her former lover Mick Jagger making contact with her right before the performance. The show was hosted by Chevy Chase. In 1981, Marianne Faithfull was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance for this album.
The History of Vending - Researching the Tradition of the Mechanical Vending Machine
The History of Vending - Researching the Tradition of the Mechanical Vending Machine
Vending has been around for an extensive time and that is one certainty. The first occurrence as such came from a Greek mathematician named Hero of Alexandria who lived in a Roman region. He was an engineer for Alexandria, which now has a population of around 4.1 million people and is the second-largest city in Egypt. It is also one of Egypt's largest seaports accounting for over 75% of the nation's imports and exports. The Hero of Alexandria is considered one of the most important figures of experiment and development of technology in the age of antiquity. His work represents the time of the Hellenistic civilization, which represented the epitome of Greek influence in the ancient world from 323 B.C. to 146 B.C. Thus, the Hellenistic civilization represented a mixture of Ancient Greek combined with the elements of surrounding styles of Asia and the Middle East. Importantly, his work also dealt with developing the first vending machine (in terms of recorded history). The machine worked by utilizing a coin mechanism, much similar to what we have today with mechanical vending machines (inserting a coin and getting a product). The product offered in his machine was Holy Water. He included this invention in his book "Mechanics and Optics." When the coin was inserted, it fell by gravity to another mechanism, which then activated a lever. The lever opened a valve that let some Holy Water flow out. The pan continued to tilt with the coin, until the coin fell off. A counter-weight would put the lever back in place and the valve would close. Thus, the Hero of Alexandria created the first coin-operated vending machine.Later on in history during the late 19th century, the first commercially available coin operated machines came into existence. They offered post cards to the customer. Around the same time, in 1888, Thomas Adams Gum Company introduced the very first vending machines to the United States. They sold gum and were placed in locations at New York. During the same time, gumball vending machines were introduced. After these initial machines were introduced, there was an explosion of offerings over time. Since the early 1900's, we have experienced all kinds of offerings. From, cigars, postcards, stamps, magazines, candy and lip balm. You name the product and it has probably been included in a vending machine.The first time sodas and cigarettes became available in vending machines was around the 1920's. The soda machines gave soda into a cup for the customer-no cans for you. In 1926, William Rowe invented the cigarette vending machine. However, the quintessential vending icon was the Vendorlator. During the 1940 and 50s, the Vendorlators dispensed Coke and Pepsi and were know for their eye-catching appeal of the time. These things have typified the history of the vending machine and placed the machine into the tradition of what is commercialism.Today, our vending machines have been operating for some time (as previously stated). The market has grown into one of great popularity. After the Vendorlator's caught the attention of everyone, the idea took on in America. Nowadays, we can expect our machines to vend a variety of products, while still being reliable. For example, we have ramen and instant noodle machines in Tokyo. Tokyo also has ice cream machines and DVD vending machines (much like the ones we have here now). The United Kingdom has book vending machines. Spain has a fishing-bait one. Japan, of course, has beer, sake and rice ones. Whatever the case, the vending machine has been around for a long time and does not show any signs of becoming a worn out idea.So what are some aspects of a mechanical vending machine? Most of the ones built today have a coin mechanism, which obviously accepts the coins in return for the product. This mechanism can be plastic or metal, depending on which manufacturer you choose. Many mechanical machines separate their coin mechanisms, so in case of any jams it only happens with that mechanism and not the others. The shelves on the machines usually are slide out, to allow you to load whatever snack or product you want into them. Some machines operate based on a helix coil design where the coils deliver the product to the customer. Most of the machines are made from steel and are rust resistance. The coin mechanism however, may be up to the manufacturer. Many factories might set the mechanism to either 50 cents or 75 cents for a product, although the different amounts vary and the way you set them does as well. The locks (which ensure that you keep your money) are usually made of steel and are hopefully made well enough to keep the bad parties out. Some machines offer different units that fit together. For example, you might be able to fit pop and snack units onto each other. It really depends. The coin mechanism also might be adjustable, since there are a number of different mechanisms one can have in a mechanical vending machine. The ability to set the mechanism to your desired price is also offered in varying numeric quantities.
Knowledge Related to 2nd Air Defence Army 1988
Knowledge Related to 2nd Air Defence Army 1988
2nd Air Defence Army traced its history back to 5 November 1941, when the 5th Air Defence Division was formed by the directive of Deputy People's Commissar of Defense of the USSR No. 3024 in Kuibyshev. The basis for the formation of the division were components of the Moscow Air Defence Corps, relocated to Kuibyshev. In September 1944, during the completion of Operation Bagration, the division, reorganized into the 14th Air Defense Corps, moved forward to Minsk to organize air defense of the territory liberated by the 3rd Belorussian Front. The corps defended airfields, railway junctions and the cities of Minsk, Borisov, Lida, Molodechno. In July 1944 the corps units, in cooperation with fighter aviation, shot down 19 enemy aircraft. The 927th Fighter Aviation Regiment (927 IAP), located at Loshitsa airfield particularly distinguished itself. The regiment was commanded by Hero of the Soviet Union, Lieutenant-Colonel N. Kozlov (later major-general of aviation, deputy commander of the 2nd independent Air Defence Army).After the end of the Great Patriotic War, the corps was reorganized into the Belorussian Air Defense District (1951), then to the Minsk Air Defense Corps (1954). In 1988 the 2nd independent Army of the Air Defence Forces (Russian: 2- ) comprised the 11th and 28th Air Defence Corps.The 11th Air Defence Corps was formed on 15 March 1960 in Baranovichi, Minsk Oblast, from the PVO's 39th Fighter Aviation Division. 3rd Air Defence Division came under 2nd independent Army of the PVO from March 1960 to November 1977.In 1988 it comprised:Headquarters, Baranovichi61st Fighter Aviation Regiment PVO (Baranovichi, Minsk Oblast) (MiG-25/Su-27)201st Fighter Aviation Regiment PVO (Machulischi, Minsk Oblast) (MiG-23)(taken over by Belarus in 1992, and disbanded in 1994)15th Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade (Fanipol)115th Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade (Brest)127th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment (Lida)377th Guards Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment (Polotsk)1146th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment (Orscha)8th Radio-Technical Brigade (Baranovichi, Minsk Oblast)49th Radio-Technical Regiment (Polotsk)an independent Electronic Warfare BattalionIt was taken over by Belarus in early 1992, and survived to at least 1994.Over the border in the Ukrainian SSR, the 28th Air Defence Corps was also part of the 2nd Air Defence Army until 1992.In 1988 it comprised:Headquarters, Lvov179th Fighter Aviation Regiment PVO (Stryy, Lvov Oblast) Converted to Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23M 1978; taken over by Ukrainian Air Defence Forces 1992; became 10th Aviation Base October 1994; disbanded December 1996.894th Fighter Aviation Regiment PVO (Ozerne) (MiG-23ML/MLD) (Formed 9 June 1942; taken over by Ukraine 3.1.92.)254th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment (Mukachevo, Zakarpatskaya Oblast)540th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment (Kamenka-Bugskaya, Lvov Oblast)270th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment (Lvov, Lvov Oblast)312th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment (Nadvornaya, Ivan-Frankovsk Oblast)438th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment (Kovel, Volynskaya Oblast)521st Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment (Borshschev, Ternopol Oblast)1st Radio-Technical Brigade (Lipniki, Lvov Oblast)10th Radio-Technical Regiment (Stryy, Lvov Oblast)17th independent Electronic Warfare Battalion (Kolomyya, Ivan-Frankovsk Oblast)38th Communications Center (Lvov, Lvov Oblast)• Other Related Knowledge of electronic components2nd Air Defence Army 1988 of electronic components2nd Air Defence Army traced its history back to 5 November 1941, when the 5th Air Defence Division was formed by the directive of Deputy People's Commissar of Defense of the USSR No. 3024 in Kuibyshev. The basis for the formation of the division were components of the Moscow Air Defence Corps, relocated to Kuibyshev. In September 1944, during the completion of Operation Bagration, the division, reorganized into the 14th Air Defense Corps, moved forward to Minsk to organize air defense of the territory liberated by the 3rd Belorussian Front. The corps defended airfields, railway junctions and the cities of Minsk, Borisov, Lida, Molodechno. In July 1944 the corps units, in cooperation with fighter aviation, shot down 19 enemy aircraft. The 927th Fighter Aviation Regiment (927 IAP), located at Loshitsa airfield particularly distinguished itself. The regiment was commanded by Hero of the Soviet Union, Lieutenant-Colonel N. Kozlov (later major-general of aviation, deputy commander of the 2nd independent Air Defence Army).After the end of the Great Patriotic War, the corps was reorganized into the Belorussian Air Defense District (1951), then to the Minsk Air Defense Corps (1954). In 1988 the 2nd independent Army of the Air Defence Forces (Russian: 2- ) comprised the 11th and 28th Air Defence Corps.The 11th Air Defence Corps was formed on 15 March 1960 in Baranovichi, Minsk Oblast, from the PVO's 39th Fighter Aviation Division. 3rd Air Defence Division came under 2nd independent Army of the PVO from March 1960 to November 1977.In 1988 it comprised:Headquarters, Baranovichi61st Fighter Aviation Regiment PVO (Baranovichi, Minsk Oblast) (MiG-25/Su-27)201st Fighter Aviation Regiment PVO (Machulischi, Minsk Oblast) (MiG-23)(taken over by Belarus in 1992, and disbanded in 1994)15th Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade (Fanipol)115th Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade (Brest)127th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment (Lida)377th Guards Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment (Polotsk)1146th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment (Orscha)8th Radio-Technical Brigade (Baranovichi, Minsk Oblast)49th Radio-Technical Regiment (Polotsk)an independent Electronic Warfare BattalionIt was taken over by Belarus in early 1992, and survived to at least 1994.Over the border in the Ukrainian SSR, the 28th Air Defence Corps was also part of the 2nd Air Defence Army until 1992.In 1988 it comprised:Headquarters, Lvov179th Fighter Aviation Regiment PVO (Stryy, Lvov Oblast) Converted to Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23M 1978; taken over by Ukrainian Air Defence Forces 1992; became 10th Aviation Base October 1994; disbanded December 1996.894th Fighter Aviation Regiment PVO (Ozerne) (MiG-23ML/MLD) (Formed 9 June 1942; taken over by Ukraine 3.1.92.)254th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment (Mukachevo, Zakarpatskaya Oblast)540th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment (Kamenka-Bugskaya, Lvov Oblast)270th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment (Lvov, Lvov Oblast)312th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment (Nadvornaya, Ivan-Frankovsk Oblast)438th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment (Kovel, Volynskaya Oblast)521st Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment (Borshschev, Ternopol Oblast)1st Radio-Technical Brigade (Lipniki, Lvov Oblast)10th Radio-Technical Regiment (Stryy, Lvov Oblast)17th independent Electronic Warfare Battalion (Kolomyya, Ivan-Frankovsk Oblast)38th Communications Center (Lvov, Lvov Oblast)------Early Career and Professorships of electronic componentsPrior to moving to Emory, Cummings was the Ed Miller Endowed Chair in Molecular Biology, the George Lynn Cross Professor in Biochemistry, and Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, College of Medicine, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma from 1992-2006.He was the founder in 1999 of the Oklahoma Center for Medical Glycobiology. Prior to his position in Oklahoma, Cummings was Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Georgia in Athens from 1983-1992 and Associate Director of the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center.Research beginnings of biochemistryHe is a co-founder, among many other well-known scientists, of the fields of glycomics and glycobiology. His research, which has been funded by the National Institutes of Health since 1984, has focused on the biochemical and molecular regulation of cellular metabolism and function. His work emphasizes the roles of glycoconjugates in cell adhesion and cell signaling. In his biochemical studies he is exploring the fundamental pathways of glycoconjugate biosynthesis and alterations in biosynthesis in human and animal diseases. He is also exploring the roles of proteins and lectins that recognize glycans, as well as anti-glycan antibodies, in biological pathways and disease, including inflammation, autoimmunity, infectious diseases, and cancer. Cummings has over 300 peer-reviewed publications in the field, along with over 70 review articles, and dozens of book chapters.Appointments and awardsCummings is an elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (2014), and a past President of the Society for Glycobiology (2001). In 2008 he received the Karl Meyer Award from the Society for Glycobiology and in 2019 he received the IGO Award from the International Glycoconjugate Organization, all in recognition of his many contributions to glycosciences. Cummings is the Chair of the Consortium of Functional Glycomics, a worldwide organization that is a comprehensive resource for functional glycomics. Cummings is also the Director of the National Center for Functional Glycomics, which relocated in 2015 from Emory to BIDMC/HMS, and develops and offers a variety of glycan microarray technologies for researchers in the field. Cummings is also co-Director of the Human Glycome Project, a world-wide effort to identify and functionally characterize the components of the human glycome. Cummings has also held numerous leadership positions in academia and has been a leader in industry and government involvement in scientific reviews and decision making.Co-editing textbooksCummings is a co-Editor of the 1st Edition of Essentials of Glycobiology (1999), the 2nd Edition (2009) of Essentials of Glycobiology, and now 3rd Edition (2017) of Essentials of Glycobiology, the first textbook in the field of glycobiology. Cummings was also the artwork editor for the textbook and prepared most of the illustrations. This textbook in 2003 became one of the pioneering textbooks to be distributed electronically by the National Library of Medicine. Cummings is also a co-Editor of Handbook of Glycomics, which provides a comprehensive overview of the emerging field of glycomics, and a co-Editor of Galectins: Methods and Protocols. In addition, Cummings currently has 31 US Patents in the field of biotechnology and glycobiology.EducationCummings graduated from Isabella High School near Maplesville, AL and received his B.S. in biology and chemistry from the University of Montevallo in Montevallo, AL. He received his Ph.D. in biology (biochemistry) from The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, where he trained with Dr. Stephen A. Roth, and was a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Division of Hematology/Oncology at Washington University in St. Louis, where he trained with Dr. Stuart A. Kornfeld. Cummings also holds an honorary Master of Science degree from Harvard University and an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Montevallo (2019). He also received the 2019 Distinguished Alumnus Award from the University of Montevallo.Selexys PharmaceuticalsCummings was a co-founder in 2002, along with Rodger P. McEver, MD, and Richard Alvarez, MBA, of Selexys Pharmaceuticals Corporation, where he initially served as President and Chief Scientific Officer. Selexys was based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The emphasis of the company was in developing treatments for inflammatory disorders. In November 21, 2016 it was announced that Selexys was purchased by Novartis. The purchase occurred following receipt of results of the SUSTAIN study, a Phase II trial evaluating the use of SelG1, an anti-P-selectin antibody, in the reduction of vaso-occlusive pain crises in patients with sickle cell disease (SCD). Terms of the deal could total up to $665 million in upfront, acquisition and milestone payments. On November 15, 2019 the US Food and Drug Administration approved Adakveo (crizanlizumab), previously known as SEG101, to reduce the frequency of vaso-occlusive crises (VOCs), or pain crises, in adult and pediatric patients aged 16 years and older with sickle cell disease.Tetherex Pharmaceuticals Corporation, formed in 2014 and also based in Oklahoma City, is a spin-off of Selexys. Tetherex develops novel first-in-class therapeutics targeting cell adhesion proteins in inflammatory, thrombotic and oncologic diseases, and its lead drug is a function-blocking anti-PSGL-1 antibody called SelK2, initially under development for the treatment of Crohn's disease and venous thromboembolism.Cummings was also a co-founder in 1988 of ELA Technologies, Inc. in Athens, Georgia, that specialized in developing uses of bioluminescent proteins in high-sensitivity detection assays.
Why the '90s Are Literally Disappearing From History
Why the '90s Are Literally Disappearing From History
A man whom it amuses me to call "The Last Stereo-Repairman Hero" rode his motorcycle to my house a couple of months ago. He brought with him a backpack full of tools and electronic parts: a soldering iron, some fuses, a jeweler's loupe.I had summoned him to work his magic on a turntable and an integrated receiver/amp, legacy hi-fi stereo components that had emerged from a couple of years of storage in a state of severe dysfunction. The local repair shop in Berkeley that I depended on for years for things like this had gone out of business. But their Web page pointed me to Gene, who looked to be pushing 70, but was still doing good business making house calls across the greater San Francisco Bay Area.He took apart my receiver, socketed his loupe in his left eye, and started eyeballing the exposed circuit boards. He explained to me that he was looking for spots where the soldering welds were starting to crack -- a frequent cause of degradation in aging stereo equipment, but something he could easily fix with some fresh solder or a judicious application of heat.I marveled at the sight. There was something deliciously old-school artisanal in his ability to diagnose silicon woes simply by looking at circuit boards. Where I saw inscrutable mystery, he perceived the mundane.Gene spent a couple of hours repairing my equipment. But even as he brought my hi-fi back to life, I felt as if I was witnessing the last nails in the coffin of a passing era. My amp wasn't built to last forever; eventually its sustenance would be beyond human help. Gene too would be gone. Strive as I might to maintain my nostalgic atavism in the face of onrushing obsolescence, I know that this too shall pass. My children find the whole charade very quaint.I was reminded of Gene's visit earlier this week when I read a lovely essay in The Atlantic by Adrienne LaFrance investigating the relentless decay and degradation of our old compact disks. It's true: The '90s are already fading into dust! Too soon! Too soon!LaFrance writes:Look on my CD collection, ye mighty, and despair!True enough. True enough. All things must go.And yet:Vinyl record sales rose to a 15-year-high in 2013. In May, the largest vinyl pressing plant in the U.S. announced it was expanding operations.The total dollar figure of vinyl sales in the U.S. in 2013 was only $177 million; which, in the context of the entire music industry, represents little more than hipster affectation. But here's something to ponder: Will compact disks ever see a similar resurgence I'm guessing no. There's no point to it. CDs, as objects, have no cultural heft, no analog quirks to savor. They were merely the cheapest way, at the time, to deliver a package of ones and zeroes. Once you've ripped your old CDs, or switched to a streaming music service, there's zero reason to keep them around.I started feeling nostalgic for my old vinyl record albums the day I bought my first CD, and I've never been able to let go of them. But I feel nothing for the passing of the compact disk. I am immune to their decay. Let 'em rot! I have a turntable and a cassette player connected to my receiver/amp -- but no CD player. It's entirely unnecessary. (It might even be broken, but I don't want or need Gene to fix it.)* * *So what do we keep, and what do we let go Much is made in Silicon Valley today of the notion that access is replacing ownership. We don't need to own cars in the age of ride-sharing. The "cloud" will take care of all our computing needs. We don't even have to employ full-time workers, we just grab them from TaskRabbit. We rent, we share, we outsource -- this is the millennial way. Owning is just so feudal.Much of this is rhetorical bullshit aimed at justifying $10 billion market valuations for the likes of Airbnb and Uber. But there is grist to it that can't be dismissed. I felt the pang of a paradigm crashing just a couple of days ago when a random Tweet had encouraged me to sample Swedish chanteuse Lykke Li's new album, "I Never Learn." My son's Spotify account is hooked up to the family stereo via Sonos, so I gave it a listen without committing to buy.Somewhere around the third song I realized I was enjoying the album so much I wanted to own it. I wanted it to be part of my collection. But then I checked myself. Why pay $9.99 on iTunes for the album when I could listen to it, and virtually anything else, for seven bucks a month on Spotify Actually owningthose digits made no logical sense.(I suppose we could have an argument about whether the income generated by streaming royalties will be enough to support the ongoing production of new music, but that's an entirely different story!)My struggle is partially an artifact of the creakiness of my generation. My kids will never wrestle with this transition. They won't knock their heads against my nerdy paradox: Even as I hang on to the Neil Young triple-album anthology "Decade" that I purchased as a 13-year-old, and pay 70-year-old men to keep my record player humming, I am letting go of the notion that music is something that should even be owned.But then again: Vinyl sales are rising, because those LPs are cool in a way that compact disks are not. Old formats don't always fade away. We ascribe value to things for all kinds of reasons. It's not just about access. It's about connection and memory and visceral sensation. We keep what we want to keep, because these things help us define who we are.A good Buddhist would likely tell us that those kinds of external definitions are nothing but illusion. But it raises a question: If the future does indeed turn out to be all about access, instead of ownership, how will we define ourselves I look at my albums, and I feel anchored. Once we're all just dust motes in the cloud, it will be all too easy to drift.
Fears of New Global Financial Crash As Turkey's Sliding Lira Rocks Currency Markets Worldwide
Fears of New Global Financial Crash As Turkey's Sliding Lira Rocks Currency Markets Worldwide
THE meltdown of the Turkish lira has sent ripples through the world's currency markets sparking fears of another global financial crash.The currency's continuing slump has heavily hit US and European stocks as investors fear for the security of their investments.They are particularly concerned the 45 per cent drop in the value of the lira this year will prove ruinous for those companies who have borrowed heavily in foreign currencies.It's also feared the failure of Recep Tayyip Erdogan's government to immediately tackle the worsening financial crisis will have a domino effect on other vulnerable countries.He said: "We will boycott America's electronic products. If they have the iPhone, there is also Samsung on the other side. We also have our own Venus Vestel. We will adopt these measures."It was unclear how Erdogan intended to enforce the boycott, which he announced at and eventto mark the 16th anniversary of the ruling Justice and Development Party's (AKP) foundation.The dispute between the two countries revolves around Erdogan's refusal to release American pastor Andrew Brunson.Brunson has been held for nearly two years in Turkey over his alleged links to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party and the Gulenist movement, who are blamed for a failed coup in 2016.Erdogan is angry the US has not taken more action against the Gulenist movement and what he said was a failure "to unequivocally condemn" the 2016 coup attempt.The US has refused to extradite the Gulenist movement's founder Fethullah Gulen, who lives in Pennsylvania.However, US officials have given no indication that Trump is prepared to give any ground in the ongoing dispute, with Trump seemingly content to keep up the economic pressure.The United States is also considering a fine against Turkey's state-owned Halkbank for allegedly helping Iran evade US sanctions.White House economic adviser Kevin Hassett said today the Trump administration was carefully monitoring the financial situation in Turkey "very closely" amid claims the dispute has come personal."This is no longer a dispute between the bureaucracies of the two countries. This is a fight between the two presidents now," said Soner Cagaptay, of the Turkish Research Program at the Washington Institute."The aim of the operation is to make Turkey surrender in all areas, from finance to politics," the Turkish president told supporters."We are once again facing a political, underhand plot. With God's permission we will overcome this."Turkey's stock market has also fallen 17 per cent, while government borrowing costs have risen to 18 per cent a year. Inflation has already hit 15 per cent.The Turkish Central Bank has announced on its country's banks would be given all the liquidity - help to keep money moving - they needed.However, it did not increase interest rates, which would help contain inflation while at the same time strengthening the lira.In the meantime, Erdogan has dismissed currency's fall as nothing more than "a storm in a tea cup" and he has urged Turks to sell dollars and buy lira to boost their currency.A Turkish presidential spokesman also insisted today that the country's economy is strong and said nobody should pay attention to "speculation".Well to put it bluntly, Turkey's problems aregood news for those planning to head to the country for their holidays.While the cost of package holidays will not fall overnight, the favourable rates give Brits an extra £236 worth of lira for every £500 they exchange.The pound is 89 per cent up on the lira compared to August last year and a staggering 37 per cent up compared to just last month.Five years ago, a pound was worth just three lira - today it is worth nearly nine.Compared to two years ago, the pound is up 128 per cent.Ian Strafford Taylor, CEO of travel currency experts FairFX, said anyone travelling to Turkey in the near future should purchase a prepaid currency card to guarantee the current rate.Not suprisingly, Turkey has seen an increase of 63 per cent in holiday bookings compared to last year according to Thomas Cook.
Related Questions of Electronic Signature
Related Questions of Electronic Signature
Do you want to know about electronic signature? Here are some frequently asked questions.1. How do I add/create a electronic signature to the bottom of sent emails?scan it to your computer, then copy and paste it as a pictuure2. Is there a way me and someone else can sign a contract online using some sort of electronic signature?Sebboh, I have a few questions that will help in answering your question. What type of contract are you and the other party signing? What is the legal significance? And, how often will you need to have documents like this signed? There are laws in place that if followed make electronic signatures legally admissible; most notably UETA and the Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act. Of course, legal admissibility means that it can not be overlooked simply because it was executed electronically, but it does not mean that it will be enforced. There are many great companies that help to have documents signed electronically in a secure and compliant manner, no matter where you and the other party are located, just as long as you have an internet connection. This most often is done by means of a Text-Typed signature, meaning you type your name into a keypad, while showing intent to sing the documents, but is not limited to this method. (There are other functions and actions taking place during this even, I just wanted to give you the short version) I work for a leading e-signature provider eOriginal and will be more than happy to assist with any further questions. Best Regards, John Jacobs eOriginal, Inc3. Easiest way to make an electronic signature?Go to MS Word and click on the Help. Search for "make a digital signature" and it will give you the info you need4. I efiled my taxes through one company,however the IRS rejected it due electronic signature, and the AGI for?Going through a different site wo not change anything. You must know your AGI from 2005 to e-file and if you do not have the right number it will be rejected regardless of what site you file through. Your only option now is to file a paper return by mail.5. What is electronic signature?The only way I have been able to get them to work is to fax them a letter on company letterhead stating the issue, complaint, and the fax it to them. When I have spoken to Go Daddy, they have stated that a scanned signature with scanned letterhead could be acceptable but trust me faxing works best! Good luck with your complaint.6. How do I get an electronic signature onto a job application cover letter?If its submitted electronically, it is not easy to do. You would have to scan your signature to an image file and then import it. Just type your full name and put it in Italics.7. how do I add an electronic signature to my yahoo?Log on to yahoo mail click options click mail options click signature then upload your signature8. How can I email someone a contract or an option, and have them answer with an electronic signature?maybe you fax it to them ask my dad9. Is the cashier able to see your electronic signature when you sign the pad for a credit card purchase?haa probably the funniest thing i've heard today. but i am pretty sure they can, Imma try that. but im 12 so10. What is the "use my signature" box for on the mail page? Is that the same as an electronic signature?Its not the same thing. Your email signature is something you create which is in type11. What qualifies as an electronic signature?It does not matter whether you affix a stylized marking or type your name on a document - they are both legal forms of signature (per ESIGN and UETA). The question for the recipient of the signed document is whether the signature can be repudiated. In other words, can you later claim that you did not affix the electronic signature?.12. How do I go back and put electronic signature on finacial Aid papers after I recieve PIN number?go back to the website and follow thier directions once you get your pin
Tamil Nadu Asks Foxconn to Revive Chennai Plant
Tamil Nadu Asks Foxconn to Revive Chennai Plant
Tamil Nadu government has asked Taiwan-based electronic parts manufacturer Foxconn to resume some manufacturing activity at the three units situated in Sriperumbudur, near Chennai, in which production was suspended early this year."We have asked them (Foxconn) to do some manufacturing activity at the Sriperumbudur units," Industries department, Principal Secretary, C V Sankar, told PTI.The move by the government was in the background of Foxconn recently announcing its plans to make investments of around $5 billion (roughly Rs. 32,667 crores) in Maharashtra over a five-year period. Production at the three manufacturing facilities of Foxconn near here was suspended in February 2015 following the exit of Nokia's Chennai manufacturing unit from the deal it signed with Microsoft last year.Soon after the suspension of production, around 250 employees at the Foxconn factory resorted to strike fearing loss of jobs.The facility was producing electronic equipment to Nokia and to other electronic manufacturers.On Tuesday, Foxconn said it is picking up 4.27 percent stake in Snapdeal for $200 million (roughly Rs. 1,305 crores). Foxconn's investment, which was by way of buying 2,967 compulsorily convertible cumulative preference shares from eBay for $50 million (roughly Rs. 326 crores) cash and subscribing to 79,113 such shares of Jasper for $150 million (roughly Rs. 979 crores), values Snapdeal at about $4.7 - 5 billion (roughly Rs. 30,681 crores - 32,646 crores).Foxconn earlier this month also announced it would be producing Xiaomi's first Made in India phone, the Redmi 2 Prime. With the partnership, the Foxconn plant at Sri City in Andhra Pradesh became Xiaomi's second outside of China - with the first in Brazil.Written with inputs from PTI
Dual Monitors Reset Intermittently When Certain Programmes Are Run
Dual Monitors Reset Intermittently When Certain Programmes Are Run
I'd suggest you first hit up the Event Viewer and what exactly crashes the system. The OS usually logs what happens under the system log. That is where I would start first. Next I'd go under Control Panel/Performance Tools/Advanced tools. Windows automatically flags misbehaving device drivers. If not, click the "Generate System Health Report" tool. That will force Windows to check your device drivers. Lets at least exhaust our tools before we start speculating. .• Related QuestionsDual monitors (30inch -> 2560 * 1600) on a MacBook ProThere's nothing that will allow you to do that. The output on the MacBookPro only supports a maximum resolution of 2560x1600 (for the current model). There are USB display adapters, but those only aren't going to support 2560x1600 in any case.You'd need a laptop that supported dual external displays, but then it wouldn't be a Mac.EditDoing some searches, there is this:It is pretty expensive however. See this question------kvm-switch, dual monitor, only share one monitorI had this setup. It worked great.For each machine, I had the center, shared monitor be the secondary monitor. The outside monitors were the primary monitor for each system, holding the task bar and menus.I did not use Synergy. Rather I used the keyboard and mouse attached to the kvm switch. Each machine also had an additional mouse attached, so that I could affect the machine when the kvm switch was pointed at the other machine------How to properly configure external monitors in Arch with MacBook Pro 11,4It appears, as though I was using the current linux 4.8 kernel which apparently has issues with the intel display drivers. Switching to the linux-lts 4.4 kernel (also installing the headers) did the trick. Make sure when you do this to either update grub, or your systemd settings which i had to do.sudo pacman -S linux-lts linux-lts-headersthen for systemd I updated the fileWhich refers to this entry (that I did not have to modify if I recall correctly)------windows missing by dual monitors in Fedora 15/Gnome 3I found something similar here. The following is a quote from the site that could be helpful.1) install gconf-editor ( yum install gconf-editor ). 2) run gconf-editor either via a terminal or else from Applications -> System Tools -> Configuration Editor 3) navigate to apps --> compiz --> general --> allscreens --> options and edit the active_plugins node on the right 4) put "place" in the series right after "resize" (with commas and such to keep them seperate) 5) disable & re-enable desktop effects.------How do I fix a greyed-out dual monitor on a machine with NVidia graphics?After such a struggle with settings here and settings this I clicked on dash, typed in driver selected additional driver. Here you should see that you 2 options after clicking on it. I had 1 selected as this is how I installed my driver initially. This then broke and after a struggle as mentioned above I selected 2 and clicked on activate, restarted my machine and boom. Up and working np. Here is my xorg.conf file paste bin entry------Enable dual monitor on a broken screenOn my laptop, in the displays settings dialog, I have the ability to select either display, then turn it on or off with the switch under the graphic (ipod-style on-off switch). If I turn off the one for the laptop, next time I boot, it will not display, even if the other monitor is not connected - I found this out the hard way, of course. :)This is using the standard settings dialog with a default driver on an old Thinkpad.------how do i set on dual monitors?If one of the outputs is coming from the "on-board" video port, that is the one built into the mother board, and the other is on a video card, when you plug the monitor into the video card, it will disable the "on-board" port.Go here for more help------Transparency problem with different monitorsThe issue is with the color calibration of the display/tablet/etc. I actually had a similar problem with my dual monitor setup. When I got the second monitor I forgot to calibrate the colors so subtle design details weren't showing up in the other display, which drove me crazy. Unfortunately, as Scott mentioned, you can't control how other people calibrate their equipment. You'll have to:Yet another challenge chalked up to designing for the masses------Quitting Braid causes dual monitors to switch to mirror modeI don't have braid myself but have found this issue else where. What I can only suggest is two workarounds: 1) run in windowed mode, as detailed in comments above, which sounds like it works. 2) create a new launch script as detailed on the WINEHQ page linked above, to use xrandr after braid quits to return the correct resolution./opt/braid/braid && xrandr --output DVI-0 --mode 1024x768 && xrandr --output DVI-1 --mode 1440x900 edit: changed suggested xrandr command to match OP output------Extended desktop (dual widescreen monitors)That's actually a limitation of compositing. It affects Unity 3D and (I think) Gnome Shell. However, if you change to a different environment such as Unity 2D or Gnome Classic, that limitation should disappear.When you log in, you can click the gear icon next to your name and choose Unity 2D. To get Gnome Classic, you have to install gnome-shell.I presume that other interfaces such as Xfce (Xubuntu) or Lxde (Lubuntu) should work, as well.------Using a 3rd monitor on a hardware switch with dual display Graphics cardI managed to fix it a bit by trial and error. I just went into display configuration under system settings and picked the correct screen resolution and refresh rate for the third monitor and this time it worked.I had deleted monitors.xml from /home/user/.config/monitors.xml This was a very obvious solution and one I'm sure I tried before so I'd be interested if someone could offer a more suitable explanation or solution.------Login screen doesn't support dual monitors closedThis is a known bug and the only way around it is likely to fix the bug. This is not necessarily true, but most likely is seeing as it appears to affect all installations with multiple, variant screen resolutions. Seeing as the burden of proof is always on the claimant, and I see no evidence that there would be a solution to this, I am going to close this as a duplicate of a bug report.------screen resolution and dual monitorsxorg works very strangely without specific resolution settings within /etc/X11/xorg.confYou need to put the specific resolutions and it would work perfectly.Here is how I set up my xorg.conf and you can use this as a guide for yours (search on google for your resolution) or for a short time you can backup yours and use this one but it will let you use a maximum resolution of 1024x768@60Hz (I love this xorg.conf):.------Second monitor on 16.04 from AMD RX 460 (pro 16.60)I solved this issue by uninstalling the AMDGPU-PRO drivers and installing the ones from this PPA:I'd assume the default ones that launch with 16.04 would work as well. Apparently the AMDGPU-PRO drivers have some issue, at least for me, with dual monitors.One thing I am curious about, did you have the dual monitor setup before installing the AMDGPU-PRO drivers or after? I added my second monitor after and had this issue------Elementary OS different wallpapers on each monitorYou can use HydraPaper. It's available to install with flatpak. To install it on Elementary OS you need first to install flatpak:sudo apt-get updatesudo apt install flatpakflatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathubyou can install HydraPaper by running:flatpak install flathub org.gabmus.hydrapaperTo run the program just run:flatpak run org.gabmus.hydrapaperThe next time when you login to your system you will find the program in your application menu------Calibrating Dual MonitorsWhat version of Windows are you running?If you use Windows 7, it has a monitor calibrating tool built in. Type 'Calibrate' in the start menu search box, and open the link 'Calibrate Display Color'. This will open the calibration window (seen below). Just follow the instructions through on one screen to calibrate it, then when you're finished, move the window to the other screen and do the same thing.You should then have two properly calibrated monitors!------Dual Monitors only one working?I am assuming the graphics card has 2x DVI output, and your mobo has 1x VGA output?When you install a graphics card, your mobo graphics are overridden. The VGA port will not work.You need to get a DVI to VGA adapter, to allow both monitors to plug into the DVI ports on the graphics card. Most graphics cards come with at least one in the box. If not, they're about 99p to buy in the shops.------Dual Monitors Won't WorkI have an HD 5450 card with dual monitors. Using the displays setting dialog will only work with the default open-source driver, which works pretty well for most things, although probably not for games.If you use the added proprietary driver, then you need to use the AMD catalyst settings app - the one with administrative privileges is the only one that will change settings. This app should be installed, and you can search for it in the applications------Dual screens with one workspace on each?As far as I know, Compiz doesn't support what you want.I've heard that there are other window managers that can. I don't remember which ones in particular -- Xmonad? Awesome? I remember that the one I heard about was a tiling window manager, and decided changing all my window-managing habits was too great a cost for this feature.As a workaround I sometimes mark windows as visible on all workspaces and then keep them on one monitor------Windows Split Desktop Utility closedIt is only a sample program for a .NET library...,but I like NeatKeys for resizing windows so that they align to each other (for presentations etc.). There are several modes (one with presets like Winsplit Revolution, one where you draw lines and then assign your windows to the existing rectangles, and one where you can just save current sizes and attach shortcuts to them). Most features can be used both by keyboard and by mouse.------How can I get dual pivot monitors working with nvidia?I had the same problem with a 460. Try using TwinMode. Save the configuration to X without applying the changes. Logout and login, should be working then. It creates a virtual kind of monitor where Ubuntu detects your two monitors as one giant one made up of the combined resolutions. The top bar is a bit buggy with unity and the two screens, but the sidebar works perfectly. This is solution so far, but I'm currently looking for a better way------How can I stop missing the corners of my dual-monitor setup?In all honesty, the simplest solution is to learn to use the keyboard shortcuts. Windows 8 is no longer a mouse-oriented operating system, and pointing devices have become a second-class citizen to the keyboard and touch input.Put the time into learning how to use the keyboard for these things, and you'll find it's far faster to do things than to use the mouse.Pulling from Microsoft's List of New Shortcuts and a few pre-existing shortcuts from Windows 7:------Is it possible to control which monitor is considered the primary monitor?The OP speaks about ATI card, so I would like to suggest an alternative, specific to NVidia cards, but consider that the accepted answer more generic and would work for both...My monitors have different max resolutions.I got these info after using nvidia-settings, configuring the monitors, and trying to create a xorg conf file (but not applying it, just reading it).After the boot, I just click on a desktop icon I created, to activate one of these configs------Buying dual monitors of different size and resolutionThere's absolutely no reason why you can't have different resolution and/or size monitors. There might be "jump" in cursor position when it crosses from one screen to another, but the OS should cope.Most graphics cards come with multiple outputs these days. Just look for one that mentions "dual view" or "double headed".If you're on Windows there are quite a few apps that allow you to put different images on each monitor. DisplayFusion is just one
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Traffic Light Weight
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Traffic Light Weight
1. What are the pros & cons of Bamboo flooring?Bamboo flooring is rapidly becoming one of the most popular types of residential flooring. Here are a few reasons why you should choose a bamboo floor: Bamboo floors are easy to clean. Bamboo floors are ideal for allergy sufferers as they do not promote dust or harbor dust mites. Bamboo flooring is an inexpensive alternative to hardwood flooring, usually costing 25% to 50% less than hardwood. Bamboo flooring is long-lasting. Bamboo flooring can be installed over numerous types of sub-floors such as: wood, sheathing grade plywood, vinyl tile, or Oriented Strand Board. Bamboo floors are environmentally friendly. They use a quickly renewable crop. Made with safe resins, they have extremely low formaldehyde emissions and make excellent floors for healthy homes. for more insights visit the below link... (source)------2. what is your favorite black ops class?You know the scavenger class in Black operations? well there is a similar unit in the game mercenary i.v.v and my favourite one is the poison unit sinister it can inflict deep scratches and 11 points damage on enemies . now the usual unit in black ops i would use would be the ssault rifle and sound supressor. but if it were mack bolan it would be the bettereta and desert eagle and what was most convenient sometimes a galil sniper rifle or uzi. anyway were mercenary hire set up witha black opsunit included in hire hero option in mercenary game series would go with that.probably ninja be first choice.anyway adding black ops as faction in akandian role playing game can post a sequel yourself.------3. why is the internet so slow on my laptop?including greater RAM does little, if something, to augment internet-surfing speeds. Your connection time is merely as quickly as your connection velocity (i.e., once you're on a 56K modem, it somewhat is going to take longer to get right of entry to the internet, no rely how plenty reminiscence you have put in). it is somewhat helpful to run an anti-undercover agent ware software to verify your computing device for malware that many times impedes gadget velocity and function. on the different hand, it would additionally be possible that the server substitute into sluggish/down on the time you have been attempting to get right of entry to the information superhighway internet site. Is it continually sluggish gaining access to any internet site? Clearing your information superhighway cache/background can help to a definite quantity.------4. Coefficient of Kinetic Friction?The coefficient of kinetic friction is the ratio between the kinetic friction stress and the conventional stress appearing on the object. This ratio is many times a persevering with extensive style reckoning on the form of fabric in touch. Kinetic friction is that extremely resisting stress which varies with the conventional stress appearing on the object. they selection linearly, meaning that if the conventional stress doubles, kinetic friction doubles, however the ratio will stay a persevering with extensive style. *Edit to characteristic: Kinetic friction will stay a persevering with cost of F (coefficient of kinetic friction) * N, so as which will extremely be the optimum friction. With static friction on the different hand, it stages from 0 to (coefficient of static friction)*N.------5. Why convolution over volume sums up across channels?CNN filters are used for edge detection only. These edges are basically detected by a mathematical functions and as a result get more and more complex in deeper layers (cascading functions) enabling it to detect complex features.In your question 2 points need to be noted:Also intuitionally a Traffic Signal is not a light only. It consists of a 3 light device. Consider this, a B/W image is shown to you of a Traffic Light in which a particular colour is on and the colour label is known. You will associate the colour label with the position of the bulb, even though you do not know the colour. Same will happen in a CNN, if the channels have identical values for each colour CNN will learn to recognise from the position of the bulb.------6. why my internet connection are so slow?hi Jaja, call your internet provider and i will explain why to get online your ethernet driver has to be working and sometimes things we do online can effect our drivers so they will be there to assist you another thing i would do is to hit start>settings>control panel and hit the programs&features and uninstall your ethernet and uninstall if it ask you to reboot by all means reboot then when you get back reinstall your internet connection and it should run a lot faster. another thing is go back to control panel hit the internet options connection tab and you see settings hit run and apply setup your connection as your default and apply. good luck hope i was helpful to you------7. 5 Worst Male and Female Driver Stereotypes?Worst male drivers are those who drive Jeeps who think theirs are so capable but break down alot. Acura drivers who think they are driving luxury but trying hard to belong to the elite. BMW drivers who always act like they are the only ones who could afford one. Personally I am a BMW owner but feel disgusted when I see these people who drive them without class. Women drivers of Toyota who think they are driving in school zone all the time at15 mph, Liberty drivers trying to prove they are driving a good suv because they cannot afford a proper one. Best ones with class are Audi and Range Rover drivers. Land Rover drivers respect each other if you ever notice, one always gives way to another------8. List questions - another takeI just tried to use (third place). I hated it. I love StackOverflows UI for discussions (not just specific answers) and can't stand this arbitrary rule. Solution: They should just add a checkbox to mark the question as open-ended and let people filter it if they want. The UI shouldn't be different. It works perfectly for discussions AS IS.This issue is like Same-Sex Marriage. If you say it can only be one way (Man/Woman), then you are happy with your one way. If someone else LIKES MARRIAGE but wants it another way (Man/Man or Woman/Woman) then they are S.O.L. They dont want some messed up third way, they want to be married! Stop being control freaks and let people do what they want to do!------9. College Essay. Any good writers that can help?What is specific approximately your history? Any specific potential, participation in specific matters like tune, chess.... What race are your mothers and fathers, do you will have another languages? Have you acheived something specific or featured for your regional paper? What businesses do you belong to? Have you received exciting evaluations or a specific interest? Sample - mom Rumanian, I talk Rum to her at house. I used to be runner up within the college chess championships, play oboe, and am recognized for my outspoken evaluations. I regulary take side within the college debating society and.....Every Tuesday I aid an aged Somalian girl in her house and feature learnt plenty approximately Somalia from her. I have a moderate listening to challenge and am learning lipreading. Will that get you going?.------10. what are the metal strips on the surface of interstate highways ?If I am understanding your question correctly, they look like the same strips that are near stop lights and regular surface street intersections??? In a number of states, there are electronic "pads" that can be used by law enforcement to "shock" a vehicle that will not stop or is attempting to elude the police. Another potential use is that these same strips will electromagnetically detect stopped traffic on the highway and alert authorities to the volume of stopped or slowed traffic due to an accident, weather or generally high traffic volume. There is a HUGE infrastructure that makes up our highway system and using these "smart road" technologies, traffic can be kept moving, although not very fast all the time.------11. How do Stoplights work?There are two different types of stoplights : fixed time and traffic response. Fixed time stoplights assign the green light to the different approaches of an intersection for a predetermined amount of time. Some can also be set to different lengths of green time during peak traffic hours. These types of signals are typically found in urban areas where traffic movement is fairly predictable. Traffic responsive signals change the lights according to the amount of traffic in each direction. These signals use sensors to detect the amount of vehicles and automatically adjust the length of the green time. This allows as many vehicles as possible through the intersection before responding to the presence of vehicles approaching from another direction.------12. Internet surfing is slow, please help!?do not use a software to "restoration" your registry. Too often those courses will delete registry keys that are mandatory by technique of the equipment and smash the finished setting up. Your project, regrettably, is which you utilize domicile windows. domicile windows is a badly based, unsecure working equipment. because of this, even stepped forward purchasers might desire to enforce quarterly reinstalls just to maintain overall performance. in case you desire to maintain utilising domicile windows, get used to the reality you will might desire to absolutely reinstall each and everything a minimum of each and every 6 months to maintain and optimally working gadget. short answer: lower back up all the assets you desire and get somebody to do a sparkling setting up for you------13. coefficient of kinetic friction ?The coefficient of kinetic friction is the ratio between the kinetic friction force and the normal force acting on the object. This ratio is usually a constant number depending on the type of materials in contact. Kinetic friction is that actual resisting force which varies with the normal force acting on the object. They vary linearly, meaning that if the normal force doubles, kinetic friction doubles, but the ratio will remain a constant number. *Edit to add: Kinetic friction will remain a constant value of F (coefficient of kinetic friction) * N, so that will basically be the maximum friction. With static friction on the other hand, it ranges from zero to (coefficient of static friction)*N.------14. What is your favorite piece of useful information that not many people are familiar with?exciting question. quite some issues basically common annoy me approximately misconceptions and incorrect information whilst is comprises foodstuff plan and well-being. quite some issues are ludicrous like human beings questioning that ravenous your self works, those foodstuff plan tablets, quite all the diets accessible, spot relief weight lose... quite some human beings do no longer choose to artwork no longer undemanding to shed pounds they think of a pill or ravenous your self gets you the suitable physique. additionally those style of stupid study and surveys throughout. I bear in mind that had a 'bounce forward study' on the front website of yahoo approximately how foodstuff plan soda can certainly convey approximately weight benefit and it is not that solid for you(bypass parent). The stupids questions asked in this section lower back and lower back.------15. Physics question--coefficient of sliding friction?The coefficient of sliding friction, or the kinetic coefficient of friction, relates typical stress to the frictional stress in the formulation Ff u*N the place Ff is the frictional stress, u is the coefficient, and N is the conventional stress if the article for which you're calculating the frictional stress is shifting. this is frequently fairly decrease than the static coefficient of friction. this is substantial for determining rather some issues, which includes looking artwork necessary to pass an merchandise throughout the time of a floor, looking the stress necessary to bring about a continuing speed, and so on. Edit: that's assuming you be attentive to what the conventional stress is. remember this is no longer constantly equivalent to the gravitational stress!
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