Introduction to Camera Bag

1. Cinematic Style of camera bag

The film has a unique structure, broken up into 8 chapters with the director Joel Potrykus describing the different sections of the film like pieces of a puzzle put together by the audience. Potrykus kept the film intentionally cryptic so that the viewer could form their own interpretation.

Introduction to Camera Bag 1

The viewer is never quite sure what is real or just in the head of Sean. This separation into chapters gives the film a disjointed feel in regard to its scenes and dialogue and makes it near plotless. Potrykus incorporates elements of horror and comedy to surprise the viewer and elicit different reactions from each individual viewer.

The colour of the film is predominantly brown, red and gold which is supported by the setting of Michigan forest. Potrykus set specific rules for the filming the film saying "if the characters are moving, the camera is moving. If the characters are not moving, the camera is not moving".

This gives the viewer the feeling that they are there with the character, immersing them in the scene. The film features a vague grumbling sound from the forest at various stages of the movie. This builds the feeling of unease throughout the film for the viewer.

The film is set in a non-specific time period with the characters not having access to modern technology. The film employs modern horror techniques such as speed ramping and frame-skipping which build which build the tension in the style of a modern horror. MusicThe soundtrack is very diverse featuring opera music, music from Detroit based rapper Esham and punk pop band The Smoking Popes, as well as Beethoven.

Introduction to Camera Bag 2

Potrykus uses the lyrics in the music in the opening scene to give the viewer an overview on Sean's background.


2. Plot of camera bag

The film begins with the protagonist, Sean, alone in the forest with only his caravan which he lives in.

Sean lives his life in the forest alone accompanied by only his cat Caspar and experiments with various chemicals and substances according to an old alchemy book he possesses. Sean leads a simple life in his caravan, going out to collect water, wood and to go fishing. While practising some alchemy, Sean hears a loud bang which startles him and causes him to call for his cat to run for it.

However, nothing happens Sean comforts his cat who is startled. After this Sean goes to take his pills and realises that these are the last one and there are none left. Sean becomes increasingly nervous about sounds that he can hear from around the forest and locks himself in his caravan with his axe.

Sean is shocked to hear a loud knock at the door. However, it is just his friend Cortez who is here to deliver him his supplies. Cortez and Sean cannot find a yellow bag which contains Seans pills that Cortez was meant to bring.

Cortez refuses to go get them from his home as it is a 3-hour round trip. Without his pills Seans mental health begins to deteriorate. He goes out to set animal traps in the forest and then goes out on the lake on a boat.

He calls out that he plans to summon the demon tonight, and he will give him whatever he wants, even his own body. Sean goes out to find his trap, which has caught a possum. He takes the trap home and feeds the possum peanut butter off his knife.

At night, Sean makes a fire and throws petrol on it, calling out to the demon saying he wants to repent his human form. After hearing loud bellowing sounds from the forest, he rushes back inside his cabin. Inside, he lights hundreds of candles and reads Latin words from his Alchemy book.

The possum, still inside the trap, makes some strange sounds and he kills it with his knife. Cortez arrives as Sean is practising more alchemy. Cortez finds the dead possum and is shocked at the state of the cabin, however as people are looking for him, he intends to stay with Sean for some time.

Sean is agitated by this and tells him to leave. After Cortez refuses, Sean pulls a knife on him as Cortez is making a sandwich. Cortez restrains Sean and then leaves, angry as he has looked after Sean.

Later Sean finds Cortezs car which has been destroyed in the forest. He goes out to look for Cortez and finds his Necklace hanging from a tree along with his tooth. That night Cortez stumbles over to the fire where Sean is sitting.

He has blood all over his body and tells Sean of the demon in the forest and that he wants all Seans possessions, before stumbling away again. The next day Sean finds Cortezs dead body in the forest and buries him. Later in his cabin Sean pulls out his own teeth using pliers.

That night at his fire he calls out to the demon telling him he has his tooth. There is a loud bellowing and later Sean is seen sitting inside his cabin with blood all over his face and body. Crying and shaking he smashes his head into a mirror shattering it.

Sean appears to have gone completely insane as he drinks chemicals from test tubes and eats the raw internal organs of the dead possum. Sean realises that his cat has gone missing and goes out to look for it. Calling for his cat, his voice begins to sound like the howls of the demon.

Sean takes his bag along with a large rock and sinks himself in the lake. After about 30 seconds he comes to the surface again and is initially ecstatic as claiming he has defeated the demon. However, this turns to horror as he hears the whimper of his cat and the howl of the demon.


3. Growth of camera bag

Digikala is one of the Iranian startups that benefit from the country's increasing digitization. By 2017, 62% of Iran's households have been connected to the Internet and this development is driving demand for Internet services that mirror Western digital platforms such as Amazon.

Digikala is ranked by Alexa as Iran's 3rd most visited website. It is also the largest e-commerce platform in the Middle East. It has 1,700,000 unique visitors per day, and 85% of Iran's ecommerce now takes place on Digikala.

The company does not publicise its revenue but has said sales are growing at a rate of 200% a year, and that it is receiving orders from even the most remote villages in Iran. Hamid Mohammadi said the main focus of the company remains expansion "even if that means we will not be profitable, which is how Amazon is operating. Iran's economic volatility forced Digikala to lay off 175 workers in 2018.

To survive, it adopted several initiatives such as the pay-per-sale strategy which allow users - as affiliates - to receive commission if a directed customer purchased a product. In March 2019, Digikala also addressed the issue authenticity of products in the platform after receiving complaints over the quality of goods being sold. In a statement, it stated that only 0.

2% of the 2 million products are unoriginal and that the company has taken steps to implement stringent quality control.


4. Themes of camera bag

The film examines the theme of mental health and its role in society.

Tom Keogh of the Seattle times says that "there are obvious signs of mental illness in his behaviour". Potrykus explores this through the voices, shapes and sounds in the forest which "visually suggest the tangled shadows in Seans head. " There has been much debate if what the viewer sees in the film is real or if it is just a reflection Sean's tortured mental state.

This is the intention of the director Joel Potrykus, to keep the film intentionally ambiguous to encourage thinking on the viewers behalf. Potrykus further leans into this by disrupting the concept of time and space, removing the conventional ties to reality. The eccentric and erratic behaviour of the protagonist Sean, emphasise the mental turmoil and cause the film to venture into the realm of a psychological horror.

Furthermore, Potrykus explores the causes and the way that mental health is treated by society, stating that it is difficult to know what an individual may be escaping from in life.

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