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Use the link below: to the NeighborhoodThe Neighbors App is the new neighborhood watch that brings your community together to help create safer neighborhoods. With real-time crime and safety alerts from your neighbors, law enforcement and the Ring team, the Neighbors App proactively keeps you in the know.Stay Aheadof Local CrimeCriminals target neighborhoods, not individual homes.

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But with real-time crime and safety alerts from your neighbors, youll stay one step ahead of crime.Safer Neighborhoods Start With YouJoin your neighbors in the fight against local crime. By staying connected to our community and local law enforcement, we can all work together to keep crime out.

Reduce Crime inYour CommunityGet alerts from the Ring team and updates from local law enforcement, so you and your community can stay safe and in the know.Watch the App reduce crime in Texas.Try the FreeNeighbors AppDownload the free Neighbors App to see whats going on in your community right now.

Share the App with your neighbors, friends and family to make a difference in your neighborhood today. ring. com/yPLFZa0YeTSee how the Neighbors App works

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The Top Wifi Doorbell Camera for Homeowners Who Want Cheap DIY Home Automation in 2017
The Top Wifi Doorbell Camera for Homeowners Who Want Cheap DIY Home Automation in 2017
Lets Review the Ring Video Pro Wireless Smart Doorbell Is One Of The Top Home Automation Products Of 2017. This amazing wifi enabled doorbell lets you know if someone is approaching your house or ringing the doorbell.Ring Video Doorbell Pro (Wiring Required), Works with Amazon AlexaVersatile smartphone compatibility: Works with select IOS and android devices, WI-fi connectivity-2. 4 GHz or 5 GHz amazon. comGet a piece of mind and keep package theives away from your new Florida home. So, About The Instillation:The device uses your existing home wifi signal and is easy to install. Get stunning video in HD and record rings, motions and events. The Ring also works great with the Amazon Alexa device. Ive had my smart door bell by Ring for about a year and i do not regret it. Comparisons have constantly shown that this product is on of the best do it yourself home security products you can buy from Amazon. Benefit from a doorbell connected to the internet that sends push notifications to your phone when someone is at the door.Security Issues Some researchers suggest that there is a security loophole present that can lead to someone gaining access to your wireless network. It might be possible for someone to take the unit off of your house, press the configuration button and access your network URL. USA Today Has Found That Police Say Crime Drops With Video Doorbells Installed On Homes.You can search google and find countless stories about criminals and burgers being deterred by homeowners purchasing video wifi doorbells. In many cases the criminals may notice the Ring near your front door and just walk away and choose another house. In cases that the thief commits a crime, you will have 720p video footage as evidence to present to the police. In some cases, crimes have been cut in half by people purchasing these smart home security devices. The beauty of a wifi smart doorbell camera is that you will get push notifications if the device detects any activity. Police say crime drops with video doorbellsCLOSE SANTA MONICA, Calif. - With over 1 million customers, $109 million in new financing and a new product set installed one on my house and i fell in love with the the best wireless video doorbell on the market. The instillation process was fairly easy, with the model i purchased i had to use the wiring from my existing doorbell. I watched a video on YouTube to see the instillation process and it was pretty simple. The only issue i had was that my wifi signal was too weak at my front door because my router was upstairs in my house so once i moved the router closer to the Ring the ring i got better results. When looking for amazon smart doorbell reviews, this one seemed pretty straight forward for my home automation DIY projects. I think this is the best product of its type in 2017.The Features Are Incredible:You can view HD video on your phone with 720p video qualityThere is a night vision mode that turns on at nightRecord events that you captured with your new doorbellSpeak to intruders and visitors right from your smartphone from anywhere your have smart phone service. The Ring video doorbell even works with amazon alexaYou will have to download a free app for your mobile phoneWorks great with IOS and Android devices and phonesYou must have working WIFI in your home in order for this product to work properly. A ring video doorbell not connected to wifi will not function properly.I think this is the top video doorbell on the market in 2017. You can just view the reviews on this DIY home security system and see why its work buying as soon as you can. Package theft is a big problem in my neighborhood so this device comes in handy capturing clear video of thieves, some thieves even bypass homes with the Ring video doorbell because they know they are on camera. You can go into your phone app and view the history of all of the motion alerts and missed rings that have occurred when you weren't at home. A few years ago a audio and visual doorbell system what works with Wifi would have sounded a bit futuristic but in 2017 we have these features available to protect our homes.You are getting a BIG bang for your buck, heres why:You are not just buying a doorbell that alerts your smart phone when you have a visitor, you are getting many more features:Wireless video doorbell systemIntercom systemWireless cameraMotion detectorInfrared cameraOf course, a doorbellWireless video doorbell system So youre at work and the delivery man comes to your door and drops off a package. You will get a alert from your phone that the ring sees motion, if you miss the alert you can still video the delivery man by going to the device history. You dont actually have to be looking at your phone at the moment the Ring sees the motion, you can view the motion at a later time. The smartphone enabled video doorbell system even allows you to download the video and save it to your phone or computer.Intercom system If someone approaches your doorbell it automatically alerts you that the device has detected motion, you are then able to pick up your iphone and talk directly to the person. I like this feature because it works from anywhere you have a cell phone signal.HD Recording camera The Ring records live video and motion events constantly. If you hear a noise at your front door you can pick up the phone and view whats going on outside. The infrared capability allows you to view nighttime actions.Motion detector If there is motion and the Ring doorbell notices it, it will record and you can go back at a later time from within the phone app to see what your doorbell saw.Infrared camera Being able to see at night is a big plus with this device, i can view the camera at night and it shows a clear image. This security doorbell system is even available on amazonThe doorbell When a person visiting your house rings the doorbell you will get a alert on your phone, you can then go answer the door or just use the built in intercom to talk to the person. The wireless doorbell sensor allows you to view the ring history on the app and see videos of everyone ringing your doorbell in the past.Ring Video Doorbell Pro (Wiring Required), Works with Amazon AlexaVersatile smartphone compatibility: Works with select IOS and android devices, WI-fi connectivity-2. 4 GHz or 5 GHz amazon. comDoorbell camera systems are a must in my opinion, they are the first line of security of someone coming to your house. The video intercom system is a great feature because you can tell people to go away or even make them think you are at home.If you are interested in a DIY home automation complete system,The app settings allow you to set the sensitivity settings so you dont get too many alerts that can be annoying. Sometimes i would get motion alerts because a tree blowing in the wind was detected so i just dropped the sensitivity settings down and the problems was solved.Whats Included?You get a Ring Video Doorbell Pro SystemInterchangeable Face plates 4 different stylesInstillation Instructions ( I recommend the video above )Mounting HardwareFeatures:You can video hd wide angle video in 1080pAccess to night vision and infaredView live video feeds to your smartphone or tabletUse of the built in intercomSet the alert zone settings to your preferenceWeather resistantHave Questions About The best DIY Home Security Product Available?Q. How much does the ring wireless wifi video doorbell cost?A. Many places such as best buy and amazon sell this item for around $200 to $250Q. Do i need to installed the Ring app on my phone for proper function?A. Yes, you need to download the ring app to your Iphone or Andoid phone for access to all of the features. Q. Where do i mount the hardware?A. You mount your new Ring over where your old doorbell is mounted. You must use your existing hardware and wiring from your old doorbell.Q. Compare the Ring video doorbell vs. other smart doorbells, which is theA. In my opinion the ring is the best, its just seems more reliable and works properly. You can compare the other available devices and decide on your own buy i think the ring is the best on the market.Q. Can this device work without the internet?A. You need internet access for the ring to work the correct way, it uses your existing wifi signal. The better the signal strength, the better it works.Q. Can i view the recorded rings and motions on my ipad?A. You can view all of the recordings on your ipad or android tablets as long as you install and download the app. Q. Is there a monthly fee associated to use the Ring?A. There is a monthly plan avaiable but it is just to store all of the video recordings that the device has registered. You can use the ring without the subscription just fine, you will just be limited in the amount of video you can store. Q. How does the smart doorbell store my videos, though local storage?A. All of your recording are stored through cloud storage which you can access through the app or online.Q. Are there any special charges charged to my phone for viewing my motions and rings?A. You only use your phone data or wifi when viewing videos.Q. What if i cant get a strong enough wifi signal to for my doorbell to work properly?A. If you are having a problem with getting a strong enough signal to your device, you can purchase a range extender. Q. Do these units take batteries or are they hard wired?A. The units can be hard wired into the existing electrical wires from your existing doorbell or you can install batteries.Q. Is the instillation process simple?A. I found that you need basic knowledge and the ability to follow instructions and you will be fine. There are numerous videos on YouTube that show homeowners installing the unit.We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.
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